Friday, October 31, 2014

oh.. I love me some halloween!

OHHHH... its here... one of my favorite days of the year. 
wishing it was going to be a little nicer out.. but ehh.. its october 31st and its always hit or miss.  weve gone trick or treating over the years in pouring rain where my little bethany butterfly had to shed her melted cardboard wings in someones garbage along the trick or treating path!  weve trick or treated in the snow, in the wind, and on days when it was very warm!  our car has broken down and weve had to trick or treat  where we were while waiting to be rescued!  (luckily everyone was already in costume!)  Weve also come home from trick or treating and been locked out of our house! oh so many trick or treating adventures!

Our costumes have been, cowboys, indians, raggedy anns and andys, gypsys, mad scientists, butterflys, clowns, hobos, mice, rag dolls, ghosts, and I cant remember what else.  but all 4 kids went out every year and I dont think I ever bought a costume.  they were always made from scratch from stuff we had.   I wish I had pictures of them all!

You would think as much as I take pics now I would have a bunch.. I have some.. a few, somewhere.  but I didnt used to take a lot of pics for some reason.   duh! Im making up for it now!  well, and its so much easier now with digital cameras, cell phones and computers!   remember the photo booths where you could drive up and drop off your film to be developed and then pic it up the next week?  

So for today, Ive painted my nails orange and put halloween tattoos on them!  but I washed a few off this morning cause they looked stupid!    Im going to do my hair pink I think.  I have orange hair chalk too.. but I dont like orange hair.  and of course, I love pink hair!  anyways.. pink hair with some spiders in it..  no real costume.  Im just being me with pink hair and spiders!  
I'll be packing bony Neroni up and having him ride around in the car today.. maybe I take skelly dog too..  maybe even bonita.. I havent decided really.
I bought donuts to take to work.. and I made brownies last night to take too.. but the brownies... yuk.  I threw candy corn on top and it melted into the brownies.. and its not good.  so that'll be staying here for hubby to break his teeth on..  (not really that bad I suppose..)
My grandbabies are coming to visit me at work today so that I can properly show them off in their costumes!  And then afterwork I'll be going over to the kids house to hand out candy there... because I DONT GET TRICK OR TREATERS AT MY HOUSE!  can you believe that?  I used to think I should put up a little tent in town and hand out candy there.  Im lucky if I get three kids at  my door...
sooo. thats that.   
Its supposed to be cold and rainy..   
I think I threw my coats away last year to make sure I bought a new one for this year..     havent done that yet...  
Happy Halloween my ghoulish bloggy pies!



Lynn said...

LOL, have a great day Viv! Happy Halloween:@)

Cindy said...

Have a very Happy Halloween!

Theresa said...

Enjoy your day dear friend and go to the dentist:) HUGS!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Glad to see you enjoy your fav holiday no matter what, lol. Loving your pink hair and spider idea. Wish I could see you driving around with skeletons, that is a hoot!

Have a great Halloween! :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Have a bootiful day, Halloween Queen! We're expecting snow tonight during trick or treating! Brrrrrr

Margaret said...

Happy Halloween! You must take Bonita for the car ride too! She's looking forward to it :) Have a really super fun day!!!! Maggie

Laura Adams said...

Have a spooktackler Day!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hah! Love you Viv, you are the absolute fun-est!!! Thanks for the six a.m. giggles over here in Los Angeles - where drizzle is forecast for trick or treating this evening. I don't remember us ever having rain before for Halloween?!

Happy happy Halloween to you and all your sweetie pies!

Jane said...

Happy Halloween, Viv! Love your memories - reminded me of all the costumes we made over the years - so much cuter than store costumes!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love your spooky look for the day! Happy Halloween

GARAGE SALE GAL said... your smile!!!Trick & Treat!

DollZandThingZ said...

You are a nut! Look at that photo! A loveable, funny, talented Halloween nut! xxx