Sunday, October 19, 2014

eye candy

 oh how cute it this little jar with the scalloped lid?  I know, right!   Kmart.. christmas section!    They are for making those cookie mix gifts.  6.00 bucks.. a little much for a plastic jar.. but stinking cute!  It came with a red ribbon, but of course.. its halloween time, so I changed it to a halloweenish ribbon.  You could switch the color up for all holidays.  easter pastels  red valentines.. green for st pattys..  anyways.. its really adorable!  I might have to go get some more.  They would make really cute gifts as well!
 Heres my other candy jar.  This is just a big glass cookie jar.  I stuck one of those window clings on it.  I know... good idea!  huh!?  lol!   and is that candy not just stinking cute?   Bought it world market in Ohio.  I want more.  but we dont have one around here.

I bought another skeleton yesterday...  hes living in the back yard.. no one can see him but me.  Well I mean You only see him out the window over the stove.. I needed to see something cute out there.  He looks much closer then he is.  Hes really quite a ways back there.  Its a little cold this morning.. poor guy is probably chilled to the bone!  LOL!! 
OK, Im off to hang out with my besties today.  a little shopping and lunch.  perfect way to spend the day!  Can't beat that!
Happy Sunday my bloggy pies!


Susie said...

Viv, I love that Halloween jar you made. Very clever. I would probably be scared to see something in my back yard. LOL. xoxo,Susie

Musings from Kim K. said...

Loved jar that when you shared it in IG. Makes me want to do some shopping today but I need to stay focused on painting dungeon walls for the party. Your skeleton looks perfect in your backyard! What fun! Happy Sunday!

NanaDiana said...

Have fun with your bestie today, Viv. Love that bonehead in your backyard.

Cute jars- and great idea with the cling ons! Have a wonderful Sunday.

ps. I don't usually ask people to go to my blog BUT-If you get a chance swing by my blog. A little boy is lost in the mountains and the family is asking for prayer.

Sandy McClay said...

Adorable jars!!! And I love the new guy....:)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your jars are super cute! Love your skeleton in the yard too!

Holly Loves Art said...

Cute cute cute! Love your new Skellie... funny sitting out there. Have a great day.

Stephanie said...

My best friend and I had fun yesterday browsing through bookstores. We had wonderful soup at a funky bistro downtown and went to a movie, The Judge. I recommend it.

Theresa said...

Love those cute jars:) And your friend looks lonely out there in the back yard! Enjoy your evening! HUGS!


Very cute jar!!! You make me laugh & smile..just want you to know that! Hope you day was great and you are refreshed.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Your treat jars look cute. I think your skeleton looks right at home sitting in his chair in the backyard. It must make you smile to see him there every time you look out your window.

xo Danielle

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh cute jars, I want one! The candy is great too, but your boney yard guy is the best, lol! Now I want one of those too. Hope you enjoyed your girlie day. :)

Marlynne said...

I'm saving cute plastic peanut jars for something!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

You have a lovely backyard and now a spooky one, adore your skelly!

I'm having a small GIVEAWAY!:)

Happy week!

Laura Adams said...

Hi Vivian!
I can see that you've been a busy girl! Thank you for sharing your halloween decor. You really have alot of cute stuff...I pulled down two bins from the attic...but I'm going to put them back up...I just have too much to do before my trip to visit my mother and my son who both live in Florida. I really enjoy browsing through your post! You are so creative :)
Oh and the grand babies are adorable! And how exciting it is to have another grand baby on the way :) I just found out that I to shall be expecting another grand baby!!!!