Monday, November 3, 2014

twick or tweat pictures!

 Torry pie was an owl.  He was supposed to be a ninja owl.. but he luckily changed his mind other wise he would have had to carry his sword..  and he would have gotten tired of that!   isnt he stinking awesomely adorable??
 Violet was a wee little cute mousey!  but she didnt go out trick or treating.    she took a nap instead!  lOl!  Gosh she is sooooooo stinking cute, I can hardly stand it!  And.. her birthday is next weekend!  party time! I made her the sweetest little birthday crown yesterday.  I cant wait to see it on her.

 Marlas looked so cool!  Tiffany made the girls costumes.  Marla was a beautiful crow!  but if you asked her what she was, she would say, "im not a bird..  Im not a crow..  Im black!"  god.. she is a beautiful thing.   I am soooo blessed with these beautiful little creatures in my life.
by the way, you cant tell from the picture, but I had pink hair with big black spiders in it.  I uh.. deleted the pictures that could see them in on accident..  Ive been doing that lately..  a little too quick with the delete button..  
 look at this little precious autumn fairy peanut!  omg...   could she be any cuter?
 Woah!   girls just wanna have fun...   lol.. even if they dont know they are having fun!  she was probably thinking.. what the heck  who messed with the lights!  
 Then theres Bethany... cat woman!   I love that she dressed up.. she is so my daughter.. there is no denying it!  nor would I want to deny it.  I love her so  much!

so that was it for halloween pics.  I uploaded them all on facebook and flickr.  but I really didnt take many.  
I had Torry over on saturday for some grammie time. 
 We had some "hot twocklet!" and watched a movie.  Just in case you dont know this...    I love my grandbabies!  
yeah, I didnt think I ever mentioned that before!
so here it is, another monday.  maybe a little more laid back since I wont be obsessing about halloween.  Now my dilema is finding time to put halloween away.  but I have soooo many bear orders .. I  shouldnt even be on the compuer! 
and the question is.. . to leave halloween up til I get christmas out or to get the turkeys out first...
oy vey.. the work... the time...    but I do want to visit with my turkeys. pilgrams and indians!  lol!
I gotta go cut out some bears!
have a great day my bloggy pies!


Cindy said...

Your grandchildren are adorable! Love that crow costume. Isn't it fun with children again? And then they go home with their parents! LOL!

Laura Adams said...

Wow! Those babies are adorable and the costumes are so unique! I love the little owl and that crow is super cool!

Theresa said...

All of your little Grandbabypies are SO cute! Love the costumes! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

Viv- They are just so precious and beautiful! What fun and you are such a "hands on" grandmom! I love all their costumes...even the I'm Black crow. lol Have a great day, Viv. Hope you got the spiders out of your hair. xo Diana

Musings from Kim K. said...

You have the most adorable grands and their costumes were just adorable this year! I'll come help pack up your Halloween if you'll help come pack up my chaos...hee hee. Happy November!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Adorable cuteness Halloween baby pies! So precious.

Yum! Now I want some twocklet too ... hope there's still some in the cupboard because I snarf it up ... I've been enjoying a little Pumpkin Pie Spice in mine, a 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon (not for the kiddies though, their eyes would pop out!) - makes it like Mexican Hot Chocolate. Nom nom nom spicy

Happy crafty week! xo

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

All of them are so adorable all dressed up. Know you just want to stay home and play and snuggle with them (know I would too, lol). The work week awaits, right? Dang that! :)

HollyC said...

What beautiful grandbabies!I have always loved your pink hair in your avatar pic! So cute with spiders in it. What lucky grandbabies to have such a wonderful grandma! I am like you, pilgrims or elves. I think that I am just going to mix the two. I really want to start early this year and not be so rushed. Maybe I'll do the dining room in Thanksgiving and rest of the house Christmas :) Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

That Hot Twocklet looks so good! You have such sweet Grandbabies, Viv! I'm so glad you joined my swap! I'll be back in touch soon!
Erica :)