Monday, January 12, 2015

dear valentine swappers,

I'm stepping up on a little soap box for a minute....  just for a minute.. just a little something that is on my mind, brought to my attention by another swapper friend, that I think is important to talk about for a minute. 
ok.. I'm on my box.. here goes..
Before you sign up for a swap you should ask yourself a few questions.  You should ask yourself if you have the time and energy to put into a swap, Do you have the resources, supplies and money needed to put together and mail out a package that will DELIGHT the receiver?   If you sign up for a swap, you need to follow through with the swap rules.  If you aren't going to be able to for some reason, you should bow out gracefully and early on.    Please never leave your partner or your hostess hanging wondering what happen to you.  
You should pay attention to the swap details, the sort of things you are supposed to send and the mail out date.   The mail out date is important.  I am guilty of mailing late sometimes due to a crappy memory and over busy schedule.. but I will be the first to say, those are not good excuses.  mailing on time (or early) is important.  When we sign up for a swap, we are making a commitment to someone else who will be thinking about us and putting something special together for us as well.  And don't we want them to mail on time? 
Most of us have probably been in lopsided swaps.. and lets be honest, they sort of suck.  That's why I always say,  put together a package that you yourself would be THRILLED to receive! 
be creative, be generous and be thinking about how to make your partners day extra special.  and with that said its nice to also take the time to wrap it up nicely.. The presentation of a gift adds so much to the fun of receiving it.  Doesn't it? 
OK.. stepping off my soap box now.  Just felt the need to put this out there today.  probably preaching to the choir.  but just in case..   I just don't want anyone to end up disappointed.   Lets make this the bestest swap we can for each other! 
Okeedokie... that's all for now folks!
If you don't know who your partner is yet, please read the previous post.


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Very well stated Vivian! A little reminder of what is expected is always wise and welcome.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

A good reminder and good advice, thanks Viv.

Hope said...

I've been very lucky in swaps for the most part, thanks goodness! I did have this one swap where it was to be a 'collection' of things and halfway thru my making my collection, my partner (who was running the swap) bowed out and never returned my emails. I still have most of what I


I would like to add a THANK YOU to your partner! Either by email or written!!! I also think they should POST about their goodies.
Now, I'm off my soap box!

Japolina said...

I'm not a swapper. (i'm just a taker, lol). Seriously, I am just stopping by to say Hi VIV! Stay warm.

Debbie Kay said...

very NICELY put my friend, I am full swing in the middle of putting together my goodies for my partner and couldn't be more thrilled.



Stephanie said...

It's good to go over the rules!