Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Be Happy!

So I have this magical little case!  I bought the case at a yard sale a bunch of years ago and covered and embellished it inside and out.   except that in these pics you cant see the bottom because of the fabrics.  Its cute though.  but not 3 dimensional like the inside top.

All these things are attached to the lid.  The bears and monkey are pinned or tied in so they can come out if I want them too.  But they dont need to come out.. omg.. I have hundreds of little freak'n bears around this house... these ones arent that cute and can stay in the box!

 Anyways, I keep miniature mohair and other little upolstery fabrics in it for making miniature bears and animals.  So when the box comes out, you know I'll be making something small!    

Of course I always have helpers for any of my crafting endeavors!  one on my lap...
and one in the case...    Arent they soooo stinking cute!

their birthdays are coming up both were born in March.  One is a week older then the other, but I have no clue which one!   (bad kitty mommy doesnt know their real birthdays!)  lol
They will be 6 this year.  Some of you might remember when I got them.  They were soooo stinking cute! 

anyways.. just had to throw that pic in! 
 So back to what I was telling you about..They are very helpful! 
lol... actually sometimes they are in the way... but I dont tell them that... well thats a lie, I do tell them that.. but then they look at me with those freak'n sweet little faces and Im like.. ok.. just dont lay on any needles.
 So we worked the day away on saturday  and ended up with a cute little Elephant!  Here is Frannie showing off the finished product!  lol 

 I think Ive decided to make several more little BE creations.. be happy, be kind, be thankful...well, we'll see.  at least thats in the back of my mind for now.   I might start out with a mouse or something with bunny ears with a sign that says "Be the Easter bunny!"  lol.. because it is time to start creating easter stuff!

I have a bunch of bear orders to work on, so I probably wont be making anything special for a couple weeks.  
The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back.  I did nothing on sunday and yesterday I had Violet and Torry for the day.. and they wore me out!  
for now... Im off to get ready for work.  Im not looking forward to going outside this morning!  Its been just brutally cold here.  and not really supposed to warm up much for a while.

but thats ok.. because I will take the advice of my little friend and chose to "be Happy"  lol!  at least for this moment! lol!     OK.. gotta go!  have a great day my friends!
Be Happy!


Cindy said...

What a cute little guy! I can't believe you did him in one day. It would take me a week to make something that small!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Adorable elephant! Glad you got a craft day in. Kitties were so cute and now so beautiful. Love your sweet decorated case, inspires me to decorate one I just got for a dollar at a sale.

Happy day....loving your "Be" idea. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I loved the sneak peek on IG of your sweet elephant and embellished suitcase. You can't help but love your furbabies even if they get in the way. Whenever, I'm in my craft room, our younger cat seems to find the best spot in the middle of the action. She's been know to get covered in a bit of glitter. Stay warm!!

Theresa said...

Oh what a cute little case and the contents are precious also:) Love that little "be happy" fella! So sweet, little kitties are too cute! Have a blessed day, stay safe and warm! HUGS!


Love the "Be Happy" elephant and your idea to make more "be" animals.
Iremember your baby kitties!

Margaret said...

Love your case and that little cutie elephant! My cats are my helpers too. And when I type my babies enjoy laying across the keyboard! Bee safe in the snow. Maggie

NanaDiana said...

Viv- Noone makes those little animals as cute as you do----or if they do I haven't met them yet. That elephant is just beyond cute. I absolutely love elephants and he is just darling. You are so talented and work even when your "helpers" interrupt you. lol xo Diana

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a cute case, Vivian! Such a great storage piece for your bear supplies, too. I love your little elephant.

Lynn said...

OMG!! The elephant is so stinkin cute!! Please host an Easter swap! Have a great week and stay warm. We had an ice storm last night. Started as snow but it turned quickly to sleet and then freezing rain during the night. Schools were closed, local government was closed, but hubby had a 4 hour delay and he goes in 2 hours late in the morning. Thursday and Friday morning lows are suppose to be n he single digits. The cold weather makes my bones hurt!!

Debby said...

Glad that you had some time for yourself and you got to create. Love the case and the elephant. I like the bear with the pin in his ear.
Your kitties are so beautiful. I love seeing them.
Stay warm this week.

Patti said...

Oh my gosh! Are you kidding....you made that little elephant! It is so adorable! And the case is just pure happiness! I am soooo glad that you share these things, because I just find them sooooo charming and wonderful. Really makes ME happy to see what you come up with!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Love your little suitcase of magical craftiness, everyone must get so excited when it gets pulled out! Adore your little elephant! Can't wait to see his companions that are to come, sounds so darling.
Wish I could send some warm air your way - I'll commence flapping my arms and whirling about --- nothing new bwahahahaha
Happy Wednesday!

donna said...

Oh my gosh Viv, your suit case is stinkin cute. Love everything about it. Happy elephant is just adorable. Everything you touch comes out so darn cute.
Hope you are staying warm and having a great week.