Saturday, February 7, 2015

♫♪ Just another snowy saturday ♪♫

LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE!!  Here is a pic of my new little Scarlett!  They had the pics done at 5 or 6 days old!  I havent seen the others yet,  but Erin does an amazing job so I know they will be awesome. I cant wait to see rest and violet will be in some of them too.   In fact, I should pop over to her site to see if she has posted any of the others..  be right back!  nope.. not yet.   I stole this picture off of facebook.    Isnt she adorable!?
(gifts from my swappy pal, Susie from little susie homemaker)
 oh dear sweet spring... do please hurry on your way!  were supposed to get hit pretty good over the next few days with a winter storm and lots of lake effect snow off of lake Ontario.   HOpe the weather holds off til tonight.  I have plans to see all 5 of my pies this afternoon!  so Im off to make some valentine cookies this morning to take with me. better charge up my camera battery too. Hopefullly I can get a pic of them all together. but Not getting my hopes up..   they dont all cooperate at the same time!  lol!

These three photos are of the swap package that I received from Susie of Little susie homemaker.  so much cute stuff!  Im not even sure you can see it all in the pics.   One thing you cant see is that homemade fudge she made!  sooo good!  and my hubbys been into to it too!    thank you so much susie.  this was a fun swap.  Ive already put things out and about.  Can you guys see the fan?  Love it.  I have to find the perfect spot for it!    I hope everyone who joined in had fun with the valentine swap. The point was to make up a package that you liked so much that you almost wanted to keep it for yourself.  Im pretty sure from what Ive seen so far, most everyone did just that!   I think I may be swapped out for a while..   we'll see what pops up at easter time.  

St Pattys is next.. but I dont really do much for that.  I put out all my St Pattys stuff on one little table in my craft room.  My family always complains that we arent Irish.. but everyone's Irish on St Pattys Day!
so back to the present holiday... what does everyone usually do to celebrate Valentines day?  We dont usually do much, but this year my husband has invited me out for a dinner date.. so It seems that we will be going out to dinner.  Im surprised because he doesnt like the crowded restaurants on holidays.  lol!  I like it because Im a people watcher and I like to wonder about  everyones lives..!  LOL! 

(gifties I sent to Susie)
hmm.. just realized that I havent fed Buffy yet this morning.. poor bird!  I forgot about her and shes actually being quiet!  that and I just have to share that my legs and my butt are freezing right now!  they are!  I guess thats a good clue that I should get away from this computer, get dressed and get busy  around here.
I'll be playing all day...  yup thats my plan... 
happy day every body!


vintage grey said...

Darling photo!! Such sweet swap goodies!! Have a wonderful and crafty weekend! xp Heather

Susie said...

Viv, That is just precious....your little moonbeam. I looked at previous posts that for some reason I could not I got to see all the little cutie pies. You are blessed. xoxo,Susie

Little Susie Home Maker said...

She is a perfect Angel! What a sweet picture! I sure am happy that we got to be swap partners. This was such a fun and challenging swap for me! I am enjoying the new crafts that I am learning to make. All the swap goodies are so much fun! I am so happy that you like the goodies that I sent you! I am really glad you all are enjoying the fudge, too!

Patti said...

Such a sweet photo of little Scarlet. Your swap goodies are adorable! Susie is a wonderful swap partner! Stay warm!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh that photo, made me want to kiss the computer screen!

Such sweet swap goodies you made and sent to each other. Big thanks and a hug for hosting this swap Viv!

Enjoy all those sweet pies today, and your snow.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Lots of fun goodies, Vivian. I was most thrilled with the swap - I had fun making the things for my partner AND getting the package from Joyce. It's funny, but it seems that most of us who got chocolate of some kind or other wound up sharing with the hubsters. Either that or they are just sneaky!

Your little Scarlett looks darling in that picture. What a fun shot! I'm so excited for our second one. September seems a long way off, but I am enjoying the time I spend with my one little love.

Thanks so much for hosting the swap! I probably won't be ready for another one until Spring so let me know. : )

NanaDiana said...

Hi Viv- What cute swaps on both sides. And that baby picture is ADORABLE!!!! Beautiful baby! xo Diana

Margaret said...

I love the photo of your new grand bsby! So cute! We are expecting snow/slush here for the next three days too. Hope you have fun with all your great swap stuff!

Debby said...

I just saw where Susie posted her gifts. Wow, that got there fast. You both did such a good job and got each other a lot of sweetness.
I love the moon picture. Doodle the little girl I was a nanny for had her picture taken on a moon and she peed all over it, hah.
Enjoy those pies. Welcome to the world of getting a good pic of all together. The take outs are the best. I just snap away and hope one came out. Hugs Happy Valentines Day.


That is a very sweet photo!! Also very nice swap gifties! Sounds like a nice weekend with your little "pies"!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such a beautiful and precious baby photo!! Oh my goodness. You are so blessed with so many beautiful grands. Your swap goodies are so delightful. It's been so much fun to see everyone's special Valentine creations. I think we will celebrate Valentines at the a-frame as a family. Hugs!!!

Teresa Schubert said...

What a cutie pie, love that picture! such marvelous swap goodies. Hope you had a lovely day with all your grand babies.
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

E said...

MY HEAVENS that pic is adorable ! You are so blessed to be surrounded by such sweet wee ones Great goodies you and Susie exchanged Stay warm looks like you guys are getting hit again ! XO E

Stephanie said...

Wow, a dinner date! My husband would rather eat a cold hot dog than go to a restaurant. They're lucky we're such good cooks, right?

Tiffany Neroni said...

Hey, you know you never shared my girls pictures they got done on here.
you must've been afraid people would go blind from their extreme level of beauty....

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What an adorable picture!!! Looks like so many sweet swap goodies too!! Hope you have a wonderful week!! xo Holly