Friday, April 24, 2015

happy birthday tony neroni jr!

Here I am!  been busy this week I guess..  doing what?  Ive no clue!    thankful its friday.  I had yesterday off to take care of some things, that I didnt even end up doing.  But we did celebrate little Tonys birthday last night with a taco party!  Believe it or not.. I have another whooper of a cold.  So taking yesterday off worked out for me as I actually took a nap.. remember... I dont nap.. ever.  Supposed to be on call this weekend, but Im going to try to get someone to switch with me because.. while I could handle it if it were just a cold.. I have absolutely NO VOICE!  The cats cant even hear me calling them!  seriously!

Do you like the dolly picture above?  the one dressed in blue arrived here this week from our friend Deb Messner @ cozy blanket blogspot!  I love her.  she is the sweetest doll.. she has a couple minor issues, as in she has a little odor to her, neither Deb nor I can figure out what it is, but its not that noticable unless youre holding her up to your nose.   The other odd little thing about her is she has the shortest arms ever.  so much so that I was calling her flipper! lol!  poor little thing.  I should not be making fun of her short comings...  LOL!   but she sure looks sweet sitting with my Jasmine  and they both are wearing party hats in honor of Little Tony's birthday! lol!!  (thank you btw Deb.. I really do love her!)

 And so, as I mentioned above we celebrated my son Tonys birthday last night.  I cant believe he is 28 years old.. my kids are getting old I swear!  where does the time go?  he was just a baby.. and now he has two babies of his own!  doesnt he look like Violet in this picture?    sometimes I look at her and have flashbacks!  Happy Birthday little Tony!!  

I made german choc cake with german choc coconut and pecan frosting..  and... since I was dying for choc cake with choc frosting and since I was pretty sure that Torry wouldnt eat the coconut frosting... I made choc cupcakes too!   Needless to say that I sent a lot of cake home with the kids.  (that cake doesnt look so appetizing in this picture!)  

IN other news.. nothing really.  Ive just been playing with birds and bird nests... tweaking my springy decorations.  The weather has been pretty crappy..   mother nature is just taking her time and its been cold.. and it snowed and hailed on wednesday night.    I  simply can not wait for warm beachy days!  Do you think they will come?   supposed to be sunny this weekend.. but not warm..  but I'll take the sunshine.  now if I just felt good enough to go out and do something in it.   hush!  I know youre thinking.. "shes had a lot of colds this year..."  I dont want to hear it! lol!  and yes its true! 

I need to get off of the computer and go take care of the dishes from last night.  I was too tired to do so last night..  but I sure dont want to come home to them later.. so off I go! 
have a great day my bloggy friends! 

Happy Day!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Your cake and cupcakes look amazing. You really know how to celebrate. Love your newest doll. Keep on playing and creating and feel better soon. This weather STINKS. Prom is tomorrow and I don't think we will be able to take pics outside. Boo.

Theresa said...

Cute little one! Happy Birthday to your Son! Hope you feel better real soon! HUGS!

Susie said...

Viv, I hate that you are not feeling so perky. What a cute little son. LOL, they do grow up way to fast. I think Deb is a sweetheart too. Like the dolls. The cakes you made for your birthday boy look very tasty. Take care and get well soon. xoxo,Susie


Our "kids" sure do grow "up" quickly!
Hope this will be your last cold for the year..Have a great weekend!
Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Stephanie said...

How funny! I have always called our son "Snicklefritz" and he won't each coconut! Take some vitamin C, Girlfriend.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Sorry you got sick! Maybe if you got some warm weather and sun you'd get over that cold.

Yummy! The cake and cupcakes look great, and love a good taco party. :) Happy birthday to Tony, he was a little cutie! Your dolly is a cutie too, hope she stops stinking, lol.

Feel better and have a good weekend. :)

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry that you have laryngitis on top of a cold. How miserable!

Happy Birthday to Tony. He was darling and looks SOOOO much like little Violet! Wow!

That was sweet of Debby to send yo the doll - I just adore her. She is a gem in the world of blogging.

Have a good weekend-get some rest and get well! Hope you can find someone to cover for you. xo Diana

Margaret said...

What a great birthday! Your such a good Mommy! and Grandma! Maggie

Libby Buttons said...

Wow is Tony ever a cutie pie! Ive had two bouts of bronchitis in 3 months. Lets make a pact to stay well, shall we?!

jamil fuady said...

happy birthday to you,,,may god bless you,,good luck cara komedo

stevenjared0853 said...

Birthday party!! The cupcakes look really yummy. Thanks dear for sharing the photos from this grand birthday party. You know, last night I also attended a huge party at one of the best party halls in Bay area. It was really a great night!