Monday, April 27, 2015

Just another tequila sunrise... I tricked Ya!!  I only wrote "tequila sunrise" because it sounds so much more interesting then "just another rainy Monday.."  LOL!!
 So.. Happy Monday bloggy buddies!    Does it seem quiet in blogland to you?  It seems very quiet around here to me.  Or maybe people are too busy to comment.  I get a lot of daily visitors but comments are waning... (is that the word I want?)   Please if you visit, comment.   I so like to know you've been here.    Sometimes, especially when I'm in a hurry in the mornings or on my lunch, I do pop in visits and don't leave a comment..  then I try to come back in the evening and leave one.  Anyways.. maybe its just the time of year and we get busy in other areas of our lives.   I know lots of you who live in a gentler climate are already out gardening  (jealous here!)   ummm not here.. not yet.  maybe this coming weekend cause, its supposed to be nice then! 
so what did I do this weekend?   well Ive been nursing this awful cold or sinus infection or whatever I have.  still have very little voice... but way more then I had.    
Torry pie stayed over night on Saturday so his mommy and daddy could go out.    hopefully I didn't infect him.  I tried not to maul him... (but it is so hard to keep my hands to myself when it comes to any of my grandpies!)   I felt bad for him because I didn't have the energy to entertain him like I usually do.   but he was fine  and he was happy to be here.  we went out for ice cream and he was very happy about that!  yesterday morning we made banana cream pie, which he would not try and cinnamon rolls, which he would have eaten all of if I had let him!  lol!  he did eat a lot of them! lol!
Hes such a little joy.. hes such a little boy!!  sooo full of energy.. no slow button.. no walk button.. its always full speed ahead for him and look out if you're in his path! Seriously!   LOL!  
 Yesterday I spent all day working on bears, watching Doris Day movies and a few episodes of Call the Midwife..  Lots of orders in the works..   I'll be sure to show pics as each order finishes.
for now.. I'm off.. I need to leave early for work today gotta get gas  and a box of kleenex!  
have a great day my bloggy friends!


Susie said...

Hi Viv, Get well girl, when the rain stops and your orders are are going to want to go you need to be well. I too think lots of bloggers are doing other things..or losing interest. I hope not, because I jump on and off line all through the day, checking blogs. In the winter, blogging has been a comfort. Blessings for a great new week. xoxo,Susie

Jane said...

Hope you get over your cold real soon so you can enjoy the upcoming nice weather and feel like playing with your littles! We had a lot of rain last week but yesterday was sunny and nice. Mailing bear check today :) xo Jane

Japolina said...

Hope you feel better viv. That tory pie is so cute!

Luv2Shop said...

Hope you feel better soon! I love old Doris Day movies, sorry I missed that!

Stephanie said...

You are always so good about commenting. Can't say that about my own kids though! Anyway, if I were to make a list of my favorite things, it would include: grandkids, coconut cream pie (banana a close second), Doris Day movies (Send Me No Flowers especially), and Call the Midwife! I swear, you and I were separated at birth! So fun to visit your space.

Teresa Schubert said...

Hi Viv,
That banana cream pie looked so good, I wish I could reach right through the screen and have some!!
I hope you feel better soon, after all you've gotta keep up with your Torrie Pie ;-)
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Thanks Viv, I'm so craving a slice of that yummy looking pie, lol. Yeah, I thought I was getting sick today, but I think it's allergies. The pollen from our pine trees is so bad, my car was covered with yellow pollen so thick I couldn't see through my windshield. But I love the spring and hope you get some soon.

That Torry is so cute, I would have given him all the rolls too, lol, that smile is irresistible. Feel better!

Debby said...

If my husband saw that pie he would be on the road to your house.
You are so busy. No wonder you don't feel well.
After sitting out in the wind and cold yesterday at a Lacrosse game, I may in that boat as well.
Have a good week. I hope you get some rest.

DollZandThingZ said...

I visit but I don't always comment--because I "see" you elsewhere daily!

donna said...

Viv I am so sorry you are not feeling well. We are having lots of rain and some storms here. It has been a weird month. Your grandie is just so cute. mmmm your pie looks great. I was just thinking I want some. lol Hope you get to feeling better soon my dear.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Hope you feel better soon!! It was quite rainy and cold last week, but this week is looking much better, warmer and sunny! I'm so anxious to go get some flowers to plant, trying to hold off until our warm weather is here to stay! :) Your pie looks very yummy!! Hope you have a wonderful day! xo Holly

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished bears, Vivian. I really enjoy seeing your creations; you do such great work. I hope to one day have you make one for me.

Is it allergies maybe? I never had allergies until I was about 42 and I still am not used to them 9 years later! Nothing seems to work, even the behind-the-counter allergy medicines.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been keeping my eye on the weekend weather and it does look pretty fabulous! Hope each day you are feeling better. I'm behind on blogs with the end of the semester at my university and then next semester starting up so soon. I'm so ready for my girls to be done with school so that my Mr. Mom can take over. Hugs!