Wednesday, May 25, 2016

a tiny bit of flower power

I got to play outside this past weekend finally!  still much to do, but  I did manage to get 4 of my window boxes filled as well as a few planters and pots.  I still have a couple things left to fill.  Torry came over on Friday and did his dinosaur garden.  I think he needs a bigger container.  I have to look for an old wagon I think.  This little toy wheel barrel is really small.  But he's happy with it.  I took him to pick out plants for it and all he wanted were petunias! Tried to talk him into other things.. but he picked them out fast and that was that!

Being close to the lake, I think makes my lilacs and lillys bloom later then everyone elses!  But they are blooming now!  In fact I think I need to go out this morning and pick some to take to work.  They smell so good and they make me happy!     

Unfortunetly lilacs dont seem to last long after they are picked.  I wish there was a way to keep them fresh longer.  but oh well even a couple days is worth it.  
I wish I had it in me to have "real" gardens.  I don't venture much further then pots and boxes.   Anything in the ground itself feels out of my control!  lol!  I don't have a green thumb.   I'm lucky I can keep anything alive!  I have plants inside that I've had for 30 years.. and I swear that it's a miracle that they are alive! seriously!

Here's a pic of my little fairy garden.  Not quite done.  I bought the metal banner for it the other day.  But I really think I liked the paper ones that I made in previous years better.  I'm thinking of covering the little metal ones with some cute papers.  I also need to put a taller plant in the back and put my little tire swing in there.  Then it will be finished.

wow.. I was just thinking today was thursday and I was thinking the weekend was almost here!  lol.. its only wednesday.  I was at a training all day yesterday on drug trends and now Im confused! lol!
Anyways.. I suppose I should do something constructive and get ready for work!
have a great day bloggy friends!


Theresa said...

LOVE that cute smile:) The fairy garden is precious! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Susie said...

Viv, that is so sweet you let the little ones have gardens too. I love Torry's dinosaur garden. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Stephanie said...

I wish I lived in your fairy garden, in the summer, of course. Steph

Musings from Kim K. said...

How precious to have a dinosaur garden! You are the best grandma! If you find a way to keep lilly of the valley alive longer than a few days once picked, let me know. They are my absolute favorite too (might have something to do with it being my birthday flower) and the smell is heavenly. I honestly thought today was Thursday too. Come on weekend!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

As the grandmother of a 21 year old, let me tell you that Torry is going to remember the gardens he created with you. That is such a dang cute picture. I just love it's Joy.

I like your fairy garden a lot...especially your fairy. Not one of the new commercial fairies, but an honest to goodness well loved Fairy. It's a cute mini world.

I love Lilac so much but have to leave them outside due to my allergies. I love to play in the dirt outside but admit that it becomes more hard every year to keep up with weeds. I no longer plant annual flowers.

Have a great holiday, Viv.
Always enjoy my visit here.
xx, Carol

Margaret said...

I love your fairy garden. I also love that Tory picked out petunias. He is so cute!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Your Torry is so cute, and so is the fact that he just knows what he wants, lol. I love those sweet Lily of the Valley flowers. You are so lucky to grow them. Your thumb must be partially green, lol.

Your fairy garden is terrific. I made my first one last month and it was such fun I want to do another. Happy almost weekend! :)

Patti said...

Your little Tory is just the cutest thing! My son loved dinosaurs too - and he put them in my flower beds! Such fun memories are made at your house! I went to JoAnn's the other day, and I was just so surprised to see ALL the fairy garden stuff out! It really is a fun thing to do. I have a tiny one in my wheelbarrow - but, the plants are over taking it. Maybe I should move it this weekend. Viv - YOU are so loving and fun. Thank you for sharing your JOY with us!

donna said...

Your gardens and flowers are sew pretty. Our ground is still to wet for planting.

Cheryl said...

Everything looks so beautiful :-) Loving the dino garden... yes, I think a bigger container is in order. I made a flower bead using a wagon for several years.... it was adorable while it lasted :-)