Tuesday, May 3, 2016

wishful sprinking!

Its still been cold out!  mother nature is all kinds of messed up I think.  It was only like 46 yesterday... and that's how its been for a while.  I just checked the weather and it looks like about 57 for today.. still kind of cool.. but I'll take it.  lol.. like we have a choice!

Actually the forecast I just looked at shows improvement through the week and in the 60's for the weekend.. with sunshine..  so I guess I cant complain about that!

Ive been springifying little corners of my house. nothing extravagant.  really, I have a bunch of junk and I have strewn it about the house.  I would love to be on one of those shows where they fix up and decorate your house like a normal person.   I am incapable of normal.  there is no normal for my house.. its just in a constant state of stuff..  or should I say stuffed!

I try to not over do it.. but maybe my version of overdone and other peoples versions are not the same.  and I suppose it does depend on the time of year.  I may go a little overboard for Halloween!  and Christmas!  I always say I'm going to cut back and not do so much.. but something within me takes over and I cant help myself.   

Anyways.. its not too much right now. in fact its not much at all.  just a few birds, nests and shrooms scattered here and there!

I haven't played at my craft table since several weeks before Easter and I was feeling the need to make something!  I finally managed to get there on Saturday and made these cute little pompom birdies for mothers day.  just pompoms!   aren't they cute?  I made a bunch more in case I get inspired to make something for the girls for mothers day...   we'll see.

OK.. I guess that's it for this morning.  I know Ive been a lousy blogger lately.  there are days that I consider giving it up all together.  but I would miss all my bloggy pals!  so eventually I come back! 
have a great day bloggy pies!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Fun Spring decor!! I always wonder if you live in the same region as I do (Northern Indiana) because our weather is usually about the same as yours. 65 Forecast for today...somehow I want it to be WARMER!!
xx, Carol

Cindy said...

Please don't give up blogging - I'd miss you! Those chicks are so cute and so are your other springy things. i hope your weather gets warmer soon. Have a great day!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I totally agree about our lack of warm weather. Although it was a mild winter, it's been a super cold spring. Love all your decor. Those pom pom birds are so very very sweet. Keep on blogging friend! You'd be missed terribly. I do love your IG posts too!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

So cute and springy Viv! Loving your pompom birds. Colder than normal here too. Planted flowers in my post and 3 days of cold and rain, so hope they make it.

I've considered quitting blogging, but will continue for the time being. I would miss you much if you quit! :)

E said...

Look forward to "seeing" you and would surely miss you girlie, but I "get it" I am the worst ! Love your birdies and always enjoy when you share your cutie pie grands !! E

NanaDiana said...

You are the only person that I know that can take pom-poms and make something THAT cute -like those little birds. I love to see what you are doing in your house with your sweet decorations here and there and everywhere. I know the 'pies' love it, too. xo Diana

Patti said...

Cute-cute, as always. I am so busy - I think of quitting too - but, I would miss you all too much. My blogging pals "get me", I think. The HOT weather is here. I think it was nearly 100 at work today. I don't like to see my kinder-kids sweaty and hot-pink! Have a great week!

Marlynne said...

Love Your Style of decorating! Those little pom pom birds are adorable!

Margaret said...

I love all your stuff and I think stuff makes a house a home!My house is stuffed with stuff and I wouldn't have it any other way! Maggie

Curtains in My Tree said...

Don't give up blogging I just found you and your neat stuff haha


Happy Mothers Day

Theresa said...

I can always find a smile when I visit with you:) Your creations are just precious! Have a blessed Mother's Day dear Viv, HUGS!

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