Monday, May 16, 2016

Im still alive!

Oh my goodness!!  Ive been wanting to get here to write a blog post for over a week.. but every time I sat down to do it something would come up!   well.. finally! .. here I am!  sorry, Ive just been the most awful blogger lately.  I hope everyone had a great mothers day.   A bunch of the kids came over the day before to celebrate here and we had a cookout.  And then some came back again the next day. It was a full weekend!
I cheated here..  the picture of Torry, Lillianna and Sera were not from that day! but they are all very recent pics from the past week.  lol!    And so anyways.. mothers day weekend was very nice.

Jennifer, Ella, Marla and I also went to a doll and bear show that weekend.  These are my new little friends I found there.  all of them were cheap.. like 8.00 a piece!  so obviously I couldn't pass them up.  I just love those monkeys.  they are great company in my craft room!  lol!

So, in other news...  NOTHING!  lol!  It seems Ive done nothing interesting or worth talking about. except, I got my kitchen table cleared off!  lol well, Jen and I did go see the musical "Dirty Dancing"  the other night.. but it really wasn't very good.  there were some good dance scenes.. but all in all it was sort of weird.
Oh.. I know what else I did.. Torry and I made our first trip to the lake on Wednesday.  it was a little cool out, but we loved looking out over the lake and chit chatting about silly things that 5 year old boys like to talk about!

Ive been on call since Friday.  I haven't added up the hours, but I must be close to 20 hours since Friday night.  needless to say, Ive not really had a weekend this weekend.
And as much as I hate the cold un-spring weather we've been having, I'm so glad that this weekend wasn't beautiful, because I would have been ticked if I had been stuck working and it was nice out!  lol!  I am starting to get the itch to spend a lot of money on flowers!  so all that overtime pay will come in handy!

Hopefully next weekend will be nice... because I'll be on call again the weekend after that!  I sure hope they appreciate me at work.  lol!
I made broccoli quiche the other morning.. another thing that I had been trying to get to for about 2 weeks.  I had bought broccoli to make it, then never got to it and had to throw it away!  so then I bought more broccoli and it still took me a week to get to it!  I ended up making it Friday morning before I went to work!   its sooo good!  Theres still some left.. that we'll finish for dinner tonight.

I guess I should end here.. I need to have some breakfast, do a little blog hopping, make a lunch, feed all the animals, take a shower.. try on ten different things while I figure out what to wear.. you know.. all the typical morning things!  
have a great day my friends!
I hope you keep visiting me and leaving me comments even though Ive been awful! 
love you all!


Debby said...

Love your new banner. Those kiddos are so cute. Hugs

Susie said...

Viv, My goodness you have been very busy. But I bet you got lots of hugs. The quiche looks wonderful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Patti said...

Ok - I just love all your silly monkeys! And, the stuffed ones, too! I call my kinder-kids "little monkeys" when they are silly. 5 year olds ARE very accomplished at being silly - that is for sure! It amazes me how much you get done! You must be the cheeriest person on earth! So much happiness around you! Blessings sweet-friend!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, no better reason not to blog than spending time with kids. Looks like you have a Barrel of Monkeys, lol. I am retired and don't know how I ever got anything done when I WORKED!

My husband is always complaining about the weather. Yesterday he made a remark that everyone on Facebook is complaining about it too. It's not just US he said. DUH. Maybe he will stop complaining now. My thought is you can't do anything about it so make the best of what you have.

Great pics of the kids and the monkeys!
xx, Carol

Marlynne said...

Nothing brings a smile to the face like a need lovable toy! Love your happy kitchen!

Marlynne said...

Suppose to say (new lovable toy)!

donna said...

Hi Viv You have a beautiful family. Looks like you have been a busy gal. What a deal you on your bear and monkeys.
Hope you are having a beautiful week.

Margaret said...

You have such a great life! You really really do! I know you know that already but even with all the working and overtime you still find the fun in everything and that's what makes you so darn cool and special!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your grands are just precious and your monkeys are the cutest things EVER! I've been equally bad about visiting or keeping up in blogland. Too many things to, Emma's graduation, more work, birthday celebrations, more work. I totally understand and we will all be here waiting for you! Hugs!