Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Finished!!

I am about finished with all the bears.. I have these all done and two more to finish.. The last two are done, they just needs noses and tags! Yay!! I started the miniature horse last night and I have to say vor having absolutely no idea what I was going to do, I drew a pattern and started sewing the pieces and I think it might turn out ok! I will finish it tonight!

I am exhusted! My husband is in the hospital! He had been sick for about a week, not seriously sick, but just not feeling well. Anyways, he ended up in severe pain on Monday (lower left side). I tried to get him to go to the hospital monday night and tuesday all day.. He finally let me take him tuesday afternoon.. It ended up he had a perferated bowel. He has been very lucky. The surgeon decided that it was sealing itself up and if they could get rid of the infection, he wouldnt have to do surgery. (yay) He would have ended up with a bag for a bit if they had done the surgery. they would have had to cut out about 10 inches of his colon and then would not have been able to put the two pieces back together until the infection was totally healed. then they would go back in later and attache the two ends and get rid of the bag! in any case, the dr, said he would still need the surgery in a few months when they can do it all at once when there is no infection!
My poor husband is not well though. He has a tube up him nose and into his stomach that is pumping out all stomach juices.. GROSS ! you can watch it.. very nasty. Hopefully the tube will come out today.. I think thats the worse part of Tonys hospital experience at this time. He is miserable. The dr. said he'd be there 4 to 6 days.. so hopefully he'll be home for christmas. I think he'll come home sunday or monday! He is not a good patient. and he is mean when hes sick! He told me to leave yesterday morning! Can you believe that? wont let me touch him, well.. other then to rub his FEET!!! haha..
so Christmas is a little behind schedule and I dont know if I will get every thing done at this point.. It doesnt look like cookies are going to get baked! My cards wont get mailed, and my packages definitely arent goign to make it now! they should have gone monday.. but they just didnt. My cards are written out.. I took them to the hospital.. but I dont have all the addresses together.. Maybe I can take them to work and do them on my lunch hour! I dont even know if I'll get back to the city to finish up my shopping! I'm going to have to try! Oh hell.. I'm super woman.. I'll manage right! (well hopefully anyways!)

Well I should go do something constructive.. like shower and iron.. pack a lunch and get my self together for work. I'm going to stop at the hospital and say goodmorning to my sweetie first! I need some energy! I' am just dragging myself along here!

have a lovely day!

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Bristol said...

Enjoyed visitng your blog. The ornaments are very cute!!

Carol said...

Vivian! You poor dear. Thank goodness you got yer bears done, they look great. I made a bear only once, a miniture one. That is a lot of tedious work! So sorry to hear about your sweety. We can wake up one morning and all of our plans are not what we thought and then we are just thanking God for each day! will pray for your husband! And remember, only do what Has to be done first...sometimes we have to let things go! (i should know, as lots gets let go, ha)

Julie said...

OM Gosh! You poor thing. I hope he gets better very soon. Spending Christmas in the hospital is not fun!

I can't wait to see your pony when you are done with him - especially if he is even half as cute as these bears!

Elaine Thomas said...

Happy Holidays Viv!! Smiles, Elaine