Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years resolutions anyone?

(this little birdie is part of the ornaments I made for the pink ornament exchange! I'm so glad I made one for myself, cause I really like it! )

DECEMBER is almost over.. Were about to enter into 2008! wow How fast this past year went by! Its about time to start cleaning up the christmas decorations.. isnt it? I hate the thought. Its so much work! I'm thinking of doing it all on New years day.. maybe. I'm not really in any hurry, Its just a big job. the hardest part is putting things back together!

Its about time to also start thinking about the new year. Resolutions anyone? I hate new years resolutions. I know the one I should make, to eat healthier and lose weight.. but why set myself up with something that most likely wont happen!

I am making one resolution though.. a fun one! To purchase a piece of art work from all or most of my artist idols! that list includes.. Debrina, Debra Schoch, Holly Doodle (a crown!!).. and a few more! there really are so many!

I started a miniature New Years eve bear last night... hope to finish it tonight! stay tuned for pictures..

My hubby is recouping well. A bit grumpy.. but thats pretty normal for him!! I think hes gonna get tired of being home. He actually can start driving this weekend, but hes pretty sore and worn out and I'm sure wont go far or for long. He'll go for coffee at the restaurant and see all the old men that sit around in the morning drinking coffee! He needs to do that! we need him to do that!

HI HO HI HO ITS OFF TO WORK I GO! I havent really worked in about 2 weeks it seems.. I ve been to work a couple times.. but havent really worked! ITs back to work I go today! OH Joy! I hope I can get focused when I get there. I'm on call this weekend an dall next week.. Not looking forward to that at all! Well I'm starting to feel a bit scattered.. so I better go get ready to go!


Lori said...

Viv, your birdie ornament is adorable!!! Have a wonderful New Years!!!

vivian said...

hey Lori! your on that idol list! so is polkadot pixie! happy new year to you too!

Julie said...

Your little bird is adorable!

Humm New Years Resolutions?? Well, I always gain several pounds over the holidays and I allow myself to do it so I can enjoy all the wonderful once a year food..but along with that allowance is the restriction that I must take it off in January/ starting next week, you may want to avoid my blog - because dieting will be a big part of my January bloggings!

barbara burkard said...

the birdie is beautiful! happy new year ON TO MORE ART AND SWAPS!

Mary Isabella said...

Wishing you and your's a very Blessed and a wonderful New Year!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Fun bird ornament. Hope you have a wonderful 2008!

Anonymous said...

what a cute little ornament!! I wrote about my resolution in my blog for tonight! its kinda crazy cuz I never make one but this year I made more then one! what was I thinking!! Glad to hear hubby is better! Have fun taking the christmas stuff down! Have cheerful new years!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hi Viv, ohhhh... those new years resolutions..lose weight ...yikes! we have been eating carbs for 2 weeks now ..very bad..and exercise..Ha! Ha! thanks for visiting.. have a great year! maybe we should do a mini valentine swap!?

Carol said...

Hello Vivian,
Glad your dear one is on the mend!! Oh the things to be thankful for! Love your birdie ornament, good idea for a keeper of your own. New Years resolutions...going to work on that tonight..I lost 30# since last year, so that will be top of the list to get back on track after all this holiday feasting...walking,walking,walking and crafting more this new year, along w/gaining more crafting friends!
Blessings in now and for the new year

TiffanyJane said...

Love your little birdie!! So Adorable! :)
Yes, where did this year go!?!?!? time does fly so fast....I'm going to try and take time for myself, read more and make more art this year! We'll see if I can stick to it, haha!