Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas comfort!

christmas comfort!
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First things first..
thank you all for your prayers and encouragement this last week. It has been a long and difficult week, but i do know that all was in Gods hands and christmas came about with a much sweeter taste, and a deeper appreciation than it may have otherwise. When you're looking at sickness and dispair and then move on to healing and blessings, it certainly makes the day more meaningful. I needed all of your messages of encouragement this past week, and the reminders that we were in Gods hands, also that our prayers really had been answered as things could have been much worse. Its good to have friends that help keep us mindful of blessings when we are sometimes momentarily blind to! thank you.
With all that said, I can tell you that tony is home and relaxed and enjoying his family, probably more so then he would have had he not just spent a week in ICU!
The kids showered us with wonderful gifts! I got two pair of PJs, socks, booties, a movie, candy and a Sirius radio with five months paid for! they gave me 3 pairs of earrings and filled my stocking with goodies! I also got gift certificates to CJ banks, michaels and jOanns! I dont know what else I got... too much to list is all.. candles, and other goodies! they spoiled their father as well.. He got an awful lot of movies.. we all gave him some.. I think we thought he would need to keep occupied for a bit! He also got books and lots of other neat stuff. We are blessed with wonderfully thoughtful children! And of course, we spoiled them right back!
Well, I need to go fill tonys scripts and pick up a few things for him..


Lori said...

Viv, it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! i am so happy for you and Tony. i hope he is doing well!!!

Julie said...

Yeah! I am glad things have settled down a bit. Merry Christmas!

barbara burkard said...

many blessings and well wishes for you!!! sending you both a big hug... (tell tony it's cyber so no touching sends the warm fuzzies...hee hee)

Susan said...

Glad to hear everything is going well.