Wednesday, December 5, 2007

so busy!! tomorrows bethanys 22 nd birthday. Ive been wasting time since I got home from work, playing on the computer with those silly NYC pictures.. check out my flickr.. I have most of them posted. I still have to make Beths cake and wrap her presents. I also have gifts to wrap for kids at work that need to go with me in the am. It seems there was something else.. but maybe its just bears..
BEARS BEARS BEARS!!! good grief! I cant wait to get them all finished! this order of five will be done by friday! then I start the next order of 8, which is already cut out.. then theres 4 more.. and a horse.. I plan on having everything finished by the 19th!! wish me luck!
so has everyone mailed out their snowmen? I'm waiting to hear from everyone and to see pictures! keep me posted ! I hope everyones having fun!
brrrr! its cold here.. I think I need to go turn up the heat! Im leaving you with some pictures.. stay warm!
this is what I recieved in the pink ornament swap from Amber e! I love them all Amber.. You did a great job! And you were worried about it! they are perfect!
And this one was recieved from becca at bluebirdroses@blogspot.comI bought this from sea dream studios.. isnt it beautiful!? I had to have it!
another little splurge item.. I have to quit buying things for myself!!

I saw a little ornament similiar to this in NYC and tried to make one last night. I thought it came out cute.

this is my splurge item in NYC. A steiff rudolph! isnt he the cutest darn thing!?


Sandy said...

I love your banner. I too am wasting too much time on the computer when I should be preparing for my son's birthday. I love what you got for the ppink ornament swap and I too am tempted to buy one of Sea Dream's ballerina wonderland scenes!

Sunny Chick said...

Howdy Viv, just wanted to let ya know I sent a small package your way yesterday! Have a good one!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Sweet ballerina, and the Rudolph reminds me of the cartoon movie I used to watch when I was a kid.
Stay warm too~

Gina2424 said...


Here's a dumb question- how do you make a cone? I don't want to make a tussie mussie- I just want to make a cone hat out of paper for a snowman, and every time I roll it- it either doesn't make a point or the other opening is too small. What's wrong with me? (I am referring to the cone hat on your snowman boxes that I love). By the way, lucky you, Dale's stuff is so pretty and cool!

Julie said...

You ARE a busy get off the computer and get busy! ha ha..

barbara burkard said...



Brenda said...

hi Viv -- thanks for visiting my page! Of course, I'd love to exchange links with you! Your blog is yummy -- love all the goodies in your pics!