Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter baskets easter swaps!

another happy easter post.. lots of pictures.. I thought I would take the time to post from a couple of swaps.. The first one is from the easter basket swap hosted by Genevieve Olsen of Bella Enchanted. Genevieve was my partner and I had mor fun filling a basket for her. Then I recieved her wonderful basket for me! I was so excieted and I love everything in it including the awesome basket itself. I took this picture which does not do it justice because you cant see whats in it! So Sweet ! I love it all! Thank you Genevieve! the next picture is of a little nest that was in the basket.. I stuck it in a plant.

this picture is of the basket I sent to Genevieve... ( i feel like this is all show and tell on blogland.. I think my next post needs more substance.. hmmm...) anyways.. She loved her basket! I'm so glad. I really did have fun making this basket up for her.

this next basket is the basket I recieved from my secret pal at work.. so cute isnt it? she even made the basket and cross stitched the eggs.. LOVE IT!

OK, the next pics are from the hippity hop easter swap hosted by heather Bluhm

day one: the gift was from cheryl connell. I love this.. Im looking for the perfect place to hang it. thank you Cheryl!

Day two, a sweet little bunny box from Amy Bauer! Inside the box there was some candy and a little nest and chick! Absolutely adorable!

Day three was from Stacy of Creative Muse, a wonderful paper doll pin, sweet tags and a bunch of wonderful little buttons! the doll pin is so pink and frothy! I have it setting on my dresser! thank you Stacy!

Day four, bySandra Feasel. What a precious little chickie tag! and it came in a handpainted bag! I'm saving the bag for some special thing!
I hung my tag with a bunch of other eastery tags that I've collected this year. Thank you Sandra!!

Day Five, the sweetest little nest necklace!! and a bird! The bird found his way to a nest I have that is more his size! and the necklace is waiting to be worn! love then both.. thank you Brenda Bliss!
Day 6.. the fabulous Kecia made our treats.. just look at this sweet rabbit not only that the tag is freaken precious as well. I LOVE THEM BOTH! thank you Kecia.

Day 7: another great necklace and card made by Kim Boehm, Precious Precious, Precious! thank you Kim!

Day 8 I opened the cutest darn little bird house! Made by Lonnie Jenck. I adore this! I quickly found the perfect spot for it in my house! thank you Lonnie!
Day 9: Check out the Awesome easter frame made by Sandy Camarda.. she put the badge for the easter swap on it. I love this frame. I took a picture of my son this morning with the cat and am thinking of cropping it and using this frame for it! Thank you Sandy!!

And on Day ten I opened this sweet gift! A wonderful little bunny box.. It also has a little nest and chickie inside. I love it. The little bunny has a perfect little crown on, and is adorable! Thank you to ann Marie Skrabo!
Day 11 was my day but im not posting that picture, I made little chicks on boxes for everyone. Youve already seen pictures if youve been following my blog! Hopefully everyone liked them!

Ok.. enough enough enough!! no more show and tell for now.

I watched Enchanted this afternoon.. I missed a bunch of it because I was trying to get dinner done, but Im going to watch it again soon. What I saw was so good! A really cute movie! I thought it was creatively done. I love those princess stories! YOu do know.. Im supposed to be a princess..
ok.. must go have a piece of pie.. I made two pies today and havent had any yet! Goodnight!!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Easter!! Looks like some fun swaps! :)

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Happy Easter Vivian!
Love your swap stuff (there is so much talent)and hope you had a blessed Easter w/your family.
your princess sister

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Vivian, I loved your "show and tell", it looked like a really fun swap! - You have inspired me to try one, so I am participating in a banner swap.

My favorite photo was the pies! - yum.

Sweet B

T=ME said...

Looks like you had some grand swaps. What a perfect way to end the day: Let them eat pie!

Sandy said...

Eeek I can't wait to receive these Hippity Hop items!I'm so glad you liked my frame!

Lori said...

what fun Easter goodies!!! and yummy on the pies:) i can never make a good crust:(

jillian said...

So fun to look at, thanks for sharing all your goodies! I really like your bunny crown in the previous post. Cute, cute!!!

Anonymous said...

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