Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And now, back to easter time blogging~
Hello all.. I'm back with a few more pictures from the doll swap! I do believe that there are only two more pics left to collect and post!
This sweet little doll is made by catieann! Isnt she adorable?! Her doll went to Melissa. Melissa made the doll in the next picture! a very bright doll with a lot of heart!
This wonderful bunny was made by the fabulous Debra! (one of my idols!) her bunny went to Elaine!

This beautiful mermaid was made by the very creative Kai and was sent to her partner Michelle.

OK.. Ive spent the past couple nights making these little bunnies and the little chickie for my secret pal at work. Except, that its really no secret, we sort of cheated so we could be partners! She is a dear friend of mine, seen a couple times on my blog already. she made her first appearance afor the halloween blog party as wanda the witch! then she was on not too long ago when we made miniature bears together.. anyways.. so shes my partner.. I dont know what shes making me, but its sure to be something awesome. I think shes doing some needle work!! she makes beautiful things!! so anyways, this is what I gave her and she loved all of it!

Now.. this is the icecream on the cake.. I joined the bunny crown swap at the faeriezine group on flickr and my partner was tracy of traSEAlee. She made the most wonderful crown. I about died when I opened the box. Each piece of the crown is soldered and each one has an adorable bunny picture in it or two actually as they each have a front and back. Really, I suggest you go to my flickr site where you can view the pictures on largest setting and really look at them. This is so awesome! I am sooo lucky! thank you soooo much Tracy!

this picture youve already seen, this is the one I made for the swap, which of course tracy got. I'm assuming she recieved hers today too! I hope she liked it

Well, I have to admit that i was totally distracted the whole time i was posting this. we were watching I AM LEGEND with Will Smith.. eye yie yie.... that was some movie.. I adore will smith, but though I couldnt help but watch the movie, I dont think I really liked it. It was pretty gross. and the ending sucked.. Just my opinion!

OK little blog friends.. I need to get off of the computer and let someone else on for a bit.. its pretty sad that when the mother is the computer hog!

besides.. I m thinking its time for some ice cream!!

oh.. just one more thing.. or two.. I'm coming up on my 100th post.. it seems to be the norm here in blog land that there is a give away for the 100th.. so I'll be thinking about what I can make to give away. so stay tuned..

And also.. I'll be posting another swap with in the next week or so. Miniatures!!



Scrappy Jessi said...

wow lots of yummy eyecandy today!!
i love that bunny crown~!
all your stuff is awesome!
have a great day!

Lori said...

i just love all the dollies Viv:) and the crowns for the swap!!! oh my, the soldered bunny ears are TOO cute!!! and the crown you made is just gorgeous!!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Hi Viv!!! I finally posted some pics of Cindi's gorgeous doll that I received in the swap on my blog! Come and see! She is beautiful!!!!

JenW!~ said...

Love all the dollies. That bunny crown is awesome. Lucky you to have a wonderful treasure.And your Secret pal is one lucky lady to receive such wonderful goodies from you.

monica said...

Love all the goodies! The bunny crown is so cool!!!! and the crown was really wonderful!!!! I can't wait to see what's to come!!! Happy Spring! Monica

Farmchick said...

Love all the goodies! You left me two comments on my blog last night but I am afraid you had me confused with someone else! You were on my site as you commented on my recipes but you called me Lonnie. I just though I better tell you incase you were wondering why Lonnie didn't reply to you! Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.
Farmchick Tania

Farmchick said...

Yes I would love to exchange links and I am glad you like my recipes! Thanks for stopping by. I will add you to my blog.

Farmchick Tania