Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm in my easter bonnet! well my new easter crown! I just absolutely adore this thing! It is my newest treasure.. And of course, I think I've told you all that I was supposed to be a princess.. now do I look like a princess?
ok.. so tomorrow is easter! " thank you Jesus... thank you soo much" I get so wrapped up in the shananigans of the world and forget what we're celebrating here. I get so caught up in the cute bunnies and chicks and easter eggs and candy and as much cuteness as I can surround myself in, and I forget there is a real reason that we celebrate and that is, that on the third day after being crucified, and dying for our sins, Christ arose!!!
So anyways, I will be going to church with my daughter tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I hardly ever go anymore.. just dont.. no excuses here. but I do love God and Jesus!
I will be cooking also.. actually I have some baking to do today.. gotta make the goodieS!! cherry pie, pecan pie and coffee cake for the morning.
Were having ham, mashed taters, sweet taters, asparagus, brocoli salad, rosa marina salad, develed eggs, pickles, rolls, and pies. I couldnt decide which potatos I'd rather have.. so I thought why not a little of both!
Well, I may post again later.. who knows. I'm working on a few things today.. but actually I probably wont post til tomorrow now that I think about it!


T=ME said...

Beautiful in your CROWN and glory! Have a blessed Easter! Hugs, Terri

Sandy said...

Your crown is fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful Easter with the kids!


barbara burkard said...

oh you ARE a princess!!!! lovely lovely!

HOPPY EASTER and many blessings to you!!!

bunny hugz

Brenda said...

Yes, Viv, you Are a princess! How fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. my old link no longer works, since the name change, so here's the new one!
Hoppy Easter!

Lori said...

beautiful post Viv:) and you look just adorable in your Easter crown!!! have a Blessed Easter!!!

M&Co said...

hihi you and the crown are equally sweet!! ;-) I hope you've had a wonderful easter!! Please do not post any more pictures of those delicious looking pies!! ;-) (makes me sooo hungry, and I'm stuck inside with a snowstorm outside,nothing in the cupboards and no shops open....)