Friday, March 7, 2008

OKEEDOKIE dolly friends! Here are the pictures that i have so far! so lets just see if I have them all straight! If I screw anything up let me know.. OK?

These three dolls were made by me for kecia, Lori V and Mica! I hope they loved them!! As much as I love the dolls I recieved from them! This little crafty lady bear doll was made by Lori V!! she is a wonderful doll.. check out how her dress opens and the sweet things she keeps inside!! I was dying when I got her! thank you Lori!!!!

And this precious one was from Kecia!!! OMG.. I died over this one too. I have to say that my partners knew exactly what I love! thank you Kecia!

this beautiful needle felted doll was made by the also beautiful Angie. check her blog for a touching story behind the making of this doll which went to Cindy R.


This precious polkadot bunny rabbit was made by the talented Cindy Owens! (no blog) What a great doll!! I really love this bunny Cindy!! Cindys bunny went to Jenny hernandez another very talented lady!

These next few pictures are of the sweet doll that Kecia made for Sammy! check her blog to read the details behind creating this little sweet heart.

Now meet Violete Carmela! this green eyed beauty was made by the fantastic FRAn! And her lovely dolly went to lucky Barbara B!

And Lucky and talented Barbara B (who I just adore, I might add!) made this bright and sunny busy bee for Fran!Photobucket

This wonderful bunny hopped all the way from England! Made by the very talented Marie! (Marie is a master chef by the way! check her blog for a daily drool!!) This sweet bunny went to Donna R! And just in time for easter!

This bright and cheerful sprite was made by another very talented doll artist! Kate ERbach! this wonderful creation went to another talented girl.. Carla!

This sweet fairy was made by donna R and was sent to England to Marie!Check Donnas blog to see some of her other great creations! she does beautiful work!

Now, I have to say I love love love alll the dolls that I have seen.. but this one is one of the sweetest! she is such a happy doll! bright and cheerful and springy!!! This one is made by Jillian and was sent to Annie Oakleaves!!
(on dear Jillian.. the picture was too big and when I posted it, you got cut out!! sorry!)
And this little sweet heart was made by a sweet heart.. annie oakleaves! and went to Jillian! Great Job annie!! she is adorable!

This precious girl is another great piece of doll art! This doll was made by Cindy R and went to another lucky and talented artist.. Angie!

OK.. girls, if youve sent me a picture and dont see it here, please send it again!!!! and if you havent yet.. please do ! We all want to see them. I'll keep posting them so keep sending them! There are 16 dolls shown, which means there are still 11 more to show!! I know some were not done yet and thats fine. Just send pics when you can!
I just want to thank you all for being in this swap! Its a lot of work.. but sooo worth it. I have loved seeing the dolls and sometimes I would look at the list of names, check out your blogs or what ever site I had for you and try to imagine what type of doll you would create! I love how swaps inspire us to create something! I know quite a few of you told me you hadnt made dolls in years.. so.. it was definitely time for you to play with dolls again!! We must never outgrow our love for dollys dears!!we're all still little girls at heart!! I suppose I shouldnt speak for all of us when I say that.. but it is sooo true about me.. I am a little princess!! Ha!! Stay tuned for the next swap. MINIATURES!! no details yet.. but promises to be great fun!
I also want to thank Jillian for sending me the sweetest gifts! thank you sooo much! I used one of the ribbons on my easter tree! this is a picture of the goodies she sent me! I love the painted dress Jillian!! thank you!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oops.. I have a feeling that some of these pictures are huge.. I used my photobucket instead of flickr ( I had a good reason,, which seems like a really stupid reason now.. OH Well.. )

anyways.. heres my easter tree.. I may have showed you before, but I keep changing and adding to it.. Its still not right.. Im not sure what I want to do to it!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
well I'm off now..I need to go work on my little lamb for the easter parade.. please send me pictures! toodles for now!


jillian said...

All I have to say is, thank goodness I was cut out! I didn't want to do one with me in it anyhoo, I was just trying to follow the rules!!! hee! hee! Love seeing all the great, unique work. I definitely want to be in the next one (miniatures) thanks Viv!!

Anonymous said...

OH my those dolls are the prettiest ever! I think my fav was the bunny but they are all so cute its soo hard to pick just one! great swap viv!! I luv your easter tree! its soo cute! those chics you made are darling did you use polyer clay or what? Well have a great weekend!

Angie said...

Aaak! I thought we had to send a picture of ourselves with our dolls! You guys! And I hate to have my picture taken! Oh well. Thanks for a great swap, Viv. And I loved your little tirade about dolls. I think they are important for us to connect to and create. I know they are for me. Thanks again. Everyone's dolls are wonderful. So fun to see them.
Love, Angie

kecia said...

that was fun to see all the dollies! can't wait for the next swap.

Mary Isabella said...

WOW all of it was wonderful. Have a great rest of the weekend....Mary

Donna said...

Thanks for doing just a great of showing all the dolls. What a wonderful, different collection. You can see the love in each one.

Susan said...

All the dolls are just beautiful. Such talented ladies. Love the tree!

JenW!~ said...

Oh WOW They are all so great. I wish I had found your blog sooner. I love making dolls.

Nancy said...

Saw some of your pics on flickr. Beautiful dolls! I like your Easter train.

Lori said...

Viv, firstly i need to tell you that your little chicks are just adorable!!! i love the one sweetly perched atop your easter tree...then, what wonderful dolls:) it's nice to see so many different and lovely interpretations, what great talent all of you girls have!!!

Holly (Nickname) said...

oh Viv~
all of these dolls are beautiful and I adore the Easter tree...xxxooo Ruth

Julie said...

OM Gosh - I am speechless.. those dolls are just amazing..each and every one of them!

Sabii Wabii said...

This doll swap was amazing!! Do it again so I can participate!!!
Now it's going to take me forever to see all your links and these amazing artist.........and I have work to do!!! Well I guess a few won't hurt right now.
Thank you for all the pictures.

barbara burkard said...



sammy said...

I am so empressed with all of the dolls that were swapped in this swap! Each one is just so well done and so creative! Thanks for showing them all to us! I am so happy that I was Kecia's partner!

catieann said...

HI Viv
what a great bunch of dollmakers!!
how sweet of you to host this swap.
It was so much fun for all of us I am sure!!

Marie said...

Loved seeing all the dolls Viv!! What a talented group of ladies we are! I also love, love, LOVE your Easter tree! Thanks so much for organizing this doll swap. I had a ball designing and making my doll and making a new friend in the process! (((hugs)))