Saturday, June 7, 2008

baby its HOT inside and out!

We are having a bit of a heat wave here.. very muggy and hot. I have 5 fans going in the house, one in the kitchen, two in the living room, one in our room and one in Jens. Look at Marmalade in jens room. hes been in front of that fan all day!! I'm not a big fan of air conditioning.. but I could go for it tonight!

I just watched the movie "August Rush". Loved it. Most of you would love it also, if you havent already seen it, you should. Its about a a boy and his parents being separated and finding each other through the magic of music.. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes at the end!

I'm staying up late.. Tonys still in the hospital, still in ICU. supposed to come home on monday. He seems to be doing ok. he really is difficult to visit, because he really doesnt want us there for long. Hes still in alot of pain and he is grumpy. all to be expected I guess. plus I'm sure he is going through nicotine withdrawal! my poor honey. So anyways, I go up twice a day for about an hour at a time.. and then leave. I'm still not liking most of those nurses up there. there have been three that we really like. one of them that he had the last two nights, was very cheerful and friendly and I couldnt believe it when I heard two of tonights nurses talking bad about about her. I so wanted to go out and tell them they needed to take lessons from her, but I have to leave my husband in their care, so "I is keepn my mouth shutted!" I just think its sad to be that miserable. oh well.. I dont know which nurse he had tonight.. but it didnt look promising. I think he got one of the unfriendly ones!went to a few yard sales today. I picked up a few little things, some vintage linens, a couple painted halloween bowls, and a sweet little tin plate with flowers and birds on it. Isnt it sweet? Got it for a quarter! That was it. I spent a total of 7 dollars at the yard sales. I also went out to lunch with my girls and a friend and did a little shopping at fashion bug. I got a cute night gown and a couple outfits. Well.. I needed something to wear tomorrow to WICKED!! I was going to buy a new bathing suit.. Was being the important word here.. GOOD GRIEF! trying on bathing suits is soo painful.. didnt buy one.. none looked any better on me then the one I have!! eh, no one will know me in ocean city anyways.. it wont matter that they thnk I look like a dancing hippo on the beach!! I wish my bathing suit was pink though and had a little tutu type skirt!
I'm just thinking about some swaps and gifts I have to get done. I'm hoping maybe Monday I can be crafty. I took the day off because thats when my hubby is supposed to come home. then next week, I'll post about the next swap. PinKeeps! I have seen some really cute ones.. and I have a couple ideas for some myself! so get ready those of you interested. Im thinking to have it done for end of july... any thoughts or ideas?? Okeedokie.. Ive got to go look at the new country living magazine.. (I bought another magazine today.. I have such an addiction!) and I need to go to bed!!
nightie night!


Persuaded said...

heya honey!!! guess who;) i've gotta run- church is in a few minutes and i still have to iron everyone's clothes! yipes!

anyway, i was so thrilled that you visited my blog... we can be *bloggy* friends* ((hugs))

jillian said...

I hope he got the nice nurse!!! OMG, I saw the bear! I'm sooooo excited. I must admit, I'm not that far along yet with my princess project, but I promise, it will be done soon!!!

Holly (Nickname) said...

Good morning Sweet Viv!
First of all, I hope hubby is feeling better...poor baby! Oh, and Nurse Kratchett??!! I don't understand how they can be so mean sometimes. I know they are human too, but he is in ICU!!! A little compassion goes a long way. I hope they get that.How would they feel if they were being treated that way...Anyway, no one is going to be mean to our Viv! Tell them if they don't shape up, the babes in blogland are coming! Hee hee!
Also, I love the plate you got for a sweet! And your bears are precious! Oh, and the bathing suit thing...i don't know any woman who likes to go bathing suit shopping. It's torture! I swear they use fun house mirrors in those dressing rooms that are two way mirrors, and everyone behind them is just hysterical laughing at us... :)
I will say a prayer for your hubby, Viv...
Be well dear friend!
xxxooo Ruth

Dolly said...

Prayers for hubby!
I hope he is back to himself real soon!

Don't get me started on bathing suit shopping!
I haven't found one that fits this years body yet!

Have a fun week,
Hugz, Dolly

Julie said...

Oh - I liked that movie too. Kind of fairy-tale-ish..but still a good feel good movie!

Yeah - it is hot down here too. My plants are wilting and when I was watering one day a tiny spray of water was going over the fence into one of the horse paddocks...looked over and one of our mares was standing right under it, looking like she was going to fall asleep!

Hope your husband is feeling better.

Mary Isabella said...

I hate when you are in the hospitial and you get one of the not so nice nurses. I hope all goes well and he will be home soon...Mary

Lori said...

well, i am very sad to hear that you are having so much trouble with your nurses:(
hope your hubby is feeling better soon and is able to come home...
i feel sorry for your poor melting kitty!!!
if you happen to stumble on a bathing suit with a skirt that goes to your knees let me know ASAP!!! i NEED one of those:)

ps: i am having another giveaway...stop over!!!

Susan said...

Wishing you husband a speedy recovery and a nice nurse.
Stay cool.

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Vivian - don't worry about the swim suit thing. I went on a cruise and worried about how I looked in my suit - up to the moment I stepped out on the deck - There were tons of people bigger, older, sagger, bulgier, scrawnier and bustier.... once you get in a crowd and look around you will feel much better about it. But I agree - a pretty pink swimsuit with a cute flouncy tutu - would be fun!


Sweet B

mary said...

Yes, it was hot, hopefully one day we can get central A/C...hubby thinks its useless since summer is shorter than fall/winter.
Hope hubby recovers quickly.
Kitty looks cool by the fan, what a life.
And great yard sale find.

Natasha Burns said...

Keep cool Vivian!
I hope he got the good nurse... poor thing!
How was Wicked? I heard it is awesome, it's coming next month to Melbourne, I can't wait to see it.

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barbara burkard said...

August Rush...YES YES YES...
P.S. I love you...
Across the Universe...
Baby Mama....



TiffanyJane said...

Awwwwwww, Looks like Marmalade has the best seat in the house!!!
Looks so cozy and inviting!!