Wednesday, June 18, 2008

vacations and pinkeep swap

I'm back! I had a lovely time with my mother and my aunts. My aunts cottage is awesome and the property is even more awesome. I should have taken more pictures. I didnt get any of the front of the cottage.... duh to me! anyways.. she has a beautiful place. Her cottage is right on the lake which you can see is lovely!

These pictures are of my aunts and mom....

In a few days I leave for OCean City Maryland! yippee! I'm going with 5 girlfriends... We are going to have so much fun.. leaving at 4:30 sat morning and planning on being on the beach that afternoon! Ok.. to all my praying friends.. pray for wonderful perfect weather alllll week long! K? thanks! I have so much to do ... but i think I have it under control. I am taking craft supplies.. I took some with me over the weekend too, but only sewed a set of two miniature bear legs together!

I mailed out a few swap things today.. my fairy princess bear.. seen a few entries back, went to sweet Jillian, and my toadstool for the toadstool swap went out to Julie.. i do have to admit that my toad stool was really sweet.. did I show it to you yet? I also mailed out three jars of jam to my aunt! but you know what I didnt mail? I've been carrying it for 2 weeks... my fathers day card. I went to the stinking post office finally and forgot to mail it!!!!

oK.. so now.. I'm annoucing my new swap.. Its a PINKEEP swap. Imagine all the possibly pin cushion type things you might be able to make. I have a couple ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for weeks and weeks! I hope there are a few people interested! I figured a pinkeep is something most of us could whip up in an afternoon. I will make a badge later.. and will post it here for you to take. please spread the word. I'll take sign ups here through July 1st and will announce partners by the 3rd or 4th and we'll have a mail out date of august 1st. how does that sound? You can sign up here or at my email..

Once again I'm looking forward to seeing all the creativety that comes from blogland friends!

so.. I'm off to check out blogland.. and then will be gone for the week.. basking in the sunshine... that I know youre praying for!!

hugs to you all!!!


Lori said...

...and i crown thee the swap queen!!! how do you DO it all Viv??? you are amazing to me:) your toadstool is just SWEET!!! have fun on your little break...see you when you get back!!!

kecia said...

hey, viv - have a great vakay! i believe it is suppose to be nice weather all week, so you might get lucky. 5 girl friends at the beach, sounds like a lot of fun! yes, we discussed doing a one on one swap, but never did the particulars - i think we put it in the bank for the future! talk to you when you get back,

Sweet B Folk Art said...

sign me up for the pin keep Vivian! Have a wonderful time with your gal pals!!


Fran said...

OH! MY! wish I had been sitting outside by the water with y'all.
Looks peaceful and nice. Love your Toad Stool and little bear. WOW! Wonderful colors.

You have a wonderful fun time with your girlfriends. I'm off to polymer clay class in a few hours.
I've been so busy dying lace,silk ribbons, seam binding and Tibetan mohair skins. Making lots of other things. I have a sales table at EDAC; Check out the site and see what it's all about. I'm the Room Mom and have been for 6 years now. I love this conference. Maybe some day you and others will go to EDAC. You would love it.
Love Swaps.

kathy said...

Oh the cottage and the view - too lovely - but how lovely to spend time with sweet relatives -- Thanks for the invite -- my sewing skills not good -- but boy can I hot glue something -- So count me in -- I do have some cute pincushions - haha and a sewing machine - go figure - and antique sewing items - and thread - well - just another demented collector --ha ha - Glad to be back in the blog world -- Still trying to catch up ---- Kathy - GA

catieann said...

I love your toadstool and bear how very adorable!!

Susan said...

Have a wonderful week!
Would love to sign up for your swap.

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Vivian,
Need more time for bloggee visits again!! I would like to sign up for your swap. Never made one before, but won't let that stop me..Sounds like fun, and you have a wonderful vacation, we feel like we have a resort here at the homestead...w/our pool and all, what a blessing.

TiffanyJane said...

Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your aunt's yard and view, just LOVELY!!! I wouldn't want to leave!!!!
Love your latest creations, simply Adorable!!!

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Viv!
Looks like you had a grande old time with your Aunt, and now you are off again to Ocean City...and with the girls!
You are going to have SO much fun!
Enjoy your vacation, dear Viv!

Sandy said...

Hey girl, It looked so peaceful at the cottage! I just made a pin cushion out of an old baby shoe-so if that's ok to swap then I'm in!

Any time you want to play with my dollies- just come on over!


Nancy said...

I haven't been to OC in years. My mom grew up very close-in Salisbury. Have a great time at the beach - to me any beach means a great time.

Farmchick said...

Love the sweet!

Drop by my blog soon..I am hosting a giveaway!!!

Julie said...

What a blessing to live by a lake! Sounds like so much fun. I hope you have a great time in Ocean City too.

Anonymous said...


It's Curly_Purls from LJ. Just had to stop by and want to let you know that I'm going to add your link to my second journal, which is all about creating. I'm into making jewelry, now, and go by the name "GracedLace" on that.

Here's my new addy:

Viebee said...

Hi Viv,

It's Vivian aka Viebee from lj (well, I rarely post there anymore). I came by and saw that you mostly hang out here. Just wanted to say hi and wish you well.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

PINKEEP please add me to the PINKEEP swap
have a blast!!!! you lucky girls of 5!!!!
Thanks and sorry i'm behind!