Saturday, June 28, 2008

girls week 2008 and year anniversary giveaway!

OH mY goodness.. I had the best time ever! 6 of us set out last saturday morning for ocean city MD. we wented a 2008 minivan of some sort, packed up and drove for over 10 hours. it actually took us about 12 hours total to get there, that was after a dinner break and getting stuck in a traffic jam for an hour! but the trip was worth it. we had the best time laughing, playing in the ocean, eating and drinking. we made friends with a few very good looking young men who worked on the beach taking pictures and we grabbed them up with in the first hour on the beach and made friends with them. they came several times a day to talk to us on the beach and we made sure we had cold drinks for them.. They were our eye candy! (they were our own kids ages!). We had soooo much fun.. I cant even begin to sort it all out to tell you about it.. but the highlight of our trip was parasailing! I dont know how they talked me into it. but I'm glad they did. I had no intention of flying 800 feet above the ocean in a parachute.... I did carry on quite abit about it.. I asked the captain of the boat, who was also quite a good looking YOUNG man..(good grief, how come all the really good looking ones are all so darned young!!) anyways, I kept asking him dumb questions.. have you ever dropped anyone in the water? are there sharks out there? are you sure this is safe? how long have you been doing this? have you gone up there your self? are you sure I'm not too heavy for this thing? you wont run out of gas will you? blah blah blah.. I laughed hysterically.. and kept saying I'm must be out of my mind.. My girlfriends laughed even more hysterically at me!!!
so, here we are, me and sweet Judy... this is lift off! off the back of the boat and into the sky...... i was hanging on for dear life!! ha ha ha!! judy was much more relaxed about it then I was!

and up we went... up up and away.......
higher and higher.. til we are but a spec in the sky! 800 feet above the ocean! we could see for miles around.. it was amazing.. we could see the bay and the inlet and azetec island, and of course we were surrounded by miles of ocean! we saw stingrays swimming.. in fact it was at the point that they started bringing us down for a dip in the ocean.. I got a little freaked at that point because those sting rays were right below us! luckily they werent there when we got dipped! we also saw a school of dolphins jumping and playing in the water!!!! how freaken cool!

then in for the landing! we had to land on our feet. I was a little concerned about that.. but I did it!! Now I can brag a bit and say that I have parasailed YEEHAW!! it really was awesome. the boat ride was less enjoyable though.. it was all smooth sailing up in the air.. but the boat was quite rough.. I was airborn several times.. and I have quite a few bruises on my arms and my knee from being thrown around so much! But all 6 of us did it! It was the icing on the cake of a wonderful vacation!!

I tried hard to not get sunburned.. I used 50 spf.. several times aday and I rented a giant umbrella which I spent a good deal of time under. but inspite of it , I did still get a little burn. and the bottom of my legs and my feet got sunpoisoning. they are a quite swollen still.. they dont really hurt though... just look bad and itch.

we had the best time... sitting around talking about our crazy lives.. we all have kids the same ages and our kids are all friends.. in fact that is how our families all met and became such good friends. One of the girls was just diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and will be having a masectomy on the 11th. This vacation was soo good for her. We were an interesting group.. social worker, parole officer, midwife, farmer, executive secretary, and photographer! we had the best time ever and our hopeing to do it again next year!!
And now that im back home.. I have work work work to do! gifts to make, swaps to work on, house to clean, shopping to do... and today.. a wedding to go to!
I'll post about the pinkeep swap later.. still lots of room for more participants! I think there are only 10 of us right now.
OH my! I just realized I missed my blogversary! it was june 16th! so.. in honor of the day, I will do a give away! stay tuned! I think it will be something patriotic or summery.. I dont know what yet.. but keep watch here and I'll post something in a couple days!


Scrappy Jessi said...

how fun!!
you look so so happy!!!
you go girl, on the parasailing thing.

Viebee said...

Boy do you look like you were having the time of your life. I'm jealous, LOL!

T=ME said...

You were just down the road from me,De. Looks like you all had a great time. Mrs parasailing queen, you go girl! Hope your friend recovers soon and ready to go again next year. Great pics! Hugs, Terri

kathy said...

WOW . girl are you brave -- I am so impressed-- parasailing -- amazing -- glad you guys had a great time . kathy - GA

Dolly said...

Wow Viv what fun!!!!
Girlfriends do have a way of talking us into doing crazy things don't they!

I wish I was there!

Hugz, Dolly

barbara burkard said...

oh oh are much braver than I...I bow down to thee!!! but it does look like fun!!!


Fran said...

What fun you girls had. I don't like heights so I know I wouldn't have had the guts to go parasailing.

catieann said...

what a great party for all of you!!
Ohhhh I would love to parasail but am so fearful of heights!!!
GOod for you Viv!
loved reading all about it

Sandy said...

Oh Viv you guys are so lucky! I'm so happy for you that you guys had such a great time and some eye candy too..LOL!

Natalea said...

Vivian! what a blast!! How wonderful that you girls do that...looks like a great time! xo natalea

jillian said...

What a fun trip!! You are one brave girl, that's for sure! Glad you had such a good time. Your little princess is on the way. Hope you like her.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Omg what fun you had! can I come next time hehe.. Isnt it so fun to just get away with your girls and not have a care in the world! glad ya had the best time! Have a safe and fun 4th of july! hugs


Diane said...

Ok I think the best part was your delicious eye candy yummy sweet!!! I think I would also have made sure I had mucho cold drinks!!!! I am so jealous you girls look like you are having a ball. I love the ending picture of all your pretty feet (: Please do wish your friend the best, will stop back to check on your give-away
Hugs & Kisses Diane

Julie said...

I am so jealous! Parasailing is the one thing we missed doing on our vacation because we had to wait at the hotel for the tow truck driver to come and pick up our bikes. What a wonderful time you had!!!

I can't wait to see what your give away will be because I KNOW I will want it!

Just FYI - I had a really hard time reading this last blog entry because the color of the text was too light for my bad eyes.

*Linda Pinda* said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! It was so nice to hear from you.

I am thrilled for you and all your friends!!! What an incredible time you had :)

I recently got together with some of my New England Prim friends and it was so good for the soul...

I will be keeping your friend with breast cancer in my prayers.

I can't wait to see your next wonderful post!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs... *Linda*

twinkleshabbystar said...

OH Vivian!
Your trip looked FAB!!! Oh I love the photo of you gals and your little piggy toes. FUN! You go girl for parasailing!!! You are more daring than I am. ;)Look forward to seeing your goodie giveaway! Happy Bloganniversary!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

looks like you had a wonderful time! Have a great weekend.

kecia said...

i just had a second to do some blog reading and have been catching up on yours! your girls vacay sure looked like a great time. i bet you guys just laughed and laughed. i enjoyed the hottie lifeguard pic - go girls! isn't parasailing great? i really enjoyed that when i did it.

Holly (Nickname) said...

oh my goodness.... You had so much fun, Viv! I could feel the fun you were having! The parasailing must have been daring of you.
I hope your girlfriends surgery went well..poor thing. She is so fortunate to have friends like you for support.I will say a prayer for her.
Enjoy your day, dear Viv!
xxxooo Ruth