Thursday, June 5, 2008

fairy bear and hospitals

Good morning blogger friends.. What do you do when you hubby goes in for surgery? You cut out a tiny bear grab up a bunch of tiny supplies, needle, thread adn scizzors and your set for the day... well, and a quick visit down the magazine isle at the grocery store.. (6 magazines and 1 muffin.. 36.00!) not sure Im going to keep the wings on this bear.. what do you think? Her crown is a practice crown cause I have to make a princess bear for one of my sweet little blogger friends.. Jillian.

I really have quite a few projects that I need to get busy on .. swaps.. and gifts... I should be able to get a few things done this weekend... I hope.

Tony had his colostomy reversed. He was in a lot of pain when I left the hospital last night. but he'll be ok. The doctor said he could probably come home sunday or monday.. I told him I was going to see Wicked on sunday... so he said "ok.. monday then". POor Tony,, If he is really able to go home on sunday, we'll get him home. I have to tell ya, some of his nurses were not very friendly.. and one ticked me right off.. There were signs up all over about visiting hours in the ICU 11-4 and 7-9. Well obviously I had been there since 7:30 am.. at 4:00 I thought I was going to have to leave and was ready too, but no one said anything to me, so I stayed. I really thought it would be much easier to stay then come and go.. Tony was sleeping the whole time, so it wasnt like I was interupting his rest. Anyways, at 6:00 the nurses change guard.. oops I mean shifts! they of course have to do reports, and the new and the old nurses were all sitting together when I walked by them at 6:15 to go use my phone. We even talked a bit about my outfit, as one of the new nurses had the same shirt! anyways, I came back about half an hour later, and the day nurses had gone, and just the new guards .. oops there i go again.I mean nurses were there. ONe of them looks at me and says, "technically your too early for visiting hours" I said "what?" cause I really didnt think I heard her correctly.. she repeated herself in a snotty tone.. and I said, "Ive been here since 7:30 this morning , no one has said anything to me about visiting hours" she said well theres signs up all over.. I said yeah, I saw them. and walked into my husbands room. IF I had continued in the conversation, I would have gotten rude.. and there really was no reason to, except that I was tired and she was a bitch. SOOO... then, I hear her adn another nurse out in the hall whispering about people not following the rules and rules not being enforced... and bla bla bla....! Then she comes in his room and asks if I would like to step out while she does her assessment.. I said, "do I have to? Ive been in here all day long while nurses have done their assessments." She just gave me a dirty look. I then asked my sleeping husband if he wanted me to leave while the nurse looked him over, he opened his eyes and and closed them. I told the nurse, he doesnt care. And I didnt budge. I just kept on sewing my little bear and never looked up at her... Thennnnn.... at about 7:45, she comes back in with fresh bedding and nightie and bath stuff so before she could speak, I said, Oh look tony, its bath time! the nurse told me then that she was going to have to ask me to leave the room. so I told her in a cheerful, happy little voice, "Oh, I was planning on leaving now anyways, I just need a few minutes alone with my husband to say goodbye." she wasnt happy with me.. but I didn't care. I know you all think I'm such a sweet andwonderful person.. but push the wrong buttons and I can cop an attitude for sure! The funny thing about this whole thing is that she is the same nurse that we liked so much in DEcember when he was there. Shes the one that snuck (gosh is that a word?) him some coffee.. with some other mean nurse then took away from him! we call her the coffee gestapo! (is that how you spell that?) Oh well.. I could hear her talking about being on a diet and having no self control.. . I was thinking about making her some cookies! hehe.. oh..sorry, I'm being evil... I wouldnt really do that... she was just doing her job..

I'm tired! I never sleep well when hes not home.. I dont sleep well when he is home ,but worse when hes not home! I went for a sleep study not too long ago.. I do have sleep apnea.. someone was supposed to call be about a cpak.. but I havent recieved the call yet... I should probably follow up on it myself.. I suppose... though I really dont want to have to use the stupid thing.. I do so wonder what it would be like to sleep well one night!!!
I posted this last picture here for Melissa to see how the chenile bears turn out..

OK.. I have got to do some blog hopping myself! I feel like I havent been out to visit anyone! then I have to go to work. BLAAAAH!!! have a lovely!!!!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there cutie!!
hoping tony is feeling better.,
i love your new bear so so cute.
love the crown and wand.
so fab

Lori said...

i could leave a long winded commentary here about the importance of adhering to visiting hours, but i will spare you...aren't you glad:)

i hope Tony is recovering nicely after his surgery

i love you bear as IS, i wouldn't change a thing!!!

Fran said...

OH MY! Hope Tony is feeling better today. Hospitals are not fun. Sending good thoughts for Tony's recovery. Love your new bear.
Big Hugs for you.

T=ME said...

Hey were alot nicer than I would of been and I worked in a hospital for fourteen years. Hope Hubby continues on the road to recovery.
I think I would make that evil person a wicked little bear that holds a sign saying, I'll get you my pretty! Stay sweet! Hugs, Terri

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Oh Vivian, it's no wonder you are not getting good sleep. I have been in the hospital with my Grandfather too, I was also informed about the "visiting" hours - so I simply got a hold of the doctor and got permission to stay/care for my Grandfather around the clock. This is YOUR husband - you should be able to be there anytime you want, I can understand friends not being able to disturb him - but you should be avaliable to him any time! You should make cookies for that nurse- real buttery sugar cookies with LOADS of frosting! - maybe some regular soda to wash it down with!!

-sweet b

Shelley said...

Hi Viv, I pray your husband is doing well..your little bear is so sweet..I always love seeing the cuties you create. Good luck with your cpap. I have sleep apnea,as well,and the machine can really make a difference in your life. It's amazing what a good nights sleep will do for ya..however I haven't been using mine lately. It's getting worn out and acts funny sometime,which is most likely the reason I have been feeling so pooped lately.It will take some time for you to get used to using it,did me for sure.
Have a great weekend..


barbara burkard said...

I remember way back when when i had my second daughter and my hubby was in the army and away when she was mom was in the delivery room with me and later when i was in my regular room...and mom was in there they said that if i had the baby in the would have to i just told the nurse that she was the

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Sending you and your hubby ((((hugs))). Hope he's feeling better and that you are taking care of yourself too! Go get a massage, or a sundae, or both!!!!

Carla said...

You certainly have more patience than I. I would have been just as snotty, if not more, to those nurses. OR, I would have told them I felt sorry for them because they were having such a rotten day and I hoped it got better.
Love the bears as usual. They are all so sweet.