Sunday, October 19, 2008

empty nest.. snowglobe, more dolls and other goodies

Good sunday morning to you all! Its been an interesting week! I'm about to be an empty nester! feels a little wierd I have to admit. Jennifer officially moved out friday into her own apartment. the same apartment that Bethany just moved out of! And now, my youngest informed me yesterday that he and his girlfriend have rented an apartment and he will be moving out next weekend! hmmmm... well, hmmm.. ok then. I should then have 3 empty rooms.. something tells me though that Roberts not going to be able to take all of his stuff.. I think i'll keep his room set up for Tony Jr to sleep in when he comes home. I'm sure Robert wont be taking everything with him anyways. hes moving into a small apartment. sooo.. this will be interesting.. Its been a lot of years with kids in the house, it'll be different with out at least one in!

Well., at least I'll still have violet! Who you can see, has taken up skate boarding! picking up right where my boys used to be! I think she'll keep me busy! she is also a little prankster... hiding plastic spiders in the candy corn! I'm glad I caught here, because they might have scared me!

Do you like her new outfit?? my sweet friend Sandy sent me a sweet little package with the adorable outfit and also the sweetest little halloween goodies! Thank you soo much Sandy ♥ xoxo

Speaking of recieving packages.. I have recieved a few wonderful things in the mail again! I'm actually having trouble keeping up with posting pictures and saying thank you!! I'm so afraid I will offend someone by leaving them out... lets see.. I recieved my sweet and sinister package from Geri.. thank you Geri! Geri sent me the sweetest things! heres a peek at a couple of the things she sent! thank you Geri! I especially love the vintage mobile!

I also recieved this package from vivlyn also from the sweet and sinister swap. I just love the halloween swag she made and this picture doesnt do it justice! thank you so much Vivian! (heehee.. another vivian! )

I did another swap with Grace Garton , emily G and tiffany m. Grace was the hostess of the swap and it was a three for three small animal swap. I made the three little black kittens, you might remember from a while back.. still excietedly waiting for tiffanys creation to arrive! Thanks Grace and Emily.. i love my new friends!

And lastly, I made this snow globe this week. I've had more fun with needle felting. but now, I really need to work on my bear order that I've put off for the past few weeks!

have a great day!

oops... a little edit here..Emily has posted pictures of two more of the dolls from the halloween ball doll swap these are Tanya and Emilys dolls and they were partners! the first sweet little pumpkin is what emily made for tonya and the second precious kitty is what Tanya made for Emily. great job girls! I'm so glad you both joined the swap!

I'll be posting the second annual snowman ornament swap in a couple weeks.. so stay tuned!

and.. one more thing.. I went to see the SECRET LIFES OF BEES lastnight. You should go.. it was a really good movie and I think the movie stuck very close to the way the book was, if youve read the book. My girls both loved it too! dakota fanning is so talented.. and queen latifa and jennifer hudson were great.. as were the rest! take a break.. go to the movies!



Viv (VivLyn) said...

Vivian, so glad my package arrived in one piece. I'm happy the garland fit your window! I have started needle felting and you'll have to stop by my blog to see my pin cushion. Not exactly what it's supposed to look like. Not sure I poked it enough! HA!!

bojojoti said...

Wow, your empty nest happened all of a sudden! Yes, we are still the warehouse for all of our kids' stuff, too.

Love the snowglobe. So cute!

Scrappy Jessi said...

eeekkk so many fab things today!! i love love lvoe that little winter wonderland!!
i think i have that, if it's a picture frame.
just darling!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Glad you like the Blythe costume and goodies! I just love you snow globe!

Sand xo



Loved your party and all photos!

~ Gabriela ~

catieann said...

oh viv
i know what it is like to have the kids all move out. They will flit back and forth a few times or at least one will for a while.
I is so difficult when they are permanently out on their own.
I love all of the fun and creative halloween swaps. Such fun and diversity

Sandra Evertson said...

I LOVE the Winter Wonderland!

AwtemNymf said...

Viv- your winter wonderland is adorable! You've got talent on needle punching!
Luv it Luv it Luv it!!!
*sprinkle sprinkle*

bethany said...

have no fear momma ... i'll never move very far away from you :-D besides you know i like to come home ... a lot! lol <3 (who else will buy me stuff, go to the beach with me, and pay for my prescriptions!)

bethany said...

i'm going to get my coat - i'm going to get my coat ... i'm going to get my coat! it's almost my birthday it's almost my birthday - i love you what are you cooking me for dinner? lol ha ha ha silly momma!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hi Vivian - wonderful snowglobe! your felting is really progressing - so much talent lady!

Looks as if you can use the extra room to store all of your swap goodies!!

- Sweet B

Wheatley Family said...

Such cute pics! I especially love the one of the pug. You do such a great job!!!