Thursday, October 9, 2008

hello its me!

Hello its me.. ! so what do you think ? should I dye my hair this color? my husband doesnt think so..... nah.. me either, not this bright anyways! If I was a teenager though, I seriously would dye my hair a light pink! I saw a beautiful pink wig, just the right soft pink color but it was 90.00. a little too much for play time ya know?? my daughter picked this one up at walmart for 5.00. I do like it on me though. Haha!!

SO , this is how the monkey ended up. he is now finished. Not quite sure what i'm doing with him yet. I actually thought about starting my etsy and he could be the first thing on there. but I want to wait till I have a few things to post. I've been busy the past couple days, moving my daughter bethany yesterday and making this banner and this punkinhead wand! and this huge mess!!

I think I need to make another banner, and then I will most likely be done making halloweenies.. and then I have to make those 8 memory bears!!!

I'm still waiting for pictures of all the halloween ball dolls. Please send them if you havent.. I really would like to do a post this weekend with pictures of all 14 dolls. I think I only have pics of 7. also dieing to know whose recieved and who hasnt. Im still waiting for mine to come (from australia and tasmania!) I know that one of mine was recieved all the way in tasmania! I havent heard from my other partner. I hope she recieved it by now! I cant wait to see what I will get ! I keep coming home from work all ready to open packages... makes me think of that song.. "mr post man..look and see.... if theres a PACKAGE in your CAR for me!" haha...
I am actually expecting a bunch of packages from several different swaps Ive been in. cant wait for them all to come! I have recieved a few packages lately though.. I received a package from teresa about 2 weeks ago, a wonderful box of wool roving and felting needles and a couple patterns! Thank you so much teresa!! I recieved a little birthday package from Kai! an adorable tiny teaset that she painted which I put somewhere and I cant find it today!!! I'll look again later! I also recieved a little halloween package from Randi! Thank you soo much girls! I might have recieved something else but I cant remember right now!
OH .. I have to tell you about Jasper... he is doing better! he is eating and going out side and talking and following me around and purring.. and I think hes probably gained back some of his weight! Those vets dont know what theyre talking about. I do have to admit that I was worried that I was going to wake up on my birthday and he would be gone,, but it was the opposite! he was a perky little punkinhead!! I think hes got another 4 years in him!!! ( i know, i know.. i might be being a tiny bit unrealistic.. dont worry!)

i have to go get a little bowl of ice cream.. cookie dough with peanuts and choc sauce.. why oh why did god have to invent that stuff!! i'm addicted.... ok, so god didnt invent the stuff, but he certainly put someone up to it!!

thats all for tonight... I ate that whole bowl of ice cream! I thought I said "little bowl" I dont know what happen... but now I am way to full! time to hit the couch, just in time for the news and a happy little nappy with jasper before I go to bed!

nightie night all!


Lydia said...

I love the monkey. Is this a different one, did you say, from the other? I love both! :) Lydia

bojojoti said...
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bojojoti said...

It's exciting news that you are going to open a shop on etsy. And the monkey would be a cute first entry.

I'm so happy for you about Jasper.

October 10, 2008 5:04 AM

Scrappy Jessi said...

hee hee you look so cute with pink hair. darling.
i love all your halloween decorations too.
so fab.

kathy said...

Girl , you are getting so much done --too too cute -- I am bogged down in creating here - wanted to be organized before all the fall stuff - not gonna happen so I will love visiting and seeing your creations - Kathy - Ga

faerie enchantment said...

Viv, I love the monkey, too too cute and that pink hair is adorable, I had a pink wig one year for my fairy costume, I think I still have it! LOL!
P.S. Etsy is great!


Missy Ballance said...

What an adorable monkey! Cute wig too! And YUMMMMY looking sunday! I was going to sit on my computer for another hour... but now I think I need a Sunday too! LOL!

jenny holiday said...

oooh mannnn I need to send Aaron out for cookie dough ice cream now!! thanks alot...and I have a prom to go to next month! LOL.....Silver Bella vendor night /vintage prom! Man it is soo hard not to be a chubster.....Food rules!! hahahha! french cream...and all in between! lol

Thanks so so much for popping in on my new blog!! :)

The whole AOL eviction ended up have a major silver lining! I am sooo happy in my new home!! I spent 4 days emailing every single entry from my old blog to myself..and saving all the photos to my computer...adding directions/notes to myself...ohhh what a messsss!! In the took all of 7 mins to transfer!! No joke!! ;) I don't know if it is the same for anyone moving over. AOL made the deal with Blogger...they got all of AOL journals. Look into it!!! I LOVE it!!

Anyhoo...We are working on a new kit, inspired by our new home and neighborhood.....physical..and virtual!! :)

Have a great night!
xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

Love the wig on you! The monkey, your banner and the wand all turned out great! You do beautiful work! said...

I love your halloween stuff!! so cute!!

Kai said...

Ooooooh! Waaaay too much great eye candy for just one TRIP! I'm coming back later today & browse some more! That lil' monkey couldn't BE any cuter! And,Viv - your Halloweenies are WONDERFUL!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love your fun side- with wearring a pink wig and all:) Everyone deserves a big bowl of ice cream sometimes!I'm glad your cat is feeling better!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love the banner. I wish it were mind it is so awesome!!!And of course I want Icecream LOl. I hope you have a wonderful week Viv...m...

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I forgot I do love the pink wig on you. It looks so cute...m..

jillian said...

OMG! That monkey turned out too too cute!!! I have pictures of the dolls from the swap on my blog, so you're welcome to help yourself to any that you need for your next post!!

Jenn said...

Cute monkey!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I like your pink hair!! I agree, if I was a teenager now, I'd have pink hair. (Well, my mom might have a different thought on that ;)

Tootie said...

I love the pink hair! It's awesome!
Hey girl I'm signing you up for the Jingle Bell Jam Holiday Music swap!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Love your blog, Viv! I will link to yours and you are most welcome to do the same!

Anonymous said...

That pink wig is so YOU!

You're in the process of being a fellow Etsian?!!!!

I'm thrilled!!! You will do marvelously, Viv. Of all the blogspot blogs that I've peeked at, yours is by far the most commented on. And why not? You're so warm and colorful and such a dear!


deborah said...

oy viv!

what happens when we link sites? will it be like we're room mates again? *:)

show me how.

LOVE yr little felty things! i nd to learn how to do that ....