Sunday, October 5, 2008

a very chatty cathy.. err vivian

pictures of my front porch..

BURRR!! its cold out and in for that matter! that would be why i'm cold, cause its cold in.. cause, I'm not outside right now... duh! I bought a good size ceramic heater yesterday.. just turned it on.. what good is it if I forget to use it!! I do have to say, although its cold in and out... at least the sun is shinning brightly and it looks like it will be a nice day! which is good, because I'm on call and I have to go out and do 3 home visits, which I plan on doing early today.. to get them out of the way! Oh.. and I must have talked about hiring the amish to wash my windows enough that my husband got tired of it.. so he is going to wash them!! and it looks like a perfect day to wash windows!! (maybeeee.. just maybeee... i might help and wash the inside of a couple of them! I HATE washing windows!!)

Little tonys sleeping on the couch snoring away!! my goodness!! Oh.. and there go the church bells across the street.. . I really should go back to church.. I say it every sunday.. when those church bells ring!. Hubby just left for his sunday morning coffee, that he goes for every morning! Jenn and Rob and ashlee are not up yet. But, Jenn will be getting up soon because she does go to church! she is the music director at her church. Me.. I'm a heathen... I usually sit here working on a project or playing on the computer on sunday mornings... and the more I talk about it,,, the guiltier I feel.. so lets change the subject!
I made a little needle felted monkey.. hes / shes supposed to look like a sock monkey.. do you ever make something and just not like it when your finished?? well,, thats the story here.. I dont like the little monkey too much.. but I will continue to mess with it, until I do.
My kitchen table is covered with craft supplies again! I clean it up for a day and then mess it up for the rest of the week. I need a craft room/studio!! the good news is, I will have one VERY SOON!!! Jennifer is moving out in 2 weeks! Her first apartment! Actually she is moving into the apartment that Bethany had been living in.. Bethany is moving into a house which she is renting! So I will have an empty room!! yeehaw! I do have some plans cooking up.. the one thing I know I need to get right away is some good lighting. I'm going blind I swear.. I think I'll buy a floor lamp "ott" light and a table one with the magnifier on it.. ITs a small room, but I am excieted about it!
swappers swappers swappers.. how are we doing?? has everyone mailed their dolls out?? dont for get to email me your pictures.. I've gotten a few and what I'm seen so far is AWESOME!!! cant wait for all the pics so I can make the post with them all! All the swaps Im in are pretty much done. I have two private swaps to finish up and also Debra schochs swap to finish.. then I think I'm swapped out for a couple weeks!! Yes.. I will host the second annual snowman swap... Later! before i get involved with that, I have an order for 8 memory bears. I think I'll get them cut out today.
Speaking of bears.. here is my newest little bear. He is about 4 inches tall, made of mohair and then NEEDLE FELTED on his face!! Im telling you, I'm just so excieted about this needlefelting... even though the monkey didnt turn out too well!
well, I certainly am a chatty cathy to day arent I.. is anyone still reading this??? heehee!


bojojoti said...

I love the monkey! My son collects monkeys, so I'm attracted to them.

I want to go out to decorate my porch, but I'm puny right now. Maybe I'll get it done later.

I'm trying to wash all of our windows--inside, outside, and in between. I just have the stairway windows left to do. I'd like to do that today, decorate the porch, and clean the carpets...

Debb said...

I think your monkey is cute I really like to learn to do that but right now just don't have time.I quess I add that to my list I want to do.

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey Vivian- I'm jealous - it's 90degrees here!

Your porch looks darling! Really liking the wee felted beasties - almost makes me want to try felting myself! (but I think I will live vicariously through you)

-Sweet B

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I want to come trick or treating at your house. I know it would be a grand time and ever soooo much fun...m..

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG I want that sock monkey..too cute!!! I love all the fabulous Halloween decor! If you lived here I would lend you my HOT neighbour. He washes our windows while I watch..LOL!!!

Sandy xox

jillian said...

You're crazy, the sock monkey is adorable!!! I'm still here, just busy getting ready for one of my bigger shows. There's never enough time!! I'm sending off my swap today. I already received mine and it's 2 die for, soooo cute. Can't wait to show it off. Nancy is so talented. I really lucked out in this swap! :)

Robin said...
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Lydia said...

What are you talking about? The monkey is so FABULOUS. And I just did a show this wkend., and a customer who got friendly w/my daughter loves!!! sock monkeys. I'll try to remember to have her check out yours!!! xo Lydia

jenneroni said...

Why did you spell Jen with 2 n's??? Just because you had a birthday doesn't give you permission to be that senile, MOTHER. :-p

And, I like your sock monkey.

And, don't forget you're going to need some serious carpeting for my room before you can just jump in there and start crafting. It's icy enough in there with all of my crap. It'll be a lot colder with all of my stuff gone!

~jeN (with only 1 N!)

Woman Called Joyce said...

Are we related???? LOL I love your work! I am one of those crazy crafters too that can't seem to say no to any craft! If it's handmade, I want to try it! Thank you for sharing your talent. I think I may have to start decorating tomorrow! Joyce G in NC

Robin said...
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BlackCrow said...

Its so gusty and cold outside can I come in and shelter from the storm on your front porch!!
wow you certainly know how to do Halloween!!!!!!
I've a big grin on my face just looking at all those decorations, fantastic....But I have even a bigger grin just now when I opened my big parcel and there was Pumpkin head in all her glory!!! Blimey she is awesome!!! What an amazing mind you have...Yikes something just landed on the roof....gotta go...I'll post pics soon! Thank you big, big, big time!!!!
Oh and happy belated birthday!!!

catieann said...

oh viv
the monkey is too adorable and I can say that with authority!
one of these days I will post pics of
THE MONKEy ROOM where some grown children are afraid to sleep but the little girls LOVE it in there!!
WHen they stay they drag the monkey's everywhere.

bethany said...

i'm bored mommy and i love your sock monkey thing a ma jig ... it's cute like everything else you make - wanna come over and help me finish packing? woohoo! the sooner i get packed the sooner jen can move in here and the sooner you get to have a craft room!

*princess gert (your favorite daughter - and you can spell my name with too ns if you want)


kathy said...

HI VIV < From one chatty KATHY _ to another lol -- wow I love your porch so wonderful -- I only have shelves and a cabinet decorated in my craft room - and have been trying to finish several projects -- YOur felt creations are adorable -- you have been busy --ok when i am feeling guilty -- I know it is God whispering to my spirit -- that he is only a prayer away . LOVE YA GIRL __ KAthy - GA

kathy said...

oops forgot one question --
What is the color of the outside of your house -- mine needs painting and green would be nice - also what brand ??? KAthy - GA

Anonymous said...

Gosh I would come by a sit on that darling porch any day for a chat! How warm and welcoming it looks. I'd even bring the tea and cookies :)!

Cute monkey too!

Charmingdesigns said...

LOVE the bear!!! Laurie

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I am always amazed by your little creations. I can see how little felted friends can be addiction. Sounds like you have girls on the move! You can come to my home and decorate for Halloween anytime! Yours looks great. said...

That monkey seems adorable to me! he has a lot of personality.

Julie said...

Adorable! I am going to post my Halloween decor photos later this week or next.

Carol said...

Hi Viv,
Love your front porch, your busy as usual, I like your needle felted bear very much. You are like the energizer bunny I think! You get more done in a week then i do in a month my dear.
hugs and blessings to you and happy fall.

Carol said...

I am back, I just spotted those animal cards you got from A.C. Moore, thats just the greatest how you dressed them up for halloween!