Sunday, March 1, 2009

been so busy!

Hello!! I'm still alive.. it seems like I havent posted here in forever!! its been almost a week! I think thats the longest I've gone with out posting. Just been busy finishing up some projects and starting new ones.. and trying to get things done here so I can leave for Florida wednesday morning.. 6:00 am the plane takes off. I have to work monday and tuesday.. and am going to spend the night at my aunts on tuesday night because we'll have to be at the airport pretty early on wednesday morning.
Part of the reason I'm going to florida is for my grandmothers birthday! She will be 93 years old this week. She is precious! unfortunetly her memory is not what it used to be. my mother tells me she is on a 7 second cycle and asks the same questions over and over. Anyways, there will be a birthday party for her on thursday night and I made this crown for her. She cant see to well.. so I'm not sure how much she'll appreciate it, but we all will love to take her picture in it!
While I'm in florida I will be able to see my mom and my brother, and one of my sisters is coming from MO. All of my aunts and uncles will be there.. they are always fun! ONe day my brother, sister and I will drive up to jacksonville to visit my dad, step mom and step sister. And On friday I will be meeting up with two blogger flickr teddybear making pals! Nancy Dontigney and Lori Ventimiglia. I think I'm most excieted about meeting them! I am doing a swap with both of them, and made them the sweetest things! cant show you now.. in case they look here!

My grandmother lives right near the beach, and if youve been following my blog for long.. you will remember how much I love beaches!! she is just two blocks from the ocean! I dont think its going to be the warmest weather while I'm there.. but it wont be snowing and blowing like it has been here. And.. when I get back it'll be that much closer to being spring!!! Also, its Daytona bike week.. so I will take lots of pictures of harleys for my old biker husband!

Made Lasagna for dinner tonight and cookies this morning.. trying to make sure there is some left overs and goodies here for my husband and son to eat while I'm gone. Tomorrow night I'm making soup, so they'll have that too.


I've recieved eggs from 15 girls so far! they look great! by the time i get back from florida, my husband will have the other 22 boxes stacked up and waiting for me! so make sure they are going in the mail with in the next couple days girls! I need them to be here when I get home.

OK.. so off I go for now. I will probably post once more before I leave, so be sure to stop back in a couple days!

night !


Viv (VivLyn) said...

Oh Viv, the crown is adorable and I'm sure she'll love it and feel so special!! Have a great time and come back with all kinds of neat stories for all of us stuck in the cold!!

Dapoppins said...

you have the cutest blog and that CROWN! Wow. I wish I could put something like that together.

My blog is very gray now for the special (slightly strange) party I am having this month, but you totally reminded me of the lovely colors of spring.

Carla said...

Darn! I wish you weren't going to be so far from me. I'd love to meet you. I know Lori from a yahoo mail list. The crown is beautiful!

bojojoti said...

Enjoy the ocean, your grandmother, friends and family!

Jules said...

Hi Viv just a note to say i fonally posted your swap which i am still over the moon with.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
eeekkk this is gorgeous!!!
so pretty.

Lori said...

Viv, it sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned...i hope you have a blast!!! LOVE the crown!!!

zoebabie said...

Hi Viv, so nice to see your post again! awesome crown for your grandmother, i love colourful things as your crown really makes me admired wish to try it on and take pictures *hehe*
Love to see what u had made for your blogger friends but i guess i have to wait till u come back:)

Have a wonderful families reunion and **HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR GRANDMOTHER** i am very sure she love your crown so much and bring her loads of happiness too!

I will visit again!

wiredlinda said...

My eggs are in the mail and have been posted on my blog.
If you want to look at them, here is the address.
It was pretty hard parting with them, so I made some more. I am so excited about this swap. It has been fun.


Julie said...

How adorable!!!! You are so lucky that so much of your family is still here. Both of my parents are only children and now that all my Grandparents and my Mom is gone, it seems like my whole family equals less than 10 people! Enjoy yourself!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the crown! Have an awesome time in Florida. I sent my eggs...they should arrive tomorrow.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I know she will look so pretty in her Crown. You all will have a ball...m.

kana said...


Have a great time and I hope we get to see a picture of your Grandmother in her pretty birthday crown! Be aware: Daytona's biker week is full of PLENTY of motorcyles and very loud. You can hear them rumble all night long. My folks live in Ormond Beach and they stay home all week due to the increase volume!! Enjoy.

Cathy said...


Kudos to Grandma, wow 93. This is going to be one hec of a trip to Florida. Grandma, new friends, family, bikers, seashells and everything!

Absolutely love the tiara. It is BEAUTIFUL. Love, love, love it.

I hope you have the best time ever and a safe trip Viv. Enjoy your vacation.

xo Cathy

Sandy Michelle said...

Your trip sounds like fun! I love the crown! Happy birthday to your Grand Mother! I can't wait to see what you made for your blogger pals!

Sandy xox

Sabii Wabii said...

Just got a postal donation so the calander should be there when you get home! Sorry for the delay...didn't want to ask the foundation to send.
The crown is beautiful! My birthdays in December!!!!
How awesome that your Mom has been blessed with 93 years!
Have a great trip.

Elaine Thomas said...

Hey Viv, I love this crown. I may have to get you to make one for me. I wanted to let you know that I have an award for you. The Sisterhood Award. Stop by my blog and pick it up. Smiles, Elaine

Lydia said...

I love the crown! So cute! Well, stop by my blog as you've been 'crowned' my dear!:)