Sunday, March 15, 2009

a few more florida pictures..

I must admit that most of my family likes to drink alcoholic beverages... including my little grammie! They usually drink beer and wine.. but because we were on "vacation" it called for something a little more special! So we started right out with margaritas! they were so yummy! twos my limit though..

Arent they all cute? I must have used that word (cute) about 200 times while at my grandmothers.. I thought every one and everything was cute.. especially my grandmother..
look at here in this picture! she went to comb her hair and when she put her crown back on, this is how she did it! next to my grandmother is one of my favorite aunts, my aunt bonnie.

And this is another of my favorite aunts, my aunt susan. This is the aunt I flew to florida with and back.. she was also my beach buddy while we were there. I have to tell you I adore my aunts! I also have another favorite aunt, aunt debbie, but I didnt get a good picture of her! but she is in the pink shirt in the margarita picture above. She is probably my funniest aunt!

and here is a picture of my mother with her sisters.. she is the oldest of the girls.. there were 4 older brothers. but sadly, two of them are gone now. Arent they all cute here?! One time I told my grandmother she was cute and she didnt think she liked being called that. so we looked it up in the dictionary and told her exactly what it meant.. then she was ok with it.. because she really is cute!!
Websters says " cute: attractive or pretty especially in a childish youthful or delicate way"

And speaking of Cute! Look at my cute daddy and little brother! I love this picture. I hadnt seen my dad in 13 years.. wow! other then being a little grayer and a little short of breath at times, he hasnt changed a bit. Arent they funny!?

This is my sweet step mother. We didnt always get a long when I was growing up.. in fact we gave her a run for her money, but she stuck it out and she loves us regardless! and I love her too. She was so happy to see us all together that she cried.

This is my little sister Tula. she is sooo pretty! I havent seen her in about 15 years.... and she hasnt changed or aged a bit. I was so glad to see her again and to meet her husband. what a nice guy she ended up with. Tula lives near my dad and step mom in jacksonville, so she sees them all the time! I'm glad shes there with them! (though I really wish they would ALL move back to WNY

ARe you sick of my family pics yet? This is my mommy and little sister Valerie. Ive seen Val a few times over the years, but had never met her husband either. I can tell that he is perfect for her and that he loves her! What more could you want!

This is my mom in the palm! haha! (sorry I couldnt help it!)

Here are the 3 V's.. Valerie, Vanessa and Vivian hmmmm.. but my brothers name is Jerry!

me and my little sissy Valerie!

There are sooo many more pictures,but I dont think I will post many more.. maybe just these two..
Grandmas birdie.. Buffy! so stinking cute.. when you walk by him he says in a soft little voice.. "hello" and in the morning he says good morning! I have to get a parrot!

and lastly for now... Meet my little sister dog.. Annie.. shes a little sweetie pie!

thats all for now folks.. hope I didnt bore anyone too much! Little Tonys here with his new girlfriend.. (my first time to meet her!) JEns here too.. and I assume Robert and bethany will show up.. so.. steaks on the grill, cheesy potatos.. asparagus, onion rings, mushrooms and peach pie! and.. its almost time to eat!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Glad you had a nice time. Love your grammie in the crown, (Even the upside down one!) So cute~

Anonymous said...

It looks as if everyone had a marvelous time! I enjoyed all the photos.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

thank you for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

Ooo, that margarita looks yummy! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Cute parrot and puppy!!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful photos... the one of your grandmother made me LAUGH! How precious is that?! The hat looks good that way... maybe she is onto something?? It was probably due to all that booze you were plying her with! lol

zoe said...

Such a sweet photos in this post Viv! Yeah your grandmother really CUTE lol i love the pic she wore her cown back on:* Your siblings just look so adorable of them and the 2 cute man as well hahaha...
These photographs are so meaningful and precious to you :)


kathy said...

VIV thanks for showing your sweet family -- You can see such joy on everyones face !! So glad you had the time together -- Post away -- that's what bloggy friends are for !! _ kathy - ga

Julie said...

What great pictures!! Your family is adorable.

Valarie said...

I love your pictures!! What a wonderful reunion you had!! I am also glad you got home safely.
XX00 - Valarie (what a great name, huh? hahaha)-

craftyhala said...

I like the way she put the crown back on. It probably felt right that way!

Kai said...

Viv, I want to be IN your family! They all look so fun & friendly and adorable - just like YOU! Maybe next reunion I'll come sneak myself in ... I DO like margaritas, after all, even if I CAN'T drink them with the meds I take - bah, humbug - so does that count? LOL! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I enjoyed every picture!

Carla said...

Love your family photos. They look like a great, down to earth, fun family.