Saturday, August 29, 2009

blue beary muffins

This is how I started my day! with Blue Beary muffins! ( umm... and I stained that little bears feet sticking him in that muffin like that! DUH!)

Does your family ever think youre nuts.. you know.. like, do you stage these little photo shoots so you can post them on your blog?? I mean, come on, doesnt every one stick tiny blue bears in their muffins just to take a picture??? well??? its not just me is it??

I dont know, I just like to play and have fun.. sticking tiny teddies into baked goods is fun.. .. isnt it?? hmmmmm.....

I thought it was fun eating blue berry muffins and playing with blue bearys at the same time! Oh to live in my mind.. Everyone should have a chance to visit there.. but god help them if they got trapped in it!

Started my Etsy today girls.. good luck finding it though!
I dont know what i did wrong that it doesnt open up by my name!!!


deborah said...

mama weer all crazee now

those look magnificent! YUM!

Susan said...

Too cute and really made me want muffins. Yumm, Yumm. I think we are all cut out of the same cloth. I was just thinking last night how much fun it would be to put on "Alice Cooper" make up and do all my chores and creative stuff like that. (Now your family has something to compare to). Have a great weekend. Susan

Mica said...

that looks yummy...and sweet... yes my family thinks I am nuts for staging pics... oh well !!! It is fun to do it... Love your teddies, VIV!!! Hugs, Mica

Bearly Sane said...

I think we're all a little nuts, but wouldn't want to be otherwise!
Those muffins look heavenly Viv, but that poor ol' sticky foot bear what on earth are we going to do with him now? Hey are you sure you're not Irish??? (Chuckle)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love blueberry muffins and think I will make them tomorrow. My husband and I fot home late this afternoon. He had to have another stint put in his heart. have a great weekend..m.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh Viv...I know what you mean. I will hear my daughter saying, "oh there goes mom taking a picture for her blog!"

They just don't understand...or maybe they do!

Stay Cozy, Love the little blue bear!


creative breathing said...

Viv, It feels like I can't do anything in my life now without thinking about blog photo posts! No! You are not alone. I would love have a little blue bear along with my blueberry muffins! E

Lori said...

Viv, you are so darn cute!!!

natalea said...

you know my answer to "does your family think you're nuts?"
xo nat

Kai said...

You aren't NUTS, Viv! You are FUN!!!! I love that little bear sitting among the yummy muffins! Thank goodness for wonderful, playful spirits like you in this world! I just LOVE you!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You are having way too much fun, but I love it!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

A HUGE congratulations on the opening of your Etsy shop. Wow. It looks great. I know that was a lot of work~getting items done, photographed, and listed. You must feel good to have gotten that done. Much good luck with it, my friend. And, I love the little blue bears, too.
Lots of love,
Cindy~Thimbleprims Studio

kathy said...

VIV ___ so proud of you girl -- An etsy shop with your devine creations --too wonderful -- WEll I have an art fairy that watches over my studio -- and I love dolls and bears and papers OH MY !!!- and at 62 - still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up - maybe I am certifiable -- If so play on !
and are those HOmemade muffins -- YUMM __ Is it a secret recipe ???-HMM!!
Kathy - ga

Little Lovables said...

Oh my gosh, best post ever! I loooove those photos and your bears are adorable! And my husband does tease me about staging photos, but sometimes, he'll prep it for me and ask if I will be taking a photo of out dinner.

As for your link, you have to type in your shop name, otherwise it will always show up as the user id number.

so you have to type it in as

Elyse said...


what a wonderful post! the muffins look amazing and i am guessing most of our families and friends think "what the?" whenever we see something with blog potential and start moving things around for impromtu photo shoots! LOL

good luck with your etsy! it is fun.


Elyse said...


your etsy shop is adorable!!!

consider a post on your halloween items. you'll be amazed at how it will help people to find your creations.


barbara burkard said...

and see...i thought I WAS the ONLY ONE that did that..."dad, she's up to it again!" LIKE SOMEONE is taking notes that may come in handy for my committal

love the sweet bluebeary goodness!!!

Libby Buttons said...

I love playing in my food and taking photos of it as future proof to my grandchildren in case they ever doubt my insanity and childishness! That pumpkinhead and kitty clothespin dolls may have to come live with me. I will see what the bank holds on payday.

Sandy Michelle said...

You come up with the cutest ideas/photos! Your shop looks fabulous! Good luck! I know it will do very well!

Fran said...

OOOOOH! How CUTE!! Little Blue Beary sitting in a blueberry muffin. Love blueberry muffins and Little Blue Beary. CUTE AS A BUTTON!!

Whimsical Creations said...

LOL, you are adorable!! Congrats on opening your shop!! I love this...