Thursday, August 13, 2009

kitchen help anyone??

Maybe that should say Kitten help!
"Figgy what the heck are you doing!!??"

I don't want your help! "

"OMG!! dont walk on the lettuce!
Get off the freaken counter!!!!"
These were taken after he tried to walk across the top of the curtain rod in my bedroom window.. and after I caught him in the cupboard with the pots and pans!
and that was after he woke us up with Frannie and he jumping on the water bed chasing a pipe cleaner that they brought up with them!
Its like having toddlers! I have to watch them alllllll the time!

And you should see them when I'm trying to sew by hand!
someone could lose an eye..
eiy yie yie!!!
(yup, I finished the bear order)
The bears were made from a 29 year old woman's clothing, who recently died of a brain aneurysm, she had 2 young children! How terrible sad..
so now that the bear order is done I can do what I want to do!
Its Thursday afternoon and I'm done with work til Tuesday am..
My plans??
to clean my house tonight.
to go to the grocery store early in the am..
to go to the beach tomorrow
and maybe again Saturday!
don't know about Sunday and Monday yet..
Husband will be away most of the weekend,
sooo... I can do what ever I feel like, whenever I feel like.
though, that's no different then any other time!!
I'm thinking to go to dinner with my daughters and to the movies.
actually I was thinking about that for sat. I thought the girls and I could spend the day at the beach, then go to dinner and to a movie..
haven't mentioned it them yet..
oh.. and.. to get caught up reading every ones blogs!
Well, I'm off to email all the Halloween swappers with their partners
and then to clean my house!
See ya's all later!


Lori said...

Viv, your kittens are stinkers for sure...a spritz from a water bottle should help in keeping them off the cats don't do that too much, mr madison does occasionally...but it would drive me nuts if they were up there all the time...your bears turned out so sweet...that is very sad about the young mother...we have had SO many patients lately in their 20s with cerebral bleeds...many of them are parents really is hard to deal with sometimes...

AwtemNymf said...

hahahah quite the curious cat Figgy is eh? How cute. Reminds me of the pics of Jasper in various places of the house! and he tried to cat-walk across the curtain rod! Is he nuts *lol* Them kittos!

Coastal Sisters said...

I am just dying laughing over Figgy! What a cheeky little monkey :)

All your bears look so sweet.


eclectic archivist said...

Your "babies" are too cute!

Natasha Burns said...

oh gosh those naughty kitties!!! i don't think i could cope with cats, they'd do my head in having to watch all the time! i like that dogs stay on the ground, hahaha!!! though they say cavalier king charles spaniels like i have, display cat-like qualities - sitting on the TOP of the couch (like where your head goes) is the big one.

Your bears are lovely and what a sad story about the young mum

Have fun whatever you decide to do. what movie would you see? I'm planning on seeing My Sister's Keeper soon

Mica said...

woot woot...that was too funny!!! Kittens are hilarious with a mind of their own....hope your week went well and that you have a blessed weekend ahead!! Mica

Little Lovables said...

your cat sounds a lot, a LOT like my boys :)

and how sad about the young mother who died, I suppose the bears (which are lovely) will be passed around to relatives, what a touching gift.

Lenae May said...

YES!!! I will take all the kitchen help I can get! Sweet kitty!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Your babies are so cute!! have a great weekend..m.

Lydia said...

hahaha...I sometimes freak for a few seconds when one of the kitties gets into the pots cupboard, or jumping up to the island, or stealing food from a plate, (this is actually only little Puma, who can't seem to totally get rid of his street smarts).

They do not do them often, but I am always trying to keep things as clean as I would like it, in the food preparation area. I can definitely relate.

Usually, the short shreek makes them jump down. Then I apologize for the shreek, but reprimand them for the naughtiness.hahahahaha

They are so cute, but quite naughty at that age.xo la

BlackCrow said...

ha ha ha....they are just so cute!
I just read a very similar
My friend Sev just got herself a kitten too.

I agree cats a like perpetual 2 year olds, even when they get older.

BlackCrow said...

Forgot to mention how wonderful the bears look!! The striped fabric looks really cute....but that green one he's pretty nice!

barbara burkard said...

....what sweet have given to the niece just gave me her mom's (my sisters) billy ray cyrus still has her perfume on....oh the memories that flooded...going to hang it in the studio...she had a denim jacket that debbie wanted me to make a bear out of...(long time ago...when i was bear makin...) but for some reason...the shirt never came up...til now...was packed in a box...(my sister passed 10 years ago...two months after my oldest brother...did)

creative breathing said...

Hey Viv! What a wonderful weekend! Your bears are just too special for words! About the CL Fair. Do this for me. When it gets really, really, really close, let me know boom just like that. If you don 't I will social phobia worry myself on a daily basis, which I already have been doing since you mentioned it. I always tell the relatives, don't tell me anything until the last possible moment. I'm a load of fun, really, and would love to meet you. Talk to at the last minute about it! E PS You have to see what is only a half hour away from where you will be... I will post photos tomorrow!

Fran said...

Hi Viv,
Looks like all had lots of fun at the beach. Love your bears. Sorry to hear about the mother with cerebral bleeding.

Frannie & Figgy are soooooooo cute.

I'm going to be giving away 2 items for my 200th blog post. Check out my blog for details. Pass the information to others if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Hi Viv - what little cuties you have for helpers!

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