Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yakkity yakking!

How did it get to be Wednesday already? Not that that's not a good thing.. it is a very good thing. I had a nice weekend. Friday we went to the beach, but you already knew that. Saturday, Jen and I went to breakfast with Robby and one of his friends, then off shopping , out to dinner to the olive garden and then instead of going to the movies we bought a couple and came home to watch them until 2:00 am! Bethany didn't go with us.. she got mad and decided not to go! Kids!! It was the whole going to breakfast thing then threw her off.. (breakfast was at noon!) anyways.. so it was just Jen and I and I missed my "princess Gert" for the day!

Then Sunday and Monday, I pretty much stayed home and played around the house. I made this little Halloween pinkeep and 36 little Halloween topped pins for future projects!

It was extremely hot and muggy here.. and I had to visit my girlfriends pool several times! Since my husband took down the tree that was directly in front of our house last year, my house gets much warmer inside! in fact my front porch which is all windows, is like an oven! I MISS MY TREE!! I'm going to plant another one.. even though tony says we cant.. maybe he cant.. I can do anything I want to!!!

It was also Tony's 53rd birthday Saturday, but he was out of town for the day. He was supposed to go away for the whole weekend... but changed his plans and came back sat night! We didn't really do much for his birthday though, he didn't give me anytime to plan, I thought he was going away! So Monday we cooked out and celebrated with a Harley Davidson cake, that my friends talented daughter made!
And.. I dressed Figgy up to celebrate too! Not really.. I did this a couple days before. I was trying to work on the pinkeep or the needles or whatever, and he kept jumping up and wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided if he really wanted my attention, I would give him some attention. He wasn't thrilled with his little costume though and kept trying to kill the hat! doesn't he look adorable!?
Well, its a very controversial thing.. I know, and I understand both sides, and didn't like the fact that i felt I had no choice.. and think its a mean thing to do.. and I really don't want to hear any negative opinions about it, so if they aren't to encourage me and make me feel less guilty about it, please keep them to yourself K?
but.. I had my little pumpkin heads declawed on Monday. the poor little sweeties! but I must say they are better then I thought they would be. They came home yesterday and really are still playing and being their sweet selves. I do know that their little piggies are bothering them though as they keep licking at them. I just gave them their pain medication, and I have to tell ya... Figgy loves that stuff.. Frannie doesn't. Figgy wanted to chew on the syringe afterwords.. Frannie just wanted to get away!
Anyways.. its all good.. they are fine.
Tony's cake! didn't she do a great job? way better then I could have! Speaking of Tony.. he is having surgery on Friday for a hernia that he developed from the surgeries he had last year when he got so sick and ended up with that colostomy. Thank God that it was only temporary.. 6 months and then they reversed it. but now the hernia is right where the colostomy was. poor baby!
I feel like there was something else I wanted to tell you.. but cant remember now.
I should probably get moving here and get to work a little early this morning. We are taking a bunch of our teenagers to the beach today! Please say a prayer that it goes well. Hey! at least I'll be at the beach!! you know how I feel about the that!
And, tonight I'll be at the lake as well as friends of Tony's family are camping there and have invited us out for a camp fire.. (cant imagine wanting to sit by a fire in the weather we've been having.. but It'll be fun anyways!
ok.. I'm going on and on..
have a lovely day! Hi HO HI HO .. Its off to work I go...


Bearly Sane said...

Well that was a long chat Viv...sounds like you've been having a lot of fun.

Lori said...

i honestly don't understand the hoopla over getting cats de~clawed...i would never have cats in the house otherwise, my furniture would be in ribbons...they paw at everything...and my cats are happy as clams being in the house with me...if i hadn't brought mr madison in the house after having his claws removed, he probably would have been dead by now, he was starting to cross the road to go into the field across the street and people drive like nut~burgers down our road {he first belonged to our neighbors, long story}

Diane said...

Very Cute Black Cat pin cushion, I sure understand what you are saying about the missing tree. Do plant a new one! I need to do the same in my backyard. Love the beach and I do not get there enough!
Hugs, Diane

kathy said...

VIV , what fun days -my girl -
You accomplish so much and work too - amazing -- Your kitty pinkeep is so adorable -- and the little pins too cute ! I love your kitty in his costume -- Have a great week - Kathy - ga

Nancy D said...

Boy, Viv, you squeeze a lot into a weekend! I have this really cute spider voltive holder that I think would make a great pinkeep. Need some basic instuctions.

Julie said...

I love your pin keep. Can I ask how you made the Halloween pins? They are adorable too!

Sounds like you had lots of fun and the cake is adorable.

As for the cats.well we have 2 in a back room and I am heartbroken that everything in that room that they could destroy is destroyed! I tried to keep things covered that I did not want them to mess with, but they always managed to uncover and scratch... with a choice of losing everything, putting the cats outside or having them declawed, I wish I would have declawed them.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I have a tree in my front yard and I would not part with it. I call it my umbrella tree. It keeps me cool when i set outside. I adore the pinkeep. I wish I were so talented as you...hugs..m..

creative breathing said...

Vivian, You crafting machine! You were just waiting for your bear order to be finished to let loose! OMG what an adorable pincushion! Speaking of adorable, what a block you have sent me! So much to learn from just one of your creations about color and composition! It truly is special! Thanks so much for playing along! I am looking forward to meeting you - there I've comitted myself. First step taken! Elizabeth

Thimbleprims Studio said...

Hey there, sweet Vivian,
I, too, would love to know how you made those wonderful Halloween pins. Do you have any to sell? I would buy some in a minute!
Also, I LOVE the kitty pinkeep. Wonderful!
Lots of love,

Gypsy Mermaid said...

hey chick!! love the cake! Omg I wish I could do that for my fil he would love it!lol you dont think your mean my kitty does the same thing drives me nuts! you gave him attition i bet he didnt bother you anymore! hehe wbig hugs


Coastal Sisters said...

I love the cake and Figgy looks just too cute.....your pinkeep is just adorable.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I came back for a second and fifth look at the pin cushion. I so adore it. You really out did yourself...m.

Kai said...

Girl, you STAY busy! That's GOOD tho'! Makes life exciting! BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your honey! I'm a Harley gal, too - LOVE them, ESPECIALLY red ONES - and I RELATE! Good wishes for his upcoming surgery! Keep us posted! Let us know how the beach outing with the kiddos goes, too! Love your pinkeep! And I HATE that I didn't get to be in your swaps all because of what turned out to be just stupid VERTIGO. GRRRRRR! NEXT TIME! About the declawing issue: It may SEEM cruel to some people, but if a person has indoor cats, it DOESN'T threaten the cat at all. AND it sure as heck saves a LOT of household items from getting shredded and marked up! (By the way, I think your kitty's costume is CHARMING!)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Holy Toledo, this is adorable! Every little inch of it! You must have the patience of Job, to work with such tiny little objects.
I was sorry to hear about your husband's health problems. I hope all goes well for him.
LOVED the crepe paper collar on your Figgy.
And the pics of you and the girls at the beach, below, are SO cute.
Take care-----M.L.

natalea said...

Happy Birthday Tony! Love the cake! (and Figgy looks adorable!)
xo natalea