Sunday, February 28, 2010

Morn'n blogville peeps!

Its been a few days since my last post. I was pretty irritable that night. just a bit overwhelmed I guess. I'm fine now.. still have a ton of stuff to do. I guess I don't organize my time well.. mostly because I'm on the computer too much! anyways. I ended up taking Friday off from work.. We were pretty much snowed in. tony could have dug me out (umm.. I don't shovel.. unless absolutely necessary!) or I could have ridden in with someone, but taking the day off seemed like such a wonderful idea! I didn't really do anything too constructive, well, except that it did take me all day to put valentines away and get Easter out! And, I got started on some tags for a flower tag swap I'm in. I'm really not a paper artist.. so these tags are always challenging for me. But I'm glutton for punishment.. so I sign up anyways! the real problem, which has been a problem my whole life, is that I just cant stand the thought of anyone having fun without me!!!!
I guess, really I did have a fairly productive day.... sort of.
(notice the picture above? that's me, trying to get to the stove to make a pot of tea! This is why my hubby calls them Purana's!!)

So, it is now Easter in my house.. and in my head! I have dozens of Easter ideas rolling around and around up there.. probably wont get to all of them but well see what happens. I have a bunch of swappie things to do first!

I love this little bunny train, I made a couple years ago. Its one of my most favorite Easter things.. You know, I just like things to much.. and I have a ton of really cute stuff.. Every time a new holiday rolls around, I get sooo excited about digging out my bins and pulling out cute things all wrapped up in tissue and paper towels! but with that said, if I'm honest.. I do have to admit that all this stuff also overwhelms me a bit.. I wander around and around my house trying to decide what to put where.. and trying to remember where everything was the year before! It all comes together in the end.. but It really does take hours and usually days before its really done..

Even when I think I'm done, I'll be adding things and tweaking things here and there right up to and maybe even after the holiday is over! then I hate to put it all away again and saying good bye to so many cute things. eiy yie yie!
So I am just rambling up a storm this morning aren't I?
I got my bunny swap sign ups closed out and partners assigned and everyone should be ready to go! There were 23 really creative folks that signed up.. I even had one man sign up and an excellent artist besides! what a treat! I cant wait to see and to show you all what everyone ends up making.
I have a couple partners and cant wait to get started. Not too sure what exactly I'll be making yet. I have to finish up the tag swaps before I start the bunnies! I think I need to go shopping today.. I have a neat little glass terrarium that I need something perfectly cute to put in. I could make something, but I want to buy some stuff!!. I could wait and save it for what ever bunnies I recieve in the bunny swap! I'm thinking of doing up a miniature easter basket with sweet little things in it.. I do think thats what I'm going to do.. I'll show you when I finish it! wouldnt that be sweet?
So when I finally got through the kitchen paranas this morning and was able to make some tea and breakfast, this is what I ended up having...

It was sooooo goood!!!!! two nutrigrain frozen waffles with fresh raspberries sandwhiched between them. It was so yummy. I just wish now that I would have thought of adding some lite whipped cream on top! now I'm out of raspberries. I think I may have to stop and buy some more though.
I guess thats all for this morning bloggy friends.. I'll be trying to get caught up through out the week. hugs to you all!

Here I am..
Schmush'n a Kitt'n!


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Vivian, oh Vivian... how beautiful, colorful and so daz' ling your Easter decorations are. Oh how I'd love to have my house so full of color like that for Easter time. Still in love with your kittens. Instead of singing the tune "mr Postman Send Me a Letter" I'm singing"...Send Me a Kitten."


Lori said...

Viv, where will i get my kitten fix when these cuties are gone to their new home? LOVING all of your Easter cuteness...that little train is darling!!!

Valarie said...

Viv...first of all, your kitties are just yummy. I love all of your incredible Easter goodies. The train is so stinkin' cute, I can't hardly stand it. You have motivated me to get our my Easter decorations, and get started. After I go to the thrift store with my son. Have a wonderful day.
xxoo Valarie

Sandy said...


I have the same issue with my boxes and boxes of holidays!!!! I found a good way to remember how I had it to begin with, I take photos with my digital camera and save a file on my computer. It goes a lot quicker putting it up the next time! Just a thought.....I had so many more places to put things in my other house, this house doesn't have 1/3 of the shelves, nooks, etc...but I have a lot of space over my kitchen cupboards that I never had, so that is fun! Hope you had fun shopping!

Diane said...

Vivian, I am so thrilled with the darling stinkin cute, Spring Pin cushion I received in the mail from you. You are are a true Artist. WOW WOW Happy Happy Dance. After a long hard week with my sis Carrie over at Cottage Cozy and other siblings working on our parents home, mind you my hands are so sore, to come home and discover such a wonderful surprise.
Thank you Thank you, I do love it. I will have to take pictures of it today and share with all our friends. Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Lisa said...

Love your Easter!! I am enjoying all your bunnies and chicks! I love the bunny in the "chocolate" basket. I looked at those over and over at JoAnn's on clearance and kept talking my self out of them! Now I want one! Enjoy your Easter and I am glad you have kitties to make you Smile!!
Hugs, Lisa

kathy said...

VIv , all things way to cute !! You totally amaze and inspire me -- as you seem to get so much done -- and it is always so cute and original -- paper art is such a love right now -- but I like to make or collect other things now --If gardening time -- I want to display a pot and flowers , a trowel and gloves, seed packet and on and on --
Seems like I never quite get things finished -- the way I see them -- SO I get to look at your amazing displays -- Thank YOU !!!
HUGZ _ KATHY ♥- ga

Bob and Joanne said...

Your smushin' a kitten is so cute.

Susan said...

Viv, you always have the cutest stuff. I love the train. Now I cant wait to get out my Easter things.

The kittens are growing up so fast, adorable.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your version of "not getting much accomplished" makes my head spin! I not only still have my Valentine's Day stuff up but I have some snowmen still hanging around, too. Maybe it's my fault we keep getting more snow..I better get them boxed up and put in the attic! Love your Easter've inspired me to get out the Spring and Easter things!
(You should be so proud of your WW accomplishment-WOOHOO!)

Julie said...

Love your "puranas"--how funny! Amazing you can get anything done with those little darlings under foot!

Your Easter displays are fabulous--love them all!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Maija said...

Your Easter house looks beautiful Viv!! I love those Puranna's!!

Mica said...

Hang tight!!! The Easter house is so sweet! looks festive! Sorry I could not join in the fun with the bunny swap...too swamped from my move and being sick! Next time i hope! and can those baby kitties get any cuter??? Hugs! Mica

Jingle said...

It all looks quite lovely!!!

Tammy @ said...

Such cute Easter decorations! That train and your decorated feather tree is SO CUTE! You are certainly a talented lady! Hugs to those kitties!

Best wishes,

Gina2424 said...

Oh my gosh! Love the bunny train (and the siamese train!). I just posted something on my Blythe blog that might interest you. :)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Love all the Easter pretties but I love the picture of you with the kitten....awwwwww, that is just so precious.


Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, You are too stink'n cute for words! I love the idea of you in your pink slippers, kitties everywhere, Easter bunnies everywhere, snow everywhere! Oh my goodness your Easter train is to die for! Everything is to die for! Viv, I have to tell you my swap is going to be a killer for you! Expect to spend an hour on each tag! A killer I tell you. Let me know if it's just too much. I know you like to play, but we don't want you going over the deep end! Elizabeth

Little Lovables said...

you always have the best easter goodies :)

Cottage Cozy said...

Hang in there, Viv...we all feel the way you do at times!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

オテモヤン said...


Jacqueline said...

My goodness, you put Easter in perspective with your sweet Easter darn cute! I'm dreaming up something myself for the swap. I'm not having trouble with ideas, just can't decide which one to make. I want to do them all, perhaps bunny paper dolls, or a miniature bunny scene..down the rabbit oh my...what is a bunny mother to do? I think I'll go ask Beatrix Potter...later...

Fran said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! How sweet your kittens are. Cute! they are hitching a ride on your feet and legs. :-) I showed the kittens to my hubby. He loves them. He laughed and said, they are cute.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Odd note here...I want you to know that my adult daughter and I started a blog this week. I tried to find a way to send a note to you. I picked ten blogs that had made blogging look worthwhile and fun and you were one of them. Thanks for being such great inspiration and I will keep reading.

Please come and take a visit if you have time!

We wanted Katsui (a combination of our names) but it was taken. That is also the name of our jewelry business. I am kind of disappointed but I guess it can't be changed.

barbara burkard said...

love to slip by this time of year to your blog...makes me want to don an easter bonnet of sorts! well heck...slippin by makes me want to do LOTS OF THINGS...such inspiration!!!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

Look at those little naughties! I loves those babies! And, look how gorgeous you are, Vivian, especially with that baby attached to your face. : )

Thimbleprims Studio said...

And, I LOVE that little easter train!