Sunday, February 21, 2010

some bunny love!

Finally Here I am! did you miss me? I had planned on staying home all weekend and working on some felting and some other projects, but I ended up doing some running around too. Friday night, Jen and I went shopping and to dinner. Saturday I stayed home needlefelting and cleaning most of the day, except that I left for a few hours to get groceries. I stayed up late last night working on this bunny pinkeep. I couldnt wait to get up this morning to finish it. I went to bed late, 12:30, and was woken up by the phone at 2:00 or so, when my daughter called quite hysterically to tell me that someone had stolen her purse out of her car while she was out. They had everything, credit cards, ss card, license.. Her insulin pump... all of her makeup.. who knows what else. Then I was worried about her and couldnt sleep. Plus she called me back two more times, once to cry and to tell me that she had no way of giving herself insulin and then to tell me that the police had found the purse and insulin pump in a snow bank in her town, but not the wallet. thank god about the insulin pump though, as it costs about 6000.00 !

Still couldnt sleep worried about someone stealing all of her money and worrying about how she would pay her bills.. prayed alot!!! finally started to fall asleep adn my son and his girlfriend came in and were making all kinds of noise bopping around the house getting food, playing with kittens.. whatever! I thought I'd never get to sleep! I eventually did, and at 7:00 this morning (which is late for me) I awoke to frannie sitting on my chest meowing and meowing! she was hungry! so I got up. So I puttered around, finished this pinkeep, talked to Natalea (kandeland) on the phone for a while and was just hanging out listening to old bigband swing music until Jen showed up and thought we should go shopping again! So.. off we went. She had twisted my arm and I really needed a new pair of jeans.. after losing 42 pounds, I dont have too many pairs that fit me with out falling down!! I only bought one pair and I hated doing that because Im still going to lose 30 more pounds, so they will only fit for a while.

I have to say it is pretty awesome to try clothes on that are soo much smaller then what I had been buying.. in fact I dont have to look in the big section at the store anymore!!! can I get a YEEHAW!???!!! So I bought a pair of pajamas and a shirt too.
So then I came home and made dinner and we ended up with a full house. Jen was here and the boys and their girlfriends too. I made a hungry girl recipe, buffalo chicken. It was pretty good. Though Im sure it has nothing to do with dinner, but Im thinking that I'm not feeling so great right now.. a little light headed, stiff neck.. sort of a sore throat! pray Im not getting sick!!!!!

Got a phone call from Bethany earlier and a man turned in her wallet to the police and everything was in it except for her cash.. THANK YOU GOD! she had already cancelled the credit card, but thats ok. I'm just glad she got everything back. really an answer to prayer.. because I was praying for her alot last night.

So, these kittens are 5 weeks old today and are a riot! They are all over the place, we really have to be careful not to step on any of them.. and we have to watch were we sit as well. I block them in the kitchen at night and when I'm not home. they are sooooo freaken cute!!!
Can you barely stand to see them?? Someone is interested in the last one, but now Im really wanting to keep one of them. Poor Frannie is thin and tired! can you imagine the drain nursing 7 babies would have on you? I probably will keep them another 2 to 3 weeks, unless I see that they arent nursing on her at all anymore.
well, I guess I shall sign off here.. its popcorn time!! nightie night!
OH! and girls.. dont forget to sign up for the bunny swap! details are in the post below.. go check it out. And email me if youre interested!


Bob and Joanne said...

Yeehaw! I'm so proud of you!

Aww, I'm gonna miss seeing those babies when they go to new homes.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

very cute..felt bunny and those growing kittens!

Lori said...

Viv, i'm glad that your daughter got all of her things terrible that someone went into her car to steal her purse like that...LOVE your bunny, he is so cute...those kitties are getting so big, i can't believe it...they are just precious!!!

kathy said...

OH so glad her things were recovered --
AND A BIG YEHAW for you -- will be so cut in your jeans -- (of course you already were !!! )
Little pinkeep too cute -- Got your message about the swap -- Will be fun - HUGS _ KAthy - ga ♥

Persuaded said...

A hefty hearty YEEHAWWWW from me! Good work girlie!

And poor Bethany... I've had my purse stolen before and I know what a violation it feels like. Praying for her right now. Give her this ((hug)) from me♥

Stefanie said...

This needlefelted bunny is so cute. I´m really interested in your bunny swap. Since I was in your easteregg swap last spring I hope you´ll do another swap for easter.
The kitten are adorable. I/Luzie had four kitten 4 years ago and I know how they can behave ;o)
Enjoy your kitten as long as you can you´ll miss them later !

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for the non smoking congrats!I am so glad your daughter got her purse and wallet back! How scary!


Valarie said...

Viv....I am so glad that your daughters horrible experience turned out not so bad. I am so proud of you with your weight loss. I am on WW also, and am struggling. I need a friend to help motivate me, but no one wants to sign up. Oh well, keep up the great work. Your kitties are amazing....I want one...our sweet Siamese kitty passed away after 19 fabulous years with us. Have a fabulous day.
xxoo Valarie

Cathy said...


What a wild night. OMG, your poor daughter. I'm so happy they found her insulin pump and then her wallet. Sometimes people are so cruel.

Well now you have lost 42 pounds. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND. I'm so proud of you. One pair of jeans and that's it 'cause the rest is drop off like "snap".

And those kittens. You are killing me with the pics of those adorable kitties. 2DIE4.

I have been feeling a little tired myself. I hope you feel better and are not getting sick.

xo Cathy

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, You have been sorely missed! I know this daughter fear first hand! So thankful everything turned out. Where to begin! Kittens and bunnies and new clothes! Oh Viv, I couldn't be more happier for you. I need to get serious, it just doesn't seem possible when I have been the same weight for so many years, and I can't imagine eating three times a day. It almost seems a miracle that it actually does work - you are the proof! I am on an Easter roll now, so many cute ideas to follow through. Happy week ahead - sunny weather can't be too far off! E

Melissa said...

Ah Viv, those kitties are so cute! Your felt bunny is adorable too. Congrats on the weight loss!

Lisa said...

WOW! I cannot believe you did all that in 24 hours! I hope you are sleeping now! I am so glad you daughter has her stuff back. Sorry about the money that stinks.
Hugs, Lisa

Maija said...

LOVE YOUR BUNNY!! I'm so glad that your daughter found her stuff, but sorry she lost the cash. Enjoy your little kitties as your time with them will be coming to an end as they get new mommys!!
I'm so proud of your weight loss, Viv!! Buy yourself clothes, even though you atre losing more. You will look and feel more attractive!!

Lydia said...

OK- Those last two pictures are especially so very adorable.:) xo Lydia

Emily said...

So glad your daughter got her things back...most of them. What a scary thing to happen. What a totally adorable pic of the kitten!! :) I wish they'd stay small like that...then, again, maybe not! ( I remember a time I had 6 kittens and they could crawl up my leg like a tree...and me screaming like crazy lol)

catieann said...

You go GIRL good for you!! I am so proud of your weight loss to date. The babies are so adorable---it is hard to not keep jut one huh? Been there done that

Anonymous said...
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Deborah said...

I am so glad everything turned out good for your daughter. She may have lost some cash but it could have been so much worse. Never discount the power of prayer. I do wish I could join your bunny swap but I have never made one before and have a lot of commitments for March already. I will be back though to see what everyone comes up with.

Debby said...

They are so sweet, adorable.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Oh my gosh, they are so adorable. Howwould one of them like to come live in Nebraska? I've been wanting a kitten for my husband. My fav. is on the left in this photoof yours (picture web address below:

Love those eyes.