Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My funny valentines!

Igot the best idea from a girl at work today to dress the kittens up and take their pictures for valentines day! I thought maybe I would make little v day cards for work!

We are having our second annual valentine exchange at work and there are 50 of us! We all make a valentine recepticle and bring in cards for everyone. most every one buys the little kids ones at the store.. a few people make them.. 50 is a lot to make.. and actually I think there are 52 of us playing! Some of the people that arent playing are judges and go around judging our "mailboxes". Mine is not that special.. but some of them are really cool! One girl made a big pink pig! and you have to mail your cards and treats in his butt!

Anyways, today someone brought theirs cards in and she had taken a cute picture of her dog and made cards out of it. Thats all it took for me! I could hardly work the rest of the day thinking about little ruffled collars and hats!

This proved to be much harder then I thought it would be.. getting 7 babies to cooperate.. and the parents! They did not want me to mess with their kittens .. it didnt help that the kittens kept crying out to them "help us help us help us!!" I put figgy and frannie upstairs to try to spare them the stress!

Regardless.. it was difficult and I didnt get the shots I had hoped for.. their little hats kept slipping off, I didnt want to tie them too tight ya know! and they wouldnt all look at me at the same time.. and they were crying and trying to get out of the basket!

They sure were cute though! I do think I still can use one of the pics, probably this one above. but I need to get copies made tomorrow and finish them up tomorrow night because they have to be delivered by friday! We have off on monday! (thank you mr presidents! except that I'm on call! )

When I finally let figgy and frannie down stairs, I put hats on them too! Frannie hated it ! figgy was not feeling much better then her about it, but i managed to grab him and snap a picture. looks a bit ticked doesnt he! Well that was my excitement for tonight! American Idol is on soon.. so I'll be making some popcorn and settling in with some needlefelting for the evening.
OH... in the weight loss department. I started out with such a bang and have lost almost 40 pounds.. but I guess I've hit that plateau that people talk about. 3 weeks ago I lost .8, the next week .6 and this week though at work I lost half a pound, at weight watchers I weighed the same as last week! Im behaving.. really. Even when I cheat a little, Im with in my points or extra points. Well in anycase, I will not give up! I still want to lose at least 30 or 35 pounds before summer. thats only 6 pounds a month.. if I could just convince my body to let go of that fat again!
got about 20 minutes to go blog hopping.. see ya there!


AwtemNymf said...! Those the cutest valentines ever! I'm sure it was a task just to get them to cooperate. And figgy & frannie sure look ticked, but cute!
I rem. when you did a v-day banner of Jasper!

Lori said...

eeeeeek!!! oh my Viv...that is just too darn cute:) thank for the smiles:)

Nancy said...

Adore your Valentine kitties!! What a hoot just trying to get them all dressed up for a photo shoot. You crack me up.
XO Nancy

kathy said...

WHat cute little cards they will be -- so adorable -- their little hats and ruffles with those sweet faces -priceless - Kathy - ga ♥

icandy... said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! I need one of those Valentine's! They are so very sweet!

koralee said...

Love your sweet blog...these amazing kitty images are adorable!!! Off to visit some of the past posts I have missed. xo

♥zoe♥ said...

Adorable pictures!
You have made them such cute looking indeed:)
I'm missing your blog so much Viv since i have been absent for so long! Enjoy your American Idol*teehee* i pretty like the new judge Ellen, she's funny though.


Bob and Joanne said...

Oh, so sweet! But I bet it was like herding turtles to have them cooperate with the camera!

My name is PJ. said...

How absolutely precious! So darn cute!!

We bred Siamese cats (seal point) when I was a child. Smart and a bit vocal.

Lovely Valentines!!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
so stinken cute.
i love little kitties!!
hope all is well

Amy Sullivan said...

~OHHH Viv~
Your kittys are sooo cute, soo cute !~
Guess your not having any trouble finding homes for them :)

They make the perfect Valentines~

Scrap for Joy said...

This has brought a smile to many snow-laden people! So much more fun to look at your kitties than that tiresome white stuff! Your post about your party with friends was so great! I love those get-togethers..5 of us are doing just that next Saturday. Thanks for visiting, I was honored that you stopped in!

Whimsical Creations said...

Oh my! They are just the cutest!

Persuaded said...

OK.. just when I thought things around here couldn't possibly get any cuter you go and do this! I love love love the little ruffly collars♥

Gina2424 said...

Those are such darling pics! Why don't you leave kitties in people's mailboxes! That would be a nice surprise. :) Congrats on the great weight loss so far!

twinkleshabbystar said...

I cant stop giggling! Your kitties look sooo adorable and miserable at the same time. hee! hee! They are probably thinking "Oh no!!! Here she come again. What now???" LOL!!! JK! XOXO,Jenn

Maija said...

They are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful daughter Christina, (icandy) sent me to your blog....we are a Siamese-loving household..both of us. I almost screamed when I saw your beautiful favorite photo is when they are "escaping" the basket! Thanks for sharing such sweetness. Happy St. Valentine's Day...I will follow your blog from now on. Patty

Sabii Wabii said...

Oh My how cute are they! How are you going to give them other homes? I's keep every last one!
If you have a left over valentine I would love one. Those kittes dressed up are too cute.

Johanna Parker said...

How adorable Vivian!... Thanks for sharing this post with me ~ I can handle dressing one cat for the holidays, but not a litter of kittens :) You did well despite the challenge..... They are just precious....

~ Johanna