Friday, April 2, 2010

rheas mini easter basket swap!

HI all! here it is finally Friday! I think I truely do live for my weekends!
So, the lovely Rhea, hosted a yogurt cup easter basket swap, I had two great partners, Erin P and Dolly S. the first sweet basket is from Erin. I love it. So bright and bold! and full of perfect little treats! Thank you so much Erin!

This second sweet minty green basket was made by Dolly Second. I love it! thank you Dolly. Dolly was also my partner in the bunny swap! I will show you that in my next post! Dolly also sent a couple other things which I must have failed to take pictures of, one of them the sweetest pink easter heart! I'll try to remember to take a pic tomorrow. I have to say that rheas basket swap was one of my all time favortie swaps. I knew just what to make and had a blast doing it! these are the two baskets I made for my partners.
here is the link to Rheas blog for a list of the swappers
in case you want to see more sweet baskets!

I loved those little lambies.. I think I should make a few more!
In other news.. Frannie and Figgy are now childless.. the last two little porkchop pumpkinheads went to live with my daughter Jennifer today. I miss them and yes, frannie has been looking for them. I dont know how I'll sleep tonight with out them jumping and fighting all over me!

Dont figgy and frannie look sad?
Poor little babies! though, I do hope that Frannie will sleep with me again. she had started sleeping somewhere else since the kittens were taking up a huge part of my bed!

aww!! poor sweet frannie pie!
so.. what else?? did I say how glad I am its friday? I got my groceries last night and did some easter shopping so that I wouldnt have to do it tomorrow. Though I still really need to do a little more shopping, but I m at a loss for what to do for my kids!
Tomorrow morning we're decorating eggs at Jennifers new apartment. That ought to be a fun time and a good place to take a few fun pics! We had absolutely gorgeous weather today and are expecting the same for the rest of the weekend. I'm planning on working outside..OMG! we look like a junk yard here!
Tonight Bethany and I went to see Crazy for you, at the high school where my daughter teaches music. She was the vocal director and also played percussion in the pitband. they did a great job.
I should go to bed now as its almost midnight, but I'm thinking about boiling my eggs and sorting my laundry so I dont have to do it when I get up in the morning.
Sometimes I go on and on about things and suddenly I remember that someone is suffering and how pointless my chatter is. Please keep Paula and Steve Broadwell and their family in your prayers as tonight their house exploded. They were mercy flighting Steve to the hospital and the helicopter had problems and had to make an emergency landing. then they took him by ambulance the rest of the way. At one point he died, but they were able to revive him though he is in very bad shape. Two of the children, (kids my kids went to school with) also went to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, they are ok. Paula wasnt home when it happened. The house is gone. These are not close friends of ours, but are people that weve know for 25 years. we live in a very small town, the school has only 3 classes of each grade. so everyone knows everyone. In any case, please just keep them in prayer!
well, Ive got to get moving here! I'll be back on easter sunday with bunny swap pictures.
sweet dreams blogland!


Mica said...

wonderful baskets and yous looks great! I would have loved an Easter basket from you for sure!So sad the kitties look.....they need to have more babes////I will keep your friends in prayer how devastating...Happy Easter dear friend.. Hugs, Mica

Jacqueline said...

Hi Viv...
You come up with the cutest stuff. If it ain't cute, you probably don't like it! I miss having you stop by my blog. Come visit again sometime. I am hosting Gnomes Ahoy this month. A give away box of cute Gnome stuff you might need! hee hee..
On my Auntie Jacquelines blog (click on old typewriter) I have posted a tribute to Suzie from Itch2stich on breast cancer survival.
I will be praying for the family you mentioned. Yes, life must stay in perspective. How tragic for them. The wonderful thing about small towns is that I'm sure your town will rally for them and help them and that really is the best way to keep life in perspective.
Smiles from my corner of the world.

Scrap for Joy said...

Baskets received and sent are beautiful! I love all of the felted pieces you make...the lamb is over the top cute! Can't wait to see what you received in the mail????

kathy said...

VIV so sorry about your friends tragedy-will keep them in my prayers .
Love your Eastery goodness --
very cute --
Hope you have a blessed Easter
KAthy - ga ♥

Janean said...

sounds like you've been one BUSY gal!!!

yes, figgy and frannie look pitiful. good thing they live in the *now*...

viv, have a wonderful easter!!!!!

Cathy said...


I am so jealous of those little cuties inside that easter basket. Too darn cute. I adore them.

Happy Easter my friend,

xo Cathy

Valarie said...

Viv....Oh my goodness!! Your little felted goodies are so stinkin cute. I just love them all. Everything you made and rec'd are amazing.
Happy Easter.
xxoo Valarie

Whimsical Creations said...

What wonderful goodies!

Awww...the babies are all gone. =(

I heard about the explosion on the tv! How tragic & scary. Thoughts and prayers are with them.

hugs, melanie

Melissa said...

Happy Easter Sweet Viv!
The baskets are beautiful and yours is really cute! Love that little felted lamb.
How terrible for your friends but the beauty of living in a small community is having having people like you who care and will help out any way you can. They are in my prayers.