Thursday, April 29, 2010

friday in love.. and 7 things about me~

sweet sandy of sandys creations is hosting a blog party! Everyone is posting things they love! So here are some of the things that I love! not in any specific order!
I Love Little pink teddybears! and all other teddybears too.. but mostly the smaller the better!
dancing sock monkeys!
who doesnt love christmas!

Blue beary muffins!

I LOVE easter!

The OCEAN and the lake are the only seriously the only places where I can truely feel relaxed!

I adore Halloween!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girlfriends!

I love that I have fun with my girlfriends and that they can talk me into some crazy stuff! I LOVE that I WENT parasailing.. though I didnt necessarily love parasailing itself!

I LOVE creating! I love needlefelting.

This is a new love! I just bought another box of these tonight!

I LOVE food! I Love Fruit!

I LOVE popcorn and eat it daily! ( I eat fruit daily too!)

One of my favorite things in the world.. lemon merange pie! I do not eat this daily!

I love this old biker man!

and these sweet precious little naughty pumpkin heads!

these are the people that I love the most in the world.. (include hubby here too!)
I love my home, even though it needs sooooo much work!

I LOVE lake ontario! I live for the beach in the summer time!
Switching gears here..
my dear friend Kai, has tagged me to list 7 things about myself that you might not know!
1) I didnt really go to highschool, but I do have a 4 year college degree!
2) I dont like to read books! but I'm a magazine addict!
3) I wont drive on the expressway!
4) Im a morning and a night person.. I wish I could exist without sleep!
5) I recently have not been able to focus or manage my time wisely!
6) Im often running late! Only because I always think I have enough time to do just one more thing before i go, and then.. I have to really hurry!
7) I have a secret!!
If anyone else wants to play the game.. consider yourself tagged! but be sure to tell me, so I can besure to read what you write!
I'm so glad its the weekend! Tomorrow night is girlsnight with a bunch of my friends.. Were having a bon fire and drinking margaritas! sounds like fun to me!
Saturday I am staying home working on bear orders and Sunday I'm going to see WICKED!
Have a great weekend everyone!


natalea said...

that was fun! love the picture of all your friend's feet! and of your kids!
almost the weekend...have fun!
xo natalea

Mica said...

this was a sweet post filled with LOVE I love you are one of my faves here in Bloggyland. Love the pics. and your Biker man is pretty dang cute.Love ya, Mica

Nicole Austin said...

what a fun post! so fun to read these. funny thing, i'm always running late, too. and i wish i didn't have to sleep ever! :) i could stay up all night. it was fun doing the may day swap with you. i posted about your lovely goodies here:

thanks again, vivian. it was so nice to meet you!


Maija said...

and I LOVED reading about you and learning more!!!

Lori said...

you have a secret??? what kind of answer is that fair to leave us hanging like that...LOL...i totally forgot about this "things i love" friday...i probably wont't have time to play before i take my nap for work tonight...i will try to remember for next week...loved reading about and seeing the things that you love...have a great weekend Viv!!!

Heather said...

This was a great post!
Oh! and I want to really see Wicked, so if the thought occurs to you, post a review! I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! I love all your photos.

Enjoy Wicked. My daughter and I loved it. Even they guys thought it was okay, and they are NOT musical fans!


Someone's getting married. Or a baby!

Anonymous said...

Fun post! I love all your photos.

Enjoy Wicked. My daughter and I loved it. Even they guys thought it was okay, and they are NOT musical fans!


Someone's getting married. Or a baby!

Farmchick said...

I enjoyed that post Viv--such fun to look at your pictures and read your loves! :) Have a great weekend and make sure you stop over for a visit. :)

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Viv,

Great post, lot's of fun photos, Thanks for sharing them with us.

Have a great weekend.


Kai said...

Loooooove this post! And YOU! And I am with you about sleep. Wish I never had to but the older I get, the more my body NEEDS it. Crud! NO FAIR! Speaking of no fair, a SECRET???? That was sneaky, naughty, bad, bad, bad! LOL! But it was a legit answer, so I GUESS I shouldn't ask what the secret IS. Or SHOULD I? As for WICKED, it's coming here next & I am SOOOOO going! Just got my tickets YESTERDAY morning! First tho', next weekend I'm going to see my beloved Gipsy Kings! Wooohoooo!

Sandy Michelle said...

You and I like a lot of the same things!This post made me smile! Thanks for joining in!!

Sandy xox

Katsui Jewelry said...

What a great post, Viv. I love French Silk pie but I am trying to eat are a good example and you look so great!

I LOVE your needle felting.

I am going to do your seven things but not until tomorrow!


claudie said...

WOW I LOVE your blog.
Glad I came by to wish you a "LOVE FRIDAY".
We also have lots in common.
I also love my blogging friends. I just returned from a 3 week blogging adventure down South. I'm Canadian, I think you are since you said you live on Lake Ontario in the summer.
I have to go and find those yummy cotton candy bars. Have a great weekend. I also saw "the jersey boys" in N.Y. LOVED IT. Wicked was also good. Enjoy
Love Claudie

Scrap for Joy said...

Love this post and that sock monkey is to die for!!! I have seen Wicked twice and would go again in a is my favorite musical of all time! You will love it I bet...the soundtrack is great-if you see a blonde in a light blue convertible singing at the top of her'll know it's me! Have a blast!

Dolly said... Viv we like a lot of the same things! I'd rather have lemon pie instead of birthday cake for my birthday!
That bear sitting in the blueberry muffin ---soooooo cute!
Your kids and hubby ~~ precious!!!!

Enjoy your weekend sweetpea!

Alisa said...

Ahh, the ocean! Great post!

Lisa said...

Lovely post! I enjoyed getting to know more about you!! Wicked is playing here but sold out before I knew it was coming! ENJOY!!
Hugs, Lisa

Little Lovables said...

love all of your loves! what a lovely post!

Gina2424 said...

Gorgeous pictures! So YOU! Fun tidbits, too! Emailed you (EMU) about the salad.

Nancy said...

Loved this post! Wanted to let you know that you inspired me to finally break out my Needle Felting and take a stab at it (literally!! You should see my poked-up fingers!)
It was so fun and I already ordered more kits.

Jacqueline said...

Viv, you are the best! You are living your life past the limits and it's okay! I enjoyed seeing what you love. I think your house is so inviting. The little planter chair out front makes me want to come visit the Halloween friends, kitties, and Easter cuties.

Before you head out the door...tee hee...don't be late! Come on over and be a Groovy Girl with me! My May give away, all in the name of fun!

Creative Breathing said...

You make me cry with happiness Viv! You could post 1,000,000 things about yourself, and I would love reading every single one. You are such a special person, and one funny gal! Yeah for girl power and cotton candy ice cream! Elizabeth

kathy said...

WOW VIV , all these pics remind me of why I love your blog so much --YOU ARE -- Loving , giving , fun , a friend , talented artistically and a Great Mom to great children , and a sweet wife !!! So glad I found you when I first started blogging -- Loved ya -right from the start !! -also
the glaze on the matchboxes is
GLOSSY ACCENTS -- it also comes in
a matt finish -- raises it -- but not much contrast -- ther brands also have a sepia one -- Blessings - KAthy ♥-- e mail me for more info .

*Linda Pinda* said...

The more I see what you love, the more I love you!!! :)

Wish I lived close enough to join in on some of that girlfriend fun!!! How wonderful...

Your blog is gorgeous as always and filled with sooooooo much eye candy! I need to keep up more so I can join in on some of the blog community fun.