Monday, November 29, 2010

just sharing for a minute!

Just coming off of 5 days off... should be rested, but I was sooo busy!
Thanksgiving was here. we had a HUGE dinner and all the kids came over. My husband ended up going to his moms for the day, Her husband has cancer and is not doing well, so Tony went to sit with him so that she could go to his sisters and have some dinner. He is such a good boy sometimes! I feel bad for her. This will be the second husband she has lost. so sad.
Anyways, I managed to stress myself out to the max by getting christmas bins in the house. what a huge job! but its about done now.. I need to do a little tweaking.. but I like doing that part!

We didnt get our tree yet and quite honestly, I dont know where the heck it will go when we do !! That bird takes up the whole area that the tree would normally go it.. and I have a small house! Wondering how not having a tree would go over???

Did a little shopping and some creating over the weekend too! I made this awesome shadow box on sat at buffalo stamps and stuff.
Saturday night I went to my girlfriends house with my daughters and Torry for game night. We always have fun there!
Speaking of daughters.. Bethany is still pregnant. We're hoping that the baby comes this week. fingers crossed and say your prayers girls! she needs to have it before the 5th in order to be covered on my insurance. Her birthday is the 6th and she will get dropped from my insurance at that time! Obama put that new law into effect that they would stay covered until 26 yrs. But it follows the yearly enrollment dates or something like that of the county.. so she will come off and then I can re enroll her to start again on Jan 1st.. FREAKEN STUPID!!!! Oh well, its out of our control and what will be will be. But I am worried about it.
This coming weekend is WHITE CHRISTMAS. Lake plains players is putting it on and my Jennifer has a lead and is playing Betty Hanes. I went tonight and got a peek at everyone because I have to do makeup for the shows. Hope Beth doesnt have her baby at those times!
I'll be sure to post pics from the show.. and LOL.. of the baby when he comes too!
OK.. its almost 12:30 am.. and I have to get up at 5:30.. I really need to go to bed!
sweet dreams!


Jingle said...

Your configurations box looks SO good! I love it! I just ordered one and I can't WAIT to play!!!

~~Carol~~ said...

I am absolutely crazy about your shadowbox! I think we all have a bunch of small things that we don't know what to do with, and this is the perfect idea for putting them to good use!

Jenny Stevning said...

I adore the shadow box! And your new banner is great! Is that you in the photo?
Love and prayers for the baby to come BEFORE the 5th and for you mother-in-law.
Christmas at your house looks FUN!

Lisa said...

That shadow box is so cute!
As far as Christmas goes, I got out my decorations over the weekend and am only putting up a small tree this year. I used to do two big trees but it is so much work and there is so little time that I figure as long as we have a small tree, we are just fine.
Praying for your daughter to have that baby before the 5th. Has she talked to her doctor about her situation?
Praying too for your MIL - my heart feels sad for her.

Tam Hess said...

Beautiful shadow box creation! YOu are sooo creative!! Lots of stuff going on with prayers are with you and your family. :)

Merci-Notes said...

Happy Week After Thanksgiving Day/Weekend!
I hope all is going along towards a good birth... gee. it is going to be rainy around you this week I think?? so maybe that will help bring the baby :) My Mom has lost my Dad and her second husband now also. She does not want to try again but I know she is lonely even with two of my sisters in the same sweet little town.

Have a good week Viv... how are the kittens? :)

With Kindess,

Sandy said...

LOVE the box!!!!! What a wonderful gift idea! It sounds like your Thanksgiving was good and busy!!!! You have a very special husband! I have everything out thanks to my best friend Cheri who helped except my tree, and that is a new onw and I have to get it out of the box...but my back went so right now, we are resting.....wonderful post!!!!! Sndy

Luna and Luzie said...

Oh, Vivian,
this is a lovely shadow box. Wonderful Idea!
It sounds like you are very busy with christmas decoration.
I wish you all the best for your family

Oh no, I missed the tea cup swap.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I adore all of your beautiful things and i am praying for youand your daughter!!!!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

I LOVE your Christmas shadowbox! You have such a knack and such a tremendous talent, my friend.
Many best wishes for Baby to make his arrival very soon and by Dec. 5th. And, many best wishes for Mama that everything goes well and for Dad and especially for Grandma Viv. I bet you can't wait to hold that baby. : ) I envy you.
How are the baby kitties and Franny and Figgy doing?
All my love,

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Viv, I know just what you mean. Once I start it's a huge project. That shadowbox is darling.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Little Lovables said...

looks beautiful! I hope your grandbaby gets here soon!!!