Sunday, March 4, 2012


one of my faves..
OMG! what a freaken job. you know, one of these days I'm going to be too old to get all this stuff out. its such a big freaken job! what I really need is a bunch of different holiday houses. Then I can decorate each house a specific holiday theme. you know, some people have a summer home, I would have a halloween house, a christmas house, an easter house, a summer house... you know.. Either that or one great big mansion with different wings for each season/holiday! yeah, I dont know who would clean it all..
you know speaking of big mansions... I keep thinking about tiger woods wife tearing down that freaken mansion and saying.. I have enough money to build another one. that just makes me sick. I hate her! lol
anyways.. (dont know where that came from... I guess it was the thinking about big houses thing!) you know.. but really.. I only need about 20,000 to fix up my house a bit... and shes wasting millions! ok ok... deep breaths... just cant think about it....

from Natalea
So anyways... easter is out at my house now. now I need to clean my bedroom, the bathroom and the front porch today. and I need to run to the pet shop for parrot food and unfortunetely I have to go to walmart for a couple things. I HATE going to walmart. It depresses me!
Hey!! arent these cupcake toppers the cutest things? I was gonna say "arent these cupcake toppers the bunnys whiskers?" you know, sort of like "the cats meow" but then I thought maybe youd all wonder what the heck I was trying to say.. lol... Anyways! thank you to my dear friend Natalea for thinking of and sending them to me! I was so excited when I saw them!
oh well, off I go , I have a ton of stuff to do today.
have a great sunday everyone.


Cindy said...

Those bunnies are cute! You just have so many cute things! Sounds like you have a full day. Enjoy!

Debby said...

Where do you get all that energy. LOoks so cute. It must be like going to a candy shop when you come to your house.
I agree about Tiger's wife. Couldn't believe that she tore that house down. I think she said it was about having termites.....really.....the house was brand new. So much waste.....I agree, I just want my roof fixed and a few other things done. Maybe we will win the lottery, yeah right.
Hope you get all those things done.....I send my Hubby to Walmart for the same reason.

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

HOW much FUN is this!!!! thanks for sharing my friend -- everything is just tooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

It is just a lot of work to get ready for any holiday. Now I remember why I only do Christmas for the whole house and every other for my studio. Your Easter decor is the bunny whiskers! Enjoy your trip out...smiles...Renee

ImagiMeri said...

Good Morning pretty lady,

Gee, I only need $100,000 to fix up my house and $300,000 to pay off the you think the Easter Bunny will bring that kinda' dough this year???? Yeah, I don't think so either. You've always got the cutest goodies to decorate with.

Have a lovely day!

Kim K. said...

I love the idea of holiday houses. Maybe I need to start playing the lotto???? Your Easter goodies are just lovely. Ive been staring at your picture taking in all its Inspiration. I've been working on some special goodies for you sweetie.

E said...

I'll do whatever I can to keep you and my fellow bloggers motivated 'cause I'm beyond rotating seasons. Keep hoping I can get motivated again, but whew it is a lot of work !! Keep it up Viv I'm depending on you for my dose of seasonal eye candy :) E

Terri said...

You are the cutest thing. Let the girl tear down her manison. That give others work and she will have a fresh start. I would love to move to a new home. New beginnings.Just remember she can't take it with!
You are the seasons queen.I wish we lived closer. Boy could I give you some stuff. I am trying to figure a way to get someone to come help me clean out my craft room. It would be sooooo much easier to know the materials were going to another crafter unstead of the trash.
Have a great Sunday Queenie!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeek! Total cuteness.

I know that house Tiger Woods' ex tore down was not built to hurricane specification codes, had asbestos issues, termites and was overrun with carpenter ants (according to the media) but tearing it down was a bit much! I wouldn't want a house that big to have to clean!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all your decorations!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

hi Viv,
Fun Easter goodies. I like how you have them in the wire tiered holder.
Love your idea of themed rooms! It is A LOT of work to put up the decorations and then take them down. Doesn't feel like I can enjoy them like I would like to.
I hope you "find" that 20,000!

Kai said...

I MISSED YOU, VIV! Just caught up with what you've been writing & will comment all at once on THIS post. First, you KNOW my thoughts are with the lil' unborn sweetheart! And with the parents & grandparents! Second - I wish I had HALF your energy! Just decorating for CHRISTMAS wears me out. Your house looks Spring-a-licious! LOOOOOVE YOU, and I think you should be a HOLIDAY DECORATOR! You could charge LOTS of $$ to make people's houses look awesome regardless of the season! YOU ARE THE BEST! LOOOOOVE YOU!

Holly Loves Art said...

OH my goodness this is the cutest conglomeration EVER! It's just adorable! Loved looking at all the little cuties.

So why does WalMart depress you? I laughed over that one because it totally depresses me. I have only been a few times and can't stand it there. We don't have any that are close or in L.A. so I go to Target, which is the complete opposite of WalMart because it is so fun!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Perfectly Printed said...


Such fun Easter decorations!! I decorate the whole house for Christmas only. I do small displays for the other holidays.
This is the first year that I have a craft room to decorate. We'll see how much I get done!! :)

kathy said...

VIV I love your word play -- bring it on --!!! Such cute bunnies --bty -- yes a room for each season - would be awesome -- of course a maid would come with each wing -- ;) -- Kathy - ga ♥

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

ooooooo!!!!!!!! So hoping to be able to decorate for Easter. The carpet for the attic comes Tuesday which means, we can finally start clearing out all these boxes and making room again. I miss decorating and still have our Christmas tree up!! No place to put it.

That's funny that Walmart depresses you. I forced myself to go last week, left the store saying, Never again, never again". It depresses me because it's too big and overwhelming. It's impossible to find stuff and always looks dirty to me. Give me Target anytime!

Betsy said...

What a fun display of Easter goodies! I just discovered your blog through Zetta's Aprons. Am so glad to have found you--love your sense of humor--it's a lot like mine!


Sandy Michelle said...

I decorated today too! I love your idea of having Holiday houses but a mansion would work- because they come with maids- who will set up the decor for you every! Have a great week.

Sandy xox

Fran said...

Your bunnies are adorable and so are all your decorations. Makes me want to decorate for Easter. I have a few things I put out for Easter. I broke my favorite bunny when we moved. OH! Well! will make another one. :-) <3