Monday, March 26, 2012

Here I am!

good morning
Figgy and frannie looked bored. I asked them where all there toys were and figgy told me... "under the entertainment center! well really, I already knew that.. because he likes to bat them under there for some reason.
so I got a long dowel and fished them all out. I do think there are more under there, but this was all I could get. there were 22 half chewed up mice.. all missing there tails.. (he eats them!) A couple with no fur left on them.. and also 8 mangled pipe cleaners!
figgy and toys 2
He was very happy to have so many of them back and then he proceded to bat a few back under there!
"love to eat those mousies... mousies what I love to eat... Bite they little heads off.. and chew they tiny little feet!!" (from kilburns cats)

Eiy yie yie!! you know how on tv, in the old days the guys in jail would clang their metal drink cups across the bars of the jail cell to get the sheriffs attention? Well thats what this crazy fricken bird doing right now! he is clanging his metal bowl against his cage... He throws all the food out of the bowl and then clangs til he gets more! very annoying!
Jacob ultrasound
girls, this is my little jacob, this is the baby I hope you will keep praying for. He has 1o weeks to go before his arrival into this crazy world. I'm so excited and so worried for him and for tony and vanessa. He is going to be so cute.. I can already tell! I just hate to think about him having to have surgery as soon as he is born.. and then more surgery in a few months. Ok.. just keep praying.. K ? Im praying that God will heal Jacob before he gets here adn that he will be perfect and not need any surgeries.. wouldnt that be a wonderful miracle!
So where did I disappear too?
Ive just been busy busy busy!
I was on call for a week and on top of that I had been painting scenery for the musical that my daughter was directing. Then I had to do makeup for the show. (The show was freaken awesome I have to say! ) I have been running non stop, coming home late and what ever free time I came up with I would be working on some swappy pieces. I have been visiting your blogs, quick trips in and leaving very few comments.. but if you see someones been visiting you from medina or albion ny.. its probably me!
The weather had been over the top beautiful out for about a week.. spoiling us. i even wore sandals for four days! now its really cold out. Pray we dont get a freezey frost.. the apple trees are starting to bloom... a freeze will destroy the apples! This is a big farming community. I cant imagine my livelyhood depending on mother nature. (My job does depend on another kind of mothers though... bad ones! lol. uhh.. thats not really funny is it... oh dear oh dear... )
So that is some of the reasons I havent been around this past week. cuppie cakes
OH!!! and lucky lucky me!! I won Meris give away!!! wooo hoooo!!! so exciting!
thank you Meri!
ok.. girls thats all for now...
sweet dreams!


Kim K. said...

Prayers still coming your way for your grandson and his tender heart.
You have been a very busy lady. I'm glad the theater production went well. I love that your kitties hide their toys. Our kitten Luna is obsessed with pom poms and hides them between the couch cushions. She has quite the stash right now.

Sleep well. Enjoy that lovely give-away from Meri!

Lynn said...

Still saying prayers for the whole family and especially baby Jacob! I think he is going to a super cutie from those adoreable ultrasound pics! YOu have been a busy lady!! I just love all the goodies that you have been making and sending out in blog land!! Those adoreable pompom bunnies and chicks are too cute!The cupcake toppers are also adoreable! Take care and try to get some rest!!

vintage grey said...

I will be praying for Jacob and a healing miracle before he is born! He looks precious, and a true gift from God!
How funny are you kitties! Love your newest creations!! xo Heather

Jeanne said...

That photo of Jacob is awesome! It is so clear. Technology is truly amazing. My kitties used to bat their little toy mice all over the place too and they would turn up in the silliest places. I'm sure your kitties are happy to have their toys back.

kandeland said...

you are a busy bee! can you believe how cold it got...i'm worried about all my plants that flowered! have a good week...hope it slows down for you and you can have some relaxing time! xo

Farmchick said...

Hi there...I have been a bad blog friend lately and have not been out visiting. Hoping all is well with you...I didn't know about baby Jacob....I will surely pray! Come on over and say hi. :)

Kai said...

I know! Kai is a PEST, huh? Well, I was worried! LOL! Didn't realize you were up to your lil' ears in all that stuff to do! But at least you KNOW I love you. Believe me - if I - gasp - voluntarily - pick up a phone and call ANYONE for ANYTHING other than business-related crap, I LOOOOVE them! Congrats re: winning Meri's! I LOVE her stuffies! And I am continuing to believe that sweet lil' Jacob is going to be just fine!

Lisa said...

Baby Jacob is and will continue to be in my prayers.
Congratulations on winning Imagimeri's giveaway! You totally deserve to win that one and I can't wait to see what you choose for her to make for you.

Cindy said...

What a lovely pic of Jacob. I so hope that he is fine and strong.
You have been busy! This is such a good time to be crafting, all those pretty pastels, bunnies and eggs.
Now I want to go get started making something.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

It would be an awesome mircle if the Lord healed the baby before his birthday. What a HUGE testimony for so many non-believers!
Funny kitty's to "hide" all their toys.
Have a good week, busy Gal.
Congrat's on winning the giveaway!

Debby said...

I pray everyday for Jacob. What a cute ultrasound picture. He is already fighting and he will continue.
I have been wondering where you were. I had to laugh about the "bad mamas" is funny.
So is that bird. What a characer.
Do you hear anything from Elizabeth?
You should see my dogs toys. They are pieces of stuffed animals. They look like flat rats, hah.
Hope your week goes well and you can slow down.

Fran said...

Glad your are ok. Life does get in the way of our playing on the computer from time to time. I'm sending lots & lots of prayers to heal little baby Jacob before he is born. He's so sweet.

I had to laugh about Figgy and his mice. I know he had a ball with his lost mice.
Luv & Hugs

April said...

Prayers being said for Jacob! Praying for a healing. He is so precious..

LuLu Kellogg said...

I will still keep Jacob in my prayers!

I am dying laughing about the wee mice....that just cracks me up seeing all those little ones!

I have been so swamped with work that I have not had much time for visiting Blogs this past week. This work thing is cutting into my socializing!

I hope your day is WONDERFUL!!


Artfully yours, Linda said...

Love and prayers coming your way for Jacob and his lovely family. What a sweet boy. He has a wonderful loving family to help him through.

Luv2Shop said...

Hey Viv,
I just love your cupcake display and those grandbabies are so sweet aren't they? I have Jacob on my prayer list! Our God is mighty and knows the desires of our hearts!