Monday, March 5, 2012


easter shelves
I'm pretty sure that when I hit the "publish post" button that about a third of the above picture is going to get cut off. so be sure to click on it so you can see the whole thing. lots of cute stuff on those shelves!

omg.. ran out of parrot food.. when I went to buy it this weekend the pet shop was closed. (there was still a little left so we were ok... ) but I forgot to get it before I came home from work today and now I'm out of it.. hubby just left to go to the pet shop to get some. thank god.. because that freaken parrot is driving me insane right now.. making as many annoying and loud sounds as she can to get my attention. I already fed her some peanut butter toast.. she just needs to hang on a little longer.. believe me she is not starving. eiy yie yie! I'm surprised the bird has not learned to say "buffy shut up!! Just shut up!!" very loudly! heehee!
life in this house is always interesting! I need a sweet sunny sandy beach!!!!!!
finished my easter cupcakes last night. I'm going to add some little eggs to them I think.. they need a little something else, doncha think?
Okeedokie.. Im pooped out and I have some stuff I need to do.. so I shall end this here.
oh but one more thing...
I had a horrible nightmare last night! I dreamt I was pregnant... good grief! what on earth do you think that was about? once I dreamt I had a baby and kept it in a shoe box! lol....
well that cant happen so I guess I dont need to think about it any more.. . but it was such a bizarre dream. and my husband was the father.. the dream could have at least been a little more interesting... if you know what I mean!
see yas later girlie pies!


Cindy said...

You sure do have a lot of cute Easter stuff! Love all the stuffed bunnies.
I have dreams about having a baby quite often! Not that it will ever happen again, but I must still want one:)

Natasha Burns said...

Oh what a gorgeous shelf area full of sweetness!!!

LOL re the pregnant dream. I've had those before too, and ones where you keep a baby in a shoebox or suddenly you realise you have an extra baby and they can talk and walk and drive, hahaha!!!

Kim K. said...

You have the best Easter treasures. I'm definitely going to spend some time looking over everything over and over again.

I can easily see why you are thinking about pregnancies right now. You certainly have a lot on your mind with everything going on.

Easter Hugs! Those cupcakes are just darling.

My Vintage Mending said...

Viv I am growing only sent him for parrot food right? Love your treasures...sweet dreams...Renee

Sandy Michelle said...

I made my Easter cupcakes today. I love your toppers! I dreamt that my Niece was having an affair and found out she was pregannt by her! Dreams are wierd! Have a great week!

Sandy xox

Jane said...

Ha ha, took me a moment to catch on after reading Renee's comment about "only sent him for parrot food"! Well, never say never - remember Abraham and Sarah!!! But with your baby sweeties, I can sure see why you'd be dreaming of babies. Such cuties!
Love your Easter shelves!
xoxo Jane

Kai said...

I'll be right over to take an EASTER tour of your house, 'K? Sooooo cute & HAPPY, Viv! The dream was funny, but your comment was even funnier. I agree! REALLY - if we're going to get dreamland-pregnant, it should at LEAST be by some new, exciting man. Sigh. (I'm just kidding, Vivvy's Hubby! I think you're a ROCK STAR 'cause you run to the pet store for parrot food AND you know how do re-do FLOORS! LOL!) Viv, do NICE things for yourself today! Kai LOVES you!

ImagiMeri said...

What an awesome assortment to gaze upon. That would inspire me for quite some must send all your decor goodies to me so that I may reap the benefits of the inspiration vibe in person!!!! I wish!

Love ya'

LBP said...

What adorable cupcakes! I hate weird dreams! Most of my dreams are about being lost in a house and looking for a way out. Wonder what that's all about???



Sandy said...

Oh such cuteness!!! Love all your stuff...sweet sweet.
Thanks for stopping visitors.

Fran said...

Love all your Easter Bunnies and everything else. WOW!wonderful shelves. The Cupcakes look YUMMY!

Holly Loves Art said...

Okay... that's it! I am on my way over to play right now. I can't take it anymore!
big hugs,

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, the top picture has me drooling!!! I DID click on it to see all the lovely details.
So happy to hear your pregnancy scare was just a false alarm! Hee-hee!!!!!!! I'm sure your husband was too! :-D

Stephanie said...

Antonio Banderas would have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Now that dream got me to reply! Do you get to delivery? I delivered in the days of twilight sleep(before epidurals)so it was all kind of a dream anyway.
Your bunnies are so cute. I'd rather dream of them...AND CUPCAKES.