Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A couple things...

I saw this recipe on pinterest, only they made individual ones in square pans.  I thought you could make individual ones in muffin tins which is what I was going to do, then I thought I should just make them in a 9x13 and cut them.. worked out perfectly!  
break apart cookie dough pressed into greased pan.  (I used 2, one peanut butter choc chip and one choc chip)
miniature reeses cups pressed part way into cookie dough 
One brownie mix poured over all!  bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.  it actually calls for a bout 30 minutes but mine werent done yet.
OMG!!!  to die for delicious!  I had my piece hot out of the oven with a scoop of cookie dough ice cream!  sooooo gooood!
taken by dear friend saint magenta!
also wanted to quick tell you that jacobs benefit turned out great.  we all had a good time and saw lots of good friends and family. the kids got a nice chunk of money, more then enough to pay off their funeral costs and buy a headstone.  (I think anyways!)   
My dear old friend Debbie, that I used to live with in 1980 came with her hubby.  she has a blog and actually I started my blog after she introduced me to live journal.  anyways. she took this pic above of my family along with Dave and Euretta who hosted the benefit.   I love how she altered it. 
me and deb
and I took this one of her and I and altered it!  arent we purty in pink! lol!
Heading to the beach tomorrow.  will be sure to take pics..  sweet dreams girlie pies!


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Stop it with that crazy receipe!! Oh my gosh it looks SO GOOD!!!!
I'm a little scared to try it. What if it became a habit? :)
Thanks for sharing Viv!

Mica said...

what a blessing a gift from God above that He provided through those means to cover the costs. I have been thinking of you and your family. Hang in there. With lot's of love. Enjoy the beach!!! Mica

Kim K. said...

How amazing does that dessert look! I'm so glad that the benefit was well attended. I've been hoping you would share good news with us about the event. Darling pic of the family and you. Have a fantastic time at the beach.

Anonymous said...

You're both precious in pink!


Theresa said...

YUMMY, I want a piece right now:) I will be making this!!!! Love the picture of all of you! Sweet picture of you and your friend! Have a blessed day and a fun beach trip! BIG HUGS!

LBP said...

Just looking at the recipe packed 5lbs on my hips! Glad the benefit turned out good to help the kids.


My Vintage Mending said...

Your pictures look fantastic. For a moment I thought you might have gone and finally gone pink. I am drooling over our dessert. So glad Jacobs fund turned out well. Smiles...Renee

Perfectly Printed said...

The recipe looks delish!! And the picture of you and your is the best! So glad the benefit for your kids was a success!


Japolina said...

I wish that I did not read your recipe. Now I have those diet treats on my brain.

Glad the benefit went well.

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm glad it went well! I made a similar recipe, but I put oreo cookies inside the cookie dough-yum!

Sandy xox

deborah said...



NanE said...

I saw that recipe on Pinterest too but have not made it since I would eat the whole pan by myself! I just might have to cut it in half and give it a try. I have found AND tried so many good recipes on Pinterest, it's crazy. I think about you often and I'm keeping all of you in my prayers. xoxo Nan

Fran said...

So glad things went wondeful for the Jacob's benefit. God does provide.
I'm behind on reading blogs, etc. I'm still making and packing stuff for teaching and having fun at ADAA conferenc. Leaving in the morning for Austin, Tx. Looking forward to it.
Luv & Hugs

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad the benefit was a success. God bless you and your beautiful family. xo Diana

NanaDiana said...

PS...copied and saved the cookie bar recipe, too.


VIV...those brownies look too good!!! You are naughty! LOL!!!
So happy that the benefit went so well!
Thank you so VERY MUCH for the prayers for my BFF!!! It's all in God's Hands!