Monday, July 16, 2012

Party time!

yesterday was Tiffanys bridal shower.  we had the best time.  Lots of people who were important to Tiffany came to spend the afternoon celebrating her upcoming wedding to my baby.. robert.
Tiffanys been playing with a bee theme for her wedding so we had to have bees on our cuppiecakes!
I think this really was one of the most fun showers weve had.  the games were hysterical!  The girls had 33 questions to ask her that had previously been answered by Robert.  tiffany needed to match his answers or chew bubble gum.  LOL!  she ended up with 15 pieces of double bubble stuffed in her pretty little mouth.  Listening to her talk was pretty funny!
The we split into groups and each group had a roll of toilet paper and five minutes in which they needed to design a wedding gown on a model from their group!  There was a lot of laughter and the dresses ranged from really quite pretty.. to pretty darn funny!  I think my sister in law Donna directly above made a beautiful bride even wearing freaken toilet paper!!  some people look good in anything!

 as things sometimes have a way of just falling into place I noticed a piano and asked Jennifer if she could play the wedding march!  she just happen to have the music for it in the sanctuary (we were at her church) so the girls marched down the isle in their toilet paper dresses... some faired better then others!  I love the ninja bride look!! lol!  at the end of the little dress up wedding the girls threw their "bouquets" and some lost their dresses! heehee!
 then we ate and opened presents.  tiffany got some very pretty things and some very interesting things...  My girls went together on their gifts and gave her some pretty funny things.  the clothes line of sexy undies with little poems attached for all different occasions.. what a cute and funny idea. 
 They also gave her a naughty bag... with all sorts of gadgets from spencers gift store... lots of laughs and a cute little red face for Tiffany!  Oh those girls!  I knew what they had bought and was a tiny bit worried about her opening things in front of my MIL and some other churchy ladies... but everyone got some really good laughs.    Check out the great hanger that Vanessa made for her to hang her dress on.  all my girls are loving pinterest and getting lots of their ideas there.
 Of course, my little princess pie was there!  ISNT SHE BEAUTIFUL?  omg.. I could just eat her up!
A good time was had by all.. lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of gifts and lots of love!  what more could we ask for?  (about 20 degrees cooler maybe?) lol
 doll dress 
now, youre probably wondering what this doll has to do with the shower....  I just want you to notice her dress...  its a little reenactment...    there are reasons why i dont like to where dresses...  lets add this one to the list...    Yes, I bent over to pick marlaina up off the floor... and up she came along with my dress.... uh huh.. in front of everyone.. ..   and do you think I could have worn nicer undies yesterday?  no... I wore some old raggy ones because they are sooo lightweight and cool...   and lets also not forget that I gained back that 55 pounds I had lost... uh huh.. there was some  hefty thighs and a  big belly hiding under that dress!  I feel so bad for those that got a full glimpse.... Im thinking night mares for sure.. for them and for me!  How embarrassing!
OK.. so that was the shower.. if  you want to see all the other pics, click on one and hop over to my flickr site to see them!  have a lovely night friends... its very freaking hot here!!


Susan said...

Such fun pictures. I love the toilet tissue wedding dresses. So glad everyone had fun. Try to get over the wardrobe malfunction that you had, as it could have been worse. Back in the 90's when I rededicated my life and got baptized, I forgot to bring certain items of clothing that would have afforded me my modesty and my dignity. You guessed it, I came up from the water in the church, in that white robe, with all my in-laws there...looking like something from Girls Gone Wild. I was mortified. Laugh it off, Viv. You're OK!

Linda said...

what a great party...
You must be feeling better...surrounded by people you love and who love you...
All the best to you Viv...

Linda :o)

kandeland said...

Don't feel bad, last week I came out of a public bathroom stall with my dress tucked up into my underwear like a kindergartener! too many drinks I think! and i wasn't wearing my best underwear either! ha! xo

Terri said...

Once again you are the queenie of fun! Looks like so much work and well worth it. Love the old panty story! Just be glad you remembered them. ((((hugs))))) Terri

Kim K. said...

What a fun shower. Such cute pictures. Your "flash" couldn't have been the worst thing they saw that You definitely need lots of laughs right now. Hugs!

Kai said...

You just make EVERYTHING fun, Viv! I could barely wait for the latest storm to end so I could come over here & see if you had pictures posted! YAY!!!! What a great shower! I'm GLAD it was a success!!! Big hugs!! Now, go REST! You deserve it!

Diane Mars said...

Everything looks so pretty! I bet it was good medicine for the whole family to celebrate the soon to be Wedding. You have all been through a lot. Hey now that life is sort of calm maybe your binge eating will go away... it is not a good time to be hard on yourself you have been through some very tough times...and you do an amazing job! Hugs and Happiness ox

chris mckinley said...

It look like you had a great time!! Love the cupcakes, with the flowers and the bees!!



Hey Viv,
What a great shower. Gives me ideas for when my duaghter will be having hers...
So happy for all!!
I sure can relate to this HEAT!! too much!
Take care.

My Vintage Mending said...

Really Viv. We can't let you leave the house! Best laugh I had all day. Thank you for that. I must say the doll recreation was the best part. Hate spending money on bras and underwear...what a waste. Fantastic shower...looks like wonderful fun and that baby pie is super yummy. Glad you got a treat in the mail. Wanted you to know I was thinking of you...smiles...Renee

NanaDiana said...

Viv- What a great shower. I love the bubble gum one -one I have never heard before. What a fun time you all had ... I can see that everyone was laughing and having a good time.

Too bad you semi-mooned everyone...well, at least you HAD underwear on- imagine if you left them home because it was too hot to wear them. lol

That baby doll is just precious-xo Diana

Sandy said...

Wonderful post! I feel like I was there!!!! And no I didn't look when your dress came up....:) Sandy

Creative Breathing said...

Too,too funny Vivian about the underwear! My husband has never seen me in my cool whities. I'd die of embarrassment! Such a cute shower! E

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Bees are such a fun wedding and shower theme! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! The cupcake toppers are adorable.

LBP said...

Love the underwear story! That will probably be told for a long time time. "Remember the time Granma Viv bent over bent over to pick up Marlainapie in her raggedy undies???" Yeah I have more than my share of those too!! Sounds like a fun shower!!


ImagiMeri said...

Me thinks you're harder on yourself then you need to be. Besides, you were surrounded by if there were men....oh my!

That grandaughter of yours is just amazingly gorgeous. I even save some of her piccy's you post because she's so pretty.

Love ya'

Theresa said...

What a fun shower! I know you were shocked to show your nice undies at the shower! You just don't think they are gonna be shown when you put them on that morning:) Have a blessed day dear friend, you made me smile this morning! HUGS!

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

What a great shower and so glad everyone was in a good mood. That cracked me up about the dress and baby going up at the same time. I've done similar things...that's for sure! lol

Sandy Michelle said...

Sorry about the underwear! Games definitely make a party more fun. I love Spencers..ha,ha!

Brandi said...

The shower decorations look really nice. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Sorry about your dress! ;)