Thursday, July 5, 2012

peek a boo...

cuppie cakes

Hello friends!  didnt expect to see me so soon did ya?  I had these fun pictures from yesterday and thought I should post them.  Vanessa made each of the girls flag shirts.. tiffany wore one too, but I think she hadnt caught up with us on the street yet at the point this pic was taken. 
 waitingthe electric slide
torrys wondering ... wthwaiting for the parade to start
These pics above are of everyone waiting for the parade.  I have to admit that Lyndonvilles parade was no wheres near what it used to be... I was a little disappointed.  but it was fun to get out into town and see everyone.
torrywe made paper hats!what a bunch of goofie girls!parading in our hats!
after the parade we headed over to our friends house to spend the afternoon poolside!  It was freaking steaming hot out.  I was probably in the pool about 6 ot 7 times.  I took newspaper and a bunch of trims over with me and a bunch of us made hats and had a little parade!  yup.. we're pretty goofy like that!  we always have fun there.  
marching through the gazeboda da da dada dada dada
sweet little friend!the band leader!
I have to admit by late in the day the heat had gotten the best of me.. I wasnt even sure I wanted to go to the fireworks at one point.  Poor Jennifer got too much heat and too much sun and went home sick.  I tried to call her earlier but didnt get her.  I hope shes feeling better today.
grammie and marlaina princess pie
The fireworks were awesome as always.. Lyndonville has the best fireworks in the area.   My camera battery died before the finally, I was going to video them.  oh well... It had cooled down for the fireworks, I overdosed myself in bug spray and was very comfortably cool the rest of the evening.  a couple of the girls even put sweatshirts on... not me I was glad to be a little cold!

It was nice to get together with all my family and my best friends to spend the day in a happy way.  much needed!  I think everyone had a good day, with the exception of jennifer not feeling well.
swappies from kelly!
see the goodies I received from my friend Kelly?  Isnt that elephant adorable?  I just love her work.  this is what I sent to her.  I also made her a few ornaments, but didnt get a picture of them.   I love swapping every holiday with Kelly.  I think the next one will be our favorite... HALLOWEEN!

for kelly

my mother arrived from Florida on Monday, I havent seen her yet, but will be going to my aunts cottage tomorrow after work to spend the night with her, my aunts and my cousin.  looking forward to it.  I was going to go spend the weekend with Natalea, but had to change my plans.
ok my friends.. just wanted to pop in for a few minutes.. I have been reading your blogs!!  just havent been commenting...  see yas again soon, I hope!


Kai said...

I'm happy to see my sweet friend smiling! That parade (yours & the kids') looked FUN! And - my goodness - your sweet lil' girly-pie is growing FAST! Soooooo pretty! You KNOW I wanted to reach in & kiss her & Torry-pie! LOVE YOU, VIV!!!

Shirley Hatfield said...

What a fun celebration! It's good to see you and all the cute photos. I wish we had seen fireworks, but the mountainside to the north of us was ablaze...enough fireworks for anybody. =D

My Vintage Mending said...

What a great day. Heat or not you all had fun and your swap was darling. Loving your critter all patriotic and all. Smiles...Renee

Kim K. said...

So good to see you smiling. Your paper hats with all the trimmings are adorable. Thinking of you, dear friend. Sending you continued hugs and prayers.

PS. It reached 100 again today. Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter. I think I'm going to spend the weekend hiding in my craft room.


It was nice to see smiles in the photos and it's great to be silly!
Too hot around here!
Have a great weekend.

Fran said...

Very happy to see you posting. The parade looks like it was fun and the fireworks to. We went to our son's and other family members houses in the same neighborhood. All got together. Lots of fireworks. Been thinking about you and checking to see if you posted and you did. :-) Love all the pictures.
Luv & Hugs

Cindy said...

So glad to see you, friends, and family having a good time. We had the heat here in Indiana and spent much of the 4th in the pool too. But we didn't go with the kids to the fireworks, we were done for the day:)

Debby said...

So good to see you having fun. Love the hats you ade. Love the things you got and the elephant is really cute. But your mouse, he is adorable.
Think of you often. ((((((HUGS))))

NanaDiana said...

It sounds like you had a great day in spite of the heat. You really needed a day like that. Your little elephant is cute and so is the mouse.

Enjoy the time with your Mom- xo Diana

Rhissanna said...

What lovely photos. I hope Jennifer is feeling better. The heat and sunlight are no joke.

Perfectly Printed said...

Peek a boo...I see you with a glad you had a great day with your family!!


Michelle said...

So good to see you with a smile! It looks like just the kind of day your little family probably needed. So glad you peek-a-booed!

Theresa said...

Great to see you having some fun:) Loved the parade of pretty ladies in hats! Have a blessed day dear friend and don't stay gone too long! HUGS!

Jane said...

So happy to see that your family was able to get together to enjoy the 4th! Love those newspaper Yankee Doodle hats!!!

Anne said...

Vivian it looks like you were having a really fun day. I loved the t-shirts and the hats were cute.

Susan said...

Glad to see you posting. All your pictures are great. Looks like a good time was had by all. Sometimes too much sun and heat can really zap your strength. Hope you have a great weekend.

Jeanne said...

Looks like you had a festive Fourth of July Vivian. All the flags and food looked great. Loved the newspaper hats. They reminded me of when I was a kid and my grandpa would make them for us. The swimming pool looks mighty's hot as blazes here!

kathy said...


Lisa said...

So nice to see your sweet smile Viv.
Love to see your swaps! I don't know how you get it all done - you simply amaze me...

Sandy said...

Oh sweetie,
So good to see you had a good holiday and family all hubby worked so there was no holiday, but Cheryl came the next day! :) LOVE the items your friend Kelley makes, you are both lucky girls to swap every holiday! Hugs always, Sandy

LBP said...

Loved your paper hats! I knew how to make them long ago! I had front row seats at the fire works too. Unfortunately, they were at the hospital where I spent the 4th. UGH!

Thinking of you often.


Sandy Michelle said...

I love how you whipped up those hats with newspaper and trim! I'm glad you had a happy day. The heat we have been having- is unbelievable. I hope Vanessa feels better now.

Welcome back :)

Sandy xox