Monday, June 17, 2013

fathers day pictures

happy fathers day to tony.  We all headed out to dinner to a place in the city that serves pretty good italian food. Luckily we went early, they werent doing reservations so we got there at a little after 3:00.  we were there until after 6:00!    by the time we got settled and everyone got there and we ordered.. etc.. it took a while.  but the food was good and everyone had a good time.  Rob had to leave early as he had to go to work.  but at least we had him with us for a while.
The babies were just precious as always.    both of them ate well and were really quite behaved for babies being in a restaurant for 3 plus hours.    Arent they freaken awesome?!
I know, Im a little biased...  I just cant help myself.   
Torry pie ate almost that whole plate of spagetti by the way!  lol.. he kept telling us "i love spagetti!"   And do you notice where his crayons are in the picture above?    I love when the babies play together.  Torry had some little toy trucks with him and he and marla would crash them into each other and Marla would just Laugh this most awesome little laugh! 
Rob and Tiff.. robby always smiles pretty for mommys camera....
beth, torry and torry pie..  I dont know why, but I just love this picture.
Tony and nessa...  they had been posing for me just before I took this picture.. and I missed it.. but they did it again and I caught it below!
all so silly! 
this is my mother in law and Jen below, Im so glad Jen thought of calling her grandmother.  it was a last minute thought after we had just gotten there and as it turned out it was perfect timing and she could come!
so thats about that.  thats how we spent fathers day.. prior to dinner was running around getting jen and torry pie and a special friend that rode with me.  and back tracking when Jen forgot to leave her keys home for her husband, who was spending fathers day with his father.  Then after dinner, I was taking tiffany and marlaina home but first had to run to where Robert works, because he had the keys to their house!   eiy yie yie!!! my kids and their keys!
hope you all had a happy fathers day weekend!
and now, have a great week bloggy friends!
see ya's later!


Kai said...

These photos just make me SO HAPPY. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your wonderful family & I WANT TO BE ADOPTED INTO IT!!! Pretty please? Torry & Marla are growing like CRAZY, right? Both are adorable! My fave picture is the first one of Big Tony holding Marla. They both look so content! LOVE YOU, VIV! And how'd the crafting get together go?

Lutka And Co. said...

Looks like you all had a great day. The little ones are just too cute! How wonderful to be surrounded by family! - the best thing in the world!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend father's day. How nice to be surrounded by so much family. Your grandbabies are so precious. Love that big place of spaghetti and how it's finger food. Happy Monday!

ImagiMeri said...

The grandbaby pies are stinkin adorable Vivvie! Is there a problem with where Torry puts his crayons? Out here in Arizona it would be the perfect place to keep them from melting in our extreme heat!


chris mckinley said...

Sounds like a great family day!!! So lucky they all live near by!!

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet collection of great pictures:) Love seeing all of those smiles! Have a blessed week dear Viv, HUGS!

bojojoti said...

What a happy, wonderful family!

Marlynne said...

Enjoyed your patriotic decorations and Fathers Day celebration bunches!

Sandhya Blogger said...

fathers day pictures

Sandhya Blogger said...

fathers day pics