Friday, June 28, 2013

friday woohoo!

happy Rainy Friday!  thats ok.. at least I'm not at work!  I've been playing in my craft room this morning with figgy and frannie.  they like to help me!  lol.. in truth, they are usually in the way, or pawing at me to pet them.. but I like having their company while Im working.  they are just the sweetest kittens!
So anyways, we made another firecracker doll, though this one was needle felted instead of paper clay.  
Frannie loves to needle felt! we catch her playing with roving whenever I leave any out.. she loves pipecleaners too.  they both do.  they like to be creative! LOL!

actually I think they just like to get into stuff!  So whats everyone doing this weekend?  I'm picking up Torry pie shortly and doing a little shopping.  then when beth gets out of work today, Im thinking we might go visit tiffany and marlaina if theyre going to be home.  I miss my marla pie now that she doesnt live right near by!!!
Tomorrow Vanessa is coming over and we are going to make Ties for their wedding.  not sure if its just her and I or if anyone else is coming. 
Sunday Im keeping my fingers crossed for beach day weather.  right now its rainy out and I think its supposed to be rainy most of the weekend.  I guess I'll take the rain now.. Id rather have the perfect summery weather for the fouth of july and throughout next weekend!
have a lovely day!  Im off to eat a grapefruit!  


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love your pictures! Your kitties are too cute! My Jerry (corgi dog) loves helping me too! He is so nosy! :) But love him their helping! Your firecracker is darling! Tomorrow morning I think we are going to go to a Farmer's market, we haven't been to this one yet this year, it's normally pretty big! :) Hope you have a great weekend!! xo Holly

Shirley Hatfield said...

We haven't had rain all June. Today is supposed to be 102 and hotter by Sunday...yikes! I hope it cools down by the 4th for our family party. We are doing a southern fish fry and boy will that be fun in 100 degree heat! Enjoy your weekend!

Theresa said...

WE had a huge rain overnight but the sun is shining this morning:) My two little granddaughters spent the night and they were ready to swim this morning when they got up! Enjoy your day off, shopping and the weekend! HUGS!

Japolina said...

adorable (the crafts and the cat!)


We all need "helpers" when we craft! Mine just can't reach the table, but whatever falls on the floor becomes Sweet Peas!
I see a new header too!
I hope you get to the beach too!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Your kitties are so precious. I bet they love "crafting" with you. I wish we had some rain right about now. It's so hot hot hot today and only going to get hotter this weekend. Hope you have a nice weekend Viv.

xo Danielle

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I want to come play with you!!

Love ya!

Lutka And Co. said...

Cute firecracker doll! You can have some of the sun we have out here - it's sooo hot :)

NanaDiana said...

I am always just so fascinated getting a little peek into your little bit of magical world there. You make the cutest things ever...and look at that kitty!!!! xo Diana

Musings from Kim K. said...

I love how your furry babies keep you company while you're crafting. We're leaving AZ Sunday and heading to CO. Excellent adventures, but I really don't like this record heat wave. Both girls are troopers, but we are missing our cats back home. We actually face-timed our house sitter this evening so that Josie could see and talk to Luna and Penny.

Hugs to you and your kitties!!