Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we had a great time!

me and brenda
had a lovely time with my girlfriends this past weekend.  Its just beautiful at my aunts cottage and the weather was perfect. 
 sandy and brenda looks so bright out!
we relaxed and created and and ate and drank... and just enjoyed the lake!
 fire toes
Just exactly what we all needed.  My aunt is so sweet to offer her beautiful cottage up for us to use.
 making pinwheels
we made pinwheels and patriotic cones, firework dolls, and banners.. I really didnt get a lot of pictures of the things we created... duh!!
 brenda threatening me not to take her picturesandy conesmessy !
but I did snap a few.   we made our typical mess, painting, cutting, glueing and glittering!  such joy!
and we ate and drank!  
we went out to eat on friday night for a nice dockside meal..
 the weather was perfect and we were visited by ducks!  (forgot to take my camera!)
 mudslides were the drinks of choice this year.
And of course any frozen drink should be drank by the water!
ahhhhh! getting feet wet
The lake is gorgeous there.  though we didnt go swimming.  we probably should have.. but after Sandy saw a giant blue fish swimming by the dock.. I was pretty much thinking he could swim by himself!  lol!
in the morning 
waking up in the mornings and sitting out on the deck enjoying this view is just so awesome.
and of course this was the weekend of the "supermoon"  I tried to get a picture of it.. but seriously though the moon is always beautiful, I didnt find it anymore super then any other time.. except that it was over the lake.. and that definitely brings it up a notch! lol!
 early morningsuper moon 
I made this watermelon, kiwi salsa... omg.. I ate most of it by myself.  Brenda didnt eat any because it had onions in it and Sandy wasnt sure she liked the cilantro.. but I'm telling you.. take it from me... this stuff was delish!  so much so, that I'm including the recipe for you here.. you should try it!
 watermelon kiwi salsa! omg.. good! 


(from the biggest loser)


    Watermelon, 1 cup diced  
    Kiwi Fruit, 1 cup
    Cilantro, raw, 1 tbsp
    Onions, raw, .33 cup, chopped
    Jalapeno Peppers, 2 tsp, finely diced
    Lime Juice, 2 tsp
    Salt, 1 dash
Directions in medium mixing bowl, gently stir together the kiwi, watermelon, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno until well combined. add lime juice and salt and stir. Serve immediately, or store up to one day.

OK.. I hope you all had a great weekends too!  Now I ve got to get off of here and get ready for work.. 
have a great day girliepies!
oh.. by the way.. I gained weight this weekend.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I think you earned those extra calories this weekend. What a perfect way to spend some much needed time away. I'm glad the weather cooperated too. What a beautiful cottage. Fabulous crafts! I would't expect anything less. I'm writing to you 1,000 miles away from my home. We're in Fort Smith Arkansas this morning. Hugs!

Theresa said...

Oh what a great time! I felt like I was there with you ladies:) I would have REALLY enjoyed sitting outside with my coffee, looking out over the lake! That salsa sounds SO yummy! Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

Perfectly Printed said...

Wow, how lucky to have such a great place to visit! Your aunt is so wonderful to share her place with you! Your 4th of July crafting looks pretty darn good!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

ImagiMeri said...

Wowza, I feel like I was there with you! What a gorgeous setup and all the goodies that were made are amazing. I would have eaten all the salsa, too, if it didn't have jalapenos in it.


Cindy said...

So glad you had a great time. It looked like the weather was nice for you too. In fact, everything looked perfect, including those drinks and the salsa! Hope you have a good week.

Carol Z said...

What a fabulous time. I think I need to get some watermelon and make the salsa.

Patti said...

Your 4th of July crafts look adorable! So glad you had this wonderful time. You look so happy!

Lutka And Co. said...

What great fun! I wish my friends were crafty... I will have to try your salsa - sounds heavenly!

Sandy McClay said...

I could SO use a weekend like this....it looks like Nirvana....seriously....it is suppose to hit 117 degrees this weekend....
Good food, good friends and a great site....perfect!

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

You gals had a blast... and I know with your determination you will definitely work off the little weight that you gained... I'm going to have to try the watermelon kiwi salsa it really sounds great... LOVE all that you gals created & I know that you created great memories too... have a honey of a night ~ mIzZ bEe aka Marlene ;O)

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful that you were able to grab this weekend away with girlfriends. It doesn't happen near often enough with all of our busy lives. I love all your projects and the setting is gorgeous. What a wonderful Aunt you have! xo Diana


How wonderful to get away at the lake and enjoy time with friends, creating,eating and drinking! Sounds divine! Love the moon photo!
Such FUN!!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a perfect and wonderful get away! Looks like so much fun! Love all the crafty goodness! :) The salsa looks pretty darn good too! xo Holly

Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful time, Viv!

Sandy C said...

I'm glad you got nice weather that weekend because it was raining here! BTW I love the patriotic people you made in your post after this one! Your salsa looks mouth-watering! I love cilantro!Miss ya!


Susan Clayton said...

Watermelon salsa sounds (and looks) great! Lovin' all the patriotic goodies too! I agree with you about early morning in the craft room. Angels to you!