Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The new girl in town! Her name is Blue Beary. she is a sweetie with her little blue mohair coat and her flowery paws that match her dress! she's even wearing a little flower charm necklace. she had been living in my brain for quite a few weeks.. I finally had finished up some other projects and could get to her. Now that I have her out of my system, I can move on to my miniature swap projects!!! They are living in my brain too!! I hate when i get so obsessed that I wake up in the night thinking about them! I'm probably not normal.. I do have some dear friends that call me a freak! can you believe that!?

I took the next two pictures for Sherrie as she was wondering about jointing and "hardware" I usually button or thread join the miniatures. even my rememBears I use buttons to join. I use plastic joints for fur bears or if someone request it.
OK, so Blue Beary and Bella-phante met each other tonight and became instant best friends! They just adore each other. arent they sweet together?ONly two more days til the weekend! I cant wait! I plan on doing alot of yard work.. finally spring has sprung here and the weather has been very nice.. still cool, but sweet and sunny.. I did manage to clean off most of the porch tonight. I still need to take the lacey curtains down and wash them, and also wash the windows..but I'm not really in a hurry to do that.. I hate washing windows!! I actually have been thinking of hiring an amish woman to come help me, seeing as My fairy god mother never shows up!!!!!!!!

One more thing.. I keep meaning to post about my little friend Amelia who is a wonderful artist.. check out her blog sweetbfolkart and add her to your favorites! Her blog needs to be discovered and enjoyed!

Now off I go, I am going out to blog land to see what all of you have been up too! I have had a difficult time trying to keep up lately!!



Debb said...

Thanks the little bear was a cutie
I had trouble thing of something to go withher.And then I thought playpen ,blanket,pillow ,also sent a baby rattler.I send you a better picture soon. Yes my partner aready sent me a fairy in a jar. I haven't put it up yet. She has it on her page. It really cute.When Harriso seen it he was saying Let me out Let me out.I love the blue bear.
love Debb

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Viv~
They are so sweet!!! My what cute things you dream up in your head.
I know you don't want to clean those windows, but think about how pretty they will look when you do...come on girl, you can do it!!!
Also, the last four pictures in my "Been around the world" post are my garden. The first pic was a flickr mosaic I created of other friends cherub fountains.
ANYWAY>>>>>>>>I hope you are having a wonderful day...
Can't wait to see those sparkly windows!!!
xxxoo Ruth

Natalea said...

what a cute bear! it must take forever to make them! Hope you're having a nice day Vivian! the sun is shining here!! xo natalea

T=ME said...

What darlin little friends you share? It must be the talent some have that causes strange things to go bump in the night! Just love the colors you use. Enjoy your sunshine and forget the windows......they aren't going anywhere! Hugs, Terri

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Vivian,
luv your blue bear (and pink Ellie too). You are always a busy girl! yes I get these creations in my head, especially when swap time comes, and speaking of which it is happening to creating again...(or should I say obsessing??)
Thanks for your visit, and no, unfortunately I do not find that I am organized in any area at all, thanks for askin (LOL) that is why I am in (EOM..extreme organizational makeover...
It is time to take control of something

jillian said...

He's adorable! How do you make them so tiny?! It would make me crazy!! I love him!!

kecia said...

oh she is too cute. her nose looks like a "bachelor button" flower! okay, we need to do another trade. i need one of your bears!
(and i hate to tell you but i've already finished my mini and mailed her off......)

Valerie Weberpal said...

VERY sweet, Vivian! Looks like you're getting something done that doesn't pertain to yardwork!! Cute, cute, cute!

barbara burkard said...

they are just adorbearble and elfantastic! wow!


Sabii Wabii said...

He is amazing.....I sew alot and yet can't even imagine stitching these.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

viv,Thanks SO much for sharing how you put your wonderful bears together,Oh they are so adorable,Really adds a bit of sun shine and a smile when you look at them!!
Hugs Sherrie

willynillywaterlily said...

Such beautiful softies! I love their vibrant colors!

Tootie said...

Hey Viv!
Love the blue bear! You have been a busy little bee!