Thursday, April 24, 2008

speaking of miniatures...

Do you think this basket is a little too small for Jasper.. He just wouldnt give up on it! I took him out of that basket 5 times and 5 times he got back in it!!! you can see all the pictures at my flickr site... if you want too.. He was pretty pityful I tell ya!

So how is everyone doing on their swap. mine are about finished and ready to go in the mail hopefully on monday. Ive only heard from a few of you.. but I hope all is going well. These swaps sort of take on their own lives after you start them! Thats good though.. I just want to be able to post all of the end results! I do already have plans for the next swap! I love hosting these things! dont worry.. I'll wait a bit! we have to finish this first! I think most of you will like the new idea though!

I heard from Craftyhala today.. she recieved miss kitty mewler! she said that she is her new "mews" and that she is inspired by her! I say Yay!! that makes me happy!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I actually didnt work on Wednesday because I had a little stomach thing going on ! lets just say.. I didnt want to be to far from the bathroom! I also had my longaberger party last night.. I was fine by then. thankfully.. I wasnt like sick sick anyways.. but I'm sure you know what i mean!!

I made three lemon merenge pies for my party.. we finished two of them.. I still have almost a whole one left.. I LOVE LEMON PIE!!! looking forward to a piece and a cup of tea in a little bit! I had a good party and will be getting a bunch of stuff! I havent figured out all that I want yet! Oh lookie here!! Its little Tonys 21st birthday today!! and he is not home.. hes in Ithaca where he lives. he'll be home tomorrow night and is probably planning on going out somewhere ..... ! Hes a good kid. We are very proud of him.. just so hard to believe he is 21!! my precious wittle tony! I think we're all going out to the dinosaur BBQ on sat to celebrate.. mmmmm!

Aint he a cutie pie!!

Ok.. are you getting sick of me yet? back to jasper.. the basket was way tooo small for him so I found this one for him instead... doesnt he look much more comfortable!? he is almost 16.. I really do think he is a little senile! He love to be held ALL THE TIME.. it gets alittle annoying.. but I love my kitten muchly!

and I shall leave you now with this.. my phone art from work.. I can not talk on the phone with out doodling.. and nothing is safe.. not even my orange!! have a great weekend all!!


michelle said...

Cute kitty! and boy! I just finished my little dolly today! I still have her accesory to go though. I haven't done the flickr thing yet, do you want me to email you a picture? Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

Viv, i am cracking up over your kitty in the waaaaaay too small basket, that is tooooo cute:) he must really love being in there in spite of how uncomfortable it looks to me...mmm mmm mmm i love lemon pie too, never make it though, nobody else in the house likes it and i am NOT good with pie crust...Happy Birthday to your boy!!!

jillian said...

Ha ha! That Jasper is soooo funny and cute! Hope your son has a wonderful birthday! I'm still working on my mini swap, in fact I'll probably be sending it very close to the due date. I can't believe some of you are already finished!!

Shelley said...

Hi Viv, I had to laugh when I saw your sweet kitty in the little basket. He really looks very content...Happy Birthday to your son....isn't it sad how that grow up sooooo fast? I am working on getting my last one raised,a son 15 yrs. and to be honest, I can't wait until he's grown..I never was good at the teenage years.No ,I'm just kidding.. Really he's a very good young man, I guess,I am just getting sick of his dirty bedroom(smile). My nest will never be truly empty with six grandchildren.

Blessings to you,and by the way ...cute orange, Shelley

Sabii Wabii said...

Jasper is just too cute in that basket!
I still can't believe how you create these tiny dolls!
Looking forward to the reveal!

Holly (Nickname) said...

sweet kitty cat....they crack me up because they will do anything to get attention....that lemon merange? looked really yummy!!!
xxxooo Ruth

Emily said...

Hi, Viv! This is emily999 from flickr. Just thougth I'd check out your blog...what a sweet one! I love the pic of your cat in the wee basket. I may have to use this for inspiration for one of my illustrations! :) lol!