Saturday, April 5, 2008

ta dah! one hundreth post!

Goodies from the doll show! two new Nancy Anns! and some cute little dishes! and.. some vintage valentines! The lady had hundreds of old valentines.. I should have bought more!!

what a weekend.. how come they go by so darned fast! yesterday I went to a doll show, then shopping for a couple birthday presents.. then grocery shopping. I left the house at 10:00 am.. and didnt get home until almost 8:00. then I cleaned out the fridge and put the groceries away.. and then it was 9:00. I never ate dinner and ended up having a bowl of raisin bran at about 11:00! I had to make rosa marina salad and cut up veggies for a babyshower, and I made a pasta salad for my family! I fell asleep on the couch at about 11:30. Got up this morning and made a bear for the baby shower, played on the computer a bit, showered, ironed and left at noon to go help set up for the shower.. got home at 5:30! Tony had cooked steaks on the grill, but I wasnt hungry yet! Too much yummies at the shower! Tony left to go pick Bethany up at the airport (coming home from short trip to florida) Jen went to work and both boys, are sleeping on the couchs.. (too much partying last night I think!) Anyways, I'm feeling like I had a whirlwind weekend and I'm not ready for tomorrow to be monday!!!!!!Whinning aside and on to winning! First of all, thank you for all your comments on Kitty Mewler! She was fun to make! I do have to admit, though I tried not to get attached to her, I did! OH well... such is life and away she will go! I woke my son up and made him pick a name out of a bowl! so we have a winner! Craftyhala! Send me your mailing address and I will get your kitty out to you this week! I wish I had the time and energy to make you all one! Cause.. I would!


As for the swap.. here is the list of girls doing the swap.. I hope I havent left anyone out. There were a couple interested that did not get back to me with their information, I already have partners picked for everyone, i did that last night between salads! If I left someone out.. please let me know right away and I will be your partner! I like having several partners!
I will be emailing you all your partners tonight.. so check your emails! might be later tonight though, as Now I'm thinking I should go eat my steak and some salad and then get my jammies on!



Ana RoseMarie















Catie Ann



Cindy no blog.. email for pics..



And me of course..
hugs to you all.. and have a great week!


Lori said...

Viv, how cute miss kitty looks holding the lucky winners name:) i like your new nancy ann dolls, they are so sweet...i have recently developed an interest in those dolls and i have started a modest collection {i have five}...i can't wait to see what you are going to show us on tuesday...see you there!!!

michelle said...

So exciting!

Fran said...

WOOOHOOO! your 100th post. Love the dolls, tea set. You must have had lots of fun at the show.

Love your cute little bear. What a cutie.

jillian said...

I love the little baby blue bear! So cute! Congrats on post 100!

craftyhala said...

I'm so excited! I love cats ...I have three! Miss KittyMewler will be right at home.

Valerie Weberpal said...

Hi Vivian! Love your blog! Love your stuff! Thanks for visiting mine!

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