Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whew! what a weekend! It was packed full and went by so quickly! I cant even remember friday night.. but I know we did something!
I got the best mail on Friday! I recieved my doll from Mica, from the first doll swap. she is absolutely awesome and worth the wait, I LOVE her! She is a real treasure! I also recieved this little baby doll all the way from Denmark from my swap partner Maija! I love her also! Another treasure!!! I am just in Awe of the talent out here in Blog Land! I love it out here. Thank you Mica!!! Thank you Maija!! and Maija, my little baby doll Jasmine also adores the precious baby you made!!

Saturday I went to my friend Brendas and made a basket. I went back today to finish up the rim and I still need to stain it.. tomorrow. It needs a little more time to finish drying first. I have no idea where I'm going to put it or what I might use it for.. but I love the basket!

Saturday night we took little tony out to the dinosaur grill for dinner for his 21st birthday. there was a 1 and a 1/2 hour wait to be seated .. It was nice enough outside so we waited. and waited ... and waited. To entertain ourselves, we took a ton of pictures! There were a lot of people waiting as well, watching us and I know they all thought we were freaks.. well, we probably are.. but we have fun! Most of the good pictures I dont have, as they are on my daughters camera, but i have a few. this one is of my kids pretending to be maniqins. (how the heck do you spell that!! I must have missed that day of school!) Any ways, my husband got annoyed with the wait and got a little grumpy, but we just ignored him. The food was sooo worth the wait though. BBQ chicken and ribs! mmmmm! I brought home a piece of sweet potato pecan pie.. I have to remember to eat it! It stuck it in the fridge last night.. maybe I'll take it to work tomorrow.

so then today , after I finished the basket, I met my daughter and we went to lunch and then to a doll show. It was a small show, but I did manage to find a few little treasures! Arent they precious!? plus Jen and I both won door prizes. however, we didnt get there til close to the end of the show and the prizes that were left werent the greatest.. but hey. we both won!

Oh and I remember now what I did on Friday night. I didnt go out. I stayed home and made a little pink and blue bear.

Have a happy monday all!


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What cute dolls.
A Happy birthday to your son. Time flies and they grow up so fast.
So glad to hear you all had such a nice time even though the wait was long.
Love your blue bear.


Sandy said...

OMG who made that first doll? Priceless! I regret I never went to a doll show around here. Maybe next time..Sandyxox

Shelley said...

Hi Viv, love your dolls,they are all so sweet. The little blue and pink bear you made is adorable as well. Looks like you all had a good time going out for your son's birthday dinner,except maybe Dad...(smile). My husband would have never waited that long..he has very little patience.

Lori said...

you MADE the basket? wow!!! truly beautiful!!! what a darling sweet girl you got from Mica, i just love the faces on her dolls...and i love the sweet Nancys that you found, so cute!!!

Dolly said...

I have one of Micas' beautiful dolls too.....
she is an amazing artist!!!!
I love your dolly collection..... such sweet faces!

I have always wanted to learn to basket weave! Your first basket is amazing!

Have a fun week,

Julie said...

Great time you had! It is fun to be silly.

I sheered sheep this weekend..not sure I would call it fun though! ha ha

Susan said...

Love your dolls, all so beautiful. Great job on that basket.

jillian said...

Looks like you all had fun at the Birthday dinner, well almost all of you! (love the photo of your hubby!) ha! Love the doll you received from Mica. She is so very talented. I'm sure it was worth the wait!

Mary Isabella said...

Happy Birthday to your son. The little bear at the end of the post is sooo cute...

Natasha Burns said...

I love yoru dolls! That baby looks so real it scared me at first!!! Happy birthday to your son : )

Anonymous said...

Viv I adore those dolls!
stop by and wish us luck on our first MS Walkathon of the year this Saturday!
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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi Vivian! I'm glad you found my blog--cuz' now I found yours! lol Look at all the gorgeous dolls--wow, you made out pretty dang good with that doll swap huh?! So cute!

Happy 21st to your son, and hello to the rest of your mannequins (yeah, I'm just showing off because I know how to spell that!)

Love the sweeeeet pink and blue bear and the pink basket--both just gorgeous!

Smiles, Karen

Simply Me Art said...

Hi there, I just stumbled into your Lovely blog. I Love your Swap goodies. I am Amazed at how pretty your basket is. I have a freind for your Hubby who gets Crabby while waiting at a restuarant or anywhere else for that matter. Jamie

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hey Viv~~~
Thanks for your sweet commments.
Looks like you hav a fun weekend with another one on your heels.
My allergies and better, but like I said, so unexpected! Never had them before.
Anyway, your little bear is so cute....he reminds me of Coureroy.Do you remember that story?
Have a great day viv~
Remember, I am also...oh so very on Flickr!!!